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"How are the so-called right wing groups limiting debate by engaging in debate?" (talkback 'McQueen' in the Jerusalem Post in response to a screed about "Academic Lynching" written by David Newman (BGU, Dean, Social Sciences and Humanities Dept), December 6, 2011, in which he challenges the right to criticize tenured extremists at BGU

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The Pathology of Jewish Anti-Semitism

Steven Plaut
February 2010


The Power of Insinuation: the modalities and normative anti-Israel discourse of Israel’s academics as seen through The Power of Inclusive Exclusion - Book Review

Seth J. Frantzman
January 2010

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Tel Aviv University - Aeyal Gross (Dept of Law) Demanding Judicial Activism

Gross, complaining that the Supreme Court is too passive, demands that terrorist-collaborator Zoabi remain in Knesset, however, he has never objected to the bans on rightwing groups running for election. It would seem that Gross believes no leftist rhetoric can be sufficiently unethical to cross the line into treason or incitement and rejects the Knesset's prerogative to enforce disciplinary sanctions on one of their own. Finally, Gross would abandon Democracy, and the separation of powers therein, to have the Courts exceed its jurisdiction and enforce Gross' Judicratic ultra-leftist utopia.

Knesset members who do not like the views of other MKs do not have the right to impose sanctions because of those opinions, as the High Court should have made clear.

Last week's rejection of petitions by MK Haneen Zoabi isn't the first time the High Court of Justice has declined to intervene on the issue of Knesset sanctions imposed on the Balad MK for what it saw as her extremist rhetoric.

The judicial passivism that the High Court of Justice exhibited on the previous instance with Zoabi paved the way for the unprecedented Knesset sanction against her this time. And the failure to intervene this time around gives a green light to Knesset members, sending a message that they are allowed to do harm to a parliamentary colleague whom they love to hate.

The latitude the High Court gave the Ethics Committee to exercise its own judgment sounds in theory like good reasoning. But in practice, what is happening is that Knesset members are exploiting the political power of the majority to hinder the minority. And the High Court of Justice is not filling the breach.

It would have been appropriate for the court to rule that the Ethics Committee has absolutely no authority to rule on political expressions, and instead can deal only with conduct unbecoming in the Knesset itself, or with unethical conduct on the part of Knesset members – such as inappropriate statements directed at one another.

[T]he High Court should have used the opportunity to make it crystal clear to the Knesset that it cannot impose sanctions against MKs simply because their views outrage the majority of the members of the house.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Tel Aviv University - Ishay Rosen-Zvi (Dept of Hebrew Culture Studies) Spearheading the Fascist Left's Censorship Drive at TAU

Rosen-Zvi, along with other Tenured Extremists, opposes an art exhibit by Hebron-based artists as a "political act designed to sanitize settlements".

According to reports in The Jerusalem Post's sister paper Ma'ariv, members of the university's academic staff – such as Prof. Ishay Rosen-Zvi, the head of the Talmud program in the department of Hebrew culture studies, and Prof. Menachem Lorberbaum, chairman of the department of Jewish philosophy, Talmud and Kabbala – have complained to the library's management that featuring this art is a political act designed to sanitize settlements, particularly those in and around Hebron.

Certain assumptions have to be made to take on this sort of position. One must take as a given that art and politics are inseparable and that an artist's political views taint beyond redemption his or her artistic works. At the very least, one must believe that simply facilitating display of this art is tantamount to legitimizing the political views of the artist or of those living in the place from which he or she comes.

What is truly reprehensible about the behavior of Breaking the Silence, Rosen-Zvi and Lorberbaum is their attempt to equate settlers with an evilness so great it taints their artistic work. The reality is that many of the worst aspects of what is referred to as the "occupation" are the direct result of Palestinians' decisions to resort to violence and terrorism instead of dialogue and compromise.

We hope the management of Tel Aviv University's central library has the decency to stand up to pressure from radicals attempting to stifle freedom of artistic expression.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Tel Aviv University - Shlomo Sand (Dept of History) Ceases Being a Jew

At this point in my own life, in the early 21st century, I feel in turn a moral obligation to break definitively with tribal Judeocentrism. … I identified as part of an oppressed and rejected minority. … I stubbornly remained a Jew who had accepted this identity on account of persecutions and murderers, crimes and their victims.

Now, having painfully become aware that I have undergone an adherence to Israel, been assimilated by law into a fictitious ethnos of persecutors and their supporters, and have appeared in the world as one of the exclusive club of the elect and their acolytes, I wish to resign and cease considering myself a Jew.

I am aware of living in one of the most racist societies in the western world. Racism is present to some degree everywhere, but in Israel it exists deep within the spirit of the laws…

To live in such a society has become increasingly intolerable to me… I am often even ashamed of Israel, particularly when I witness evidence of its cruel military colonisation, with its weak and defenceless victims who are not part of the "chosen people".

I do not go to synagogues to dissipate this nostalgia, because they pray there in a language that is not mine, and the people I meet there have absolutely no interest in understanding what being Israeli means for me.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Hebrew University - Apartheid "Survey" Sponsor Amiram Goldblum (Dept of Pharmaceutical Sciences) Says Waving Israeli Flags Makes You a "Judeo-Nazi"

Professor Amiram Goldblum, a senior lecturer at Hebrew University and co-founder of the extreme leftist organization Peace Now, has made use of his Facebook page to tear into the nationalist camp, the Jewish Home faction and religious Zionism.

"Let someone dare say that this is not Judeo-Nazi youth," wrote Goldblum next to a video of the "rikudgalim" flag dance celebration on Jerusalem Day. "The Arabs are under curfew in the streets of the Old City. The apartheid that exists beyond the Green Line is in Jerusalem now. Jewish youths are raised on the monstrous style that we have seen in other places."

Prior to Jerusalem Day, Goldblum said that the right wing camp makes the historic day "look and sound like the neo-Nazi march through Skokie... let the call resound: fascists of the world, unite – the Golden Dawn from Greece, the religious right in Israel, brothers in fascism."

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Hebrew University - Mister Apartheid, Amiram Goldblum (Dept of Pharmaceutical Sciences), Takes to Social Media to Continue his International Call to Undermine Israeli Sovereignty

Goldblum Undermining Israeli Sovereignty with Impunity
Goldblum exploits the French Parliament decision to impose a Palestinian Terror-State in the Israeli Heartland in order to continue the promotion of his proposal for imposing an International Final Solution to the Jewish problem.

Vive la France ! We hope that the decision by the Assemblee Nationale would spread over Europe and the EU parliament as the spirit of the French revolution spread against the tyranny of the Monarchs and the Clergy 200 years ago ! Great victory for the decision to recognize Palestine side by side with Israel. It increases the optimism for a UN security Council resolution on this issue without US veto… The negotiations should take place between the two parties - the EU and the US - to suggest a solution and to demand that Israel and Palestine would accept it, or...

Goldblum Reasons that Undermining Israel is the Highest Form of Zionism

KAF TET BENOVEMBER, 29 NOVEMBER, the most important date for the creation and existence of Israel, when the world nations voted in favor of its construction. Now it is time to complete that decision and recognize also the existence of Palestine side-by-side with Israel, and to have International involvement in Jerusalem to prevent Israelis and Palestinians from clashing over temple Mount. Calls by Israelis to the EU and the US to recognize Palestine is the ultimate patriotic action for the future existence and well being of Israel

Goldblum Using his Facebook Page to Undermine Israeli Existence and Promote European Recognition of the Nonexistent "Palestinian State"

Thank you Spain ! Another parliament voted for recgonizing the Palestinian state ! Spain is important also because it will soon be in the UN security council ! French Assemblee Nationale will vote on November 28 ! Israeli citizens, wherever you are , sign our call of support to the parliaments that initiated a vote of recgonition[sic]

Goldblum Calling for Boycott and Sanctions of Israeli MKs

This is a call to democracies in Europe and America: you MUST BOYCOTT and SANCTION those members of the KNESSET who propose APARTHEID laws !! … Do not allow those MKs whose names appear in the Jerusalem Post piece below to put their feet in any of your countries ! If you are REAL FRIENDS of Israel, this is the only way to reverse the moral disintegration of Zionism by the Israeli right wing… Sanction them, boycott them, block their moves into the free world !

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Ilan Pappe (University of Exeter) and Shlomo Sand (Tel Aviv University) Join their Judeophobic International Marxists in the Undermining of the Jewish State

The European Marxist Left has traditionally dismissed the rampant anti-Semitism inherent in the culture of European socialism and fascism as "a means to other political ends" that masquerades as "anti-Zionism". The American Left blames the Jews for the aggression they face in a classic anti-Semitic proposition. For the Jewish Marxists, the creation of a Jewish Nation-State has been a slap in the face to their Marxist views.

This connection between Marxism and Judeophobia has brought Pappe and Sand to express their "perverse form of humanism", "systematic denigration of Israel", and "Palestinophilism".

This analysis is now peddled by a growing numbers of leftist, anti-Zionist academics within Israel as well. Such rhetoric, divorced from historical truth and geopolitical reality, negates any possibility of reform or redress concerning genuine grievances. Shlomo Sand, a historian at Tel Aviv University, represents one particularly virulent strain of such "negationism" with his claim that both the concept of "Jewish People" and of Eretz Israel ("the land of Israel") are mere fictions or Zionist inventions. This former Israeli Trotskyist militant, trained in France (where his pseudoscientific delegitimization of Israel has enjoyed great popularity) has revived long-discredited theories—such as Arthur Koestler's deranged notion that Ashkenazi Jews sprang from Khazars who converted in the 10th century C.E.—to sever the Jews from their biblical ancestors. Wholly irreligious himself, Sand insists that Jews are linked by religion alone; he categorically rejects the Jewish identity of Israel and has announced to the world that he no longer considers himself a Jew. For Sand, Zionism can be understood only as the distillation of racism itself.

Small wonder that the worst enemies of the Jewish state regard Sand's work as invaluable. What could be better than an Israeli intellectual undermining the very roots of Jewish history, religion, cultural memory, and national identity in the land of Zion? …

In the "post-Zionist" narratives of Israeli historians such as Ilan Pappé (formerly an active member of the Israeli Communist Party, Hadash), the entire Jewish national project is a nightmarish tale of occupation, expulsion, discrimination, and institutional racism perpetrated by alien and demonic Zionist invaders. In such accounts, the Palestinians are the permanent victims; Israelis are forever the "brutal colonizers." According to Pappé, the "Zionist" ethnic cleansing of Palestine was already in full swing in 1948. It was a long-premeditated crime that has been escalating ever since. We increasingly find Jewish anti-Zionists presenting their certificates of divorce from the Jewish state, issuing petitions against Israel's "apartheid wall" (the security fence to defend against Palestinian suicide bombers), and denouncing Israel's allegedly racist oppression of local Arabs. At the same time, "progressive" Jews seem indifferent to the suffering of Israeli civilians—the innocent victims of so many savage Palestinian atrocities—including the recent murders of three Israeli teenagers near Hebron. … This is a perverse form of humanism in which the systematic denigration of Israel coexists with a wholly romanticized and abstract "Palestinophilism" devoid of any critical thought or normal human solidarity.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Tel Aviv University - Aeyal Gross (Dept of Law) Explaining Why Israel Should Not be a Jewish state

Gross, taking time time off from promoting transgendered cross dressers, has no problem of course with Palestine being an Arabs only and Moslems only state.

In contemporary international law, it customary to talk about "external" self-determination, meaning the right of nations living under foreign rule to independence, and "internal" self-determination, or the notion that states represent multiple populations. The declaration in the proposed law that "the right to exercise national self-determination in Israel is exclusive to the Jewish people" undermines the notion that a large national minority in Israel is also entitled to representation and not just "individual" rights. In that respect, the proposal is a step toward greater discrimination against the country's Arab population, or perhaps toward Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman's plan – to remove that population from within the country's borders.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Ben Gurion University - PA Leader who Promotes Religious War to Speak about Religious Tolerance at BGU

Yoram Meital, Chairman of the Chaim Herzog Center that is hosting Mahmoud Al-Habbash, will address the session. The 'Professors for a Strong Israel' have protested the summit and called for the termination of the meeting due to the vehement anti-Israel incitement by Al-Habbash.

Mahmoud Abbas' Advisor on Religious and Islamic Affairs Mahmoud Al-Habbash has been invited to speak tomorrow, Dec. 1, 2014, at Ben Gurion University on "Religious Aspects of the Israeli - Palestine conflict and the need for religious tolerance." This is striking since for years, Al-Habbash has been promoting conflict and war with Israel in the name of Islam, as reported by Palestinian Media Watch.

Al-Habbash recently taught that Islam prohibits accepting Israel's existence because the "entire land of Palestine" is Islamic waqf. As such, he forbids making peace with Israel because he believes Islamic law prohibits "facilitat[ing] the occupation of even a millimeter of it", i.e., "the entire land of Palestine":

Al-Habbash has recently said that the … occupation [Israel] is the one that will leave":

Finally, last year, Al-Habbash said that the entire peace process with Israel is a deceptive process modeled after Muhammad's Treaty of Hudaybiyyah. Although the Muslim Prophet signed a 10-year peace treaty with the tribes of Mecca, "in less than two years, the Prophet returned and, based on this treaty, he conquered Mecca. This is the example, this is the model," explained Al-Habbash in a sermon. [Official PA TV, July 19, 2013]

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Leftist Discrimination at Tel Aviv University

Three students who attend Ariel University and live in the center of the country arranged to meet to study in the Tel Aviv U. library simply because it was convenient. When they arrived and showed the university identification, they were told they must pay 30 shekels each. They asked to speak with the head of the library, who told them the same thing.

When asked to comment, school officials told Yisrael Hayom that it has an agreement with universities around the country regarding the library which does not include Ariel. When Ariel U. officials were asked, they explain they were never approached by Tel Aviv U. When Yisrael Hayom probed the matter with other universities around Israel, it learned there is no agreement with any of them regarding the use of the library in Tel Aviv U. and it appears the Ariel U. students were banned simply because the school is located in the Shomron, which does not jibe with the Tel Aviv U. leftist agenda.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Berlin Humboldt University - Na'aman Hirschfeld - The Proud Coward

Hirschfeld, seeing conspiracies and corruption in every nook and cranny, claims that the Settlers are taking over the military and are colluding with other right-wing extremist to dominate public discourse. Throwing a tantrum, Hirschfeld rages against Israeli society like a pouting child who doesn't get his way, leaves the game, and wants to take the ball too.

Although he denies it, Hirschfeld is proud to be the coward who ran away from Israel to Berlin where the chocolate pudding is cheaper and where the Jews are not occupiers (or are they?).

When the going gets tough…

While Berlin is an alluring and advantageous city for economic, cultural and geographic reasons, no less significant in an Israeli perspective is the fact that in deciding to leave for Berlin, one performs an act of resistance…

Although like many Israelis of my generation I was experiencing financial difficulties, it was not my reason for leaving. Rather, the reason was and is the feeling that there is no future in Israel. The Israeli government does not serve the interest of the people. … The cause is the cruel and crushing oppression of the Palestinians in the name of an ideology that seeks to settle the entire territory between the river Jordan and the Sea….

The oppression of the Palestinians leads to a brutalization and corruption of Israeli society, and both are enabled by a semi-intentional blindness on the part of the citizenry, which makes the citizens culprits in their own exploitation as well as in the oppression of the Palestinians…

The vast majority of the Israeli public elects to give power to people who intentionally and actively demolish any possibility of a political solution to the occupation except the creation of an apartheid state. The continuous exploitation of the Israeli public (manifest in the current living-expense crisis for instance) is done in order to support the huge and corrupt security system that intertwines with both the political and economic elite of Israel to an extent that makes their separation impossible. … It is also done in order to support and expand the Jewish settlement on Palestinian lands, in which a shadow state under military authority collaborate and support the Jewish Extreme-Right.

… The Jewish population in these areas is also not run-of-the-mill Israelis but for the most part Jewish extremists, a large number of whom are driven by messianic beliefs and understand the occupation in terms of a religious conflict with Muslims or even Islam. … Although they are a minority within Israeli society, they are becoming increasingly more powerful and influential; forming a substantial element of the contemporary military and political elite.

And now Berlin: To immigrate here is a recognition of the impossibility of being in Israel; of the impossibility of making a change; of the fact that one's voice and actions have no substantial effect…

The very act of leaving embodies the choice in becoming post-Israeli: This is no longer a deviation from the Zionist narrative along the lines of post- or anti-Zionism but rather a breaking away from Zionism. Over the past decades 'Zionism' underwent a right-wing appropriation that gradually replaced the historical content of this term in a way that makes it analogous to 'Settlement.' Today to be a 'Zionist,' at least within the Israeli public discourse, means to support the "Settlement Enterprise" of the "Zionist-Right" and to accept this political language as a truthful description of reality.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Hebrew University - One-Sided, Leftist-Only Panel Showers Praise on Hillel Cohen's (Dept of History) Deconstruction of the 1929 Arab Riots

The 1929 Arab Riots, one of the founding tenets of Zionism, gets rewritten by Cohen in his new book "1929 - The Zero Year of the Jewish-Arab Conflict". However, Cohen gets caught out whitewashing Arab incitement and violence, as well as changing order of events, to shift the blame on the Jews.

This is Hebrew University's Dr. Hillel Cohen addressing last Tuesday an intimate conclave arranged for his year-old book, "1929 - The Zero Year of the Jewish-Arab Conflict" (in Hebrew: "Tarpat: Shnat Ha'efes Ba'sihsuh Hayehudi-Aravi").

The session was, unfortunately, quite characteristic of the sorry state of academic scholarship on issues of the Arab-Israel (or Jewish-Muslim) conflict. The moderator, Dmitry Shumsky and the three other discussants - Israel Bartal, Vered Vinitzky-Serussi and Raef Zarik - were all of one persuasion, to the left in varying degrees, and cheered and applauded the book. It's not that because I am at an opposite ideological pole that I criticise this lack of balance. The fact is that the book came under sharp criticism by Anita Shapiro, Benny Morris, Avi Becker, Eliezer Schweid, and others. These are not lightweights. And yet, the people at the Hebrew University who organized the event seemingly could find no one who disagreed with the book's scholarship, methodology or conclusions to speak?

In short, Cohen's book seeks to even out the playing field by turning events on their head, which doesn't bother Haaretz's Uri Misgav.

My copy is full of notations. He deals with the attack on the Georgian Quarter opposite the Damascus Gate and positioned on this modern view (the two views are in opposite directions) and attempts to suggest that Jews first attacked Arabs there rather than Arabs who poured out of the Damascus Gate, incited by immams at the Temple Mount, who began to sweep up the street heading for Meah Shearim. He also tries to re-time events that also there attacks on Arabs preceded attacks on Jews. It's as if he's a conspiracy theorist.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Tel Aviv University - Shlomo Sand's (Dept of History) Quest to End Jewish Existence and Make the World Judenrein

Just like the Haredi ideologues, Sand denies there is such a thing as Jewish secular culture. No achievement of Jewish secularists, he says, can be regarded as being Jewish, but is, rather, universal or belonging to the nations where they took place. The involvement of people of Jewish ancestry to him is totally incidental. This is classic Haredi thinking: Judaism and Jewishness only manifest in rabbinically prescribed religious practice – everything else is goyishe stuff.

But Sand has done the opposite of what they expected of him (and some of them have actually done themselves). Not only has he constructed for himself a new form of Israeli identity, but he denies these secular, progressive, non-Zionist Jews their intellectual integrity. He ridicules those who claim to be upholding Jewish values while criticizing Israel, and writes that they are no different from "overt pro-Zionists."

There is nothing ethical about Judaism, says Sand, blasting away the much cherished liberal notion of tikkun olam – if it's enlightened, then it's universal, and therefore not Jewish. The long lists of brave Jewish revolutionaries and human rights advocates so beloved of progressive Jews mean nothing, he claims. If anything, they were denying their parochial Jewish roots and joining a bigger and better global brotherhood of man and woman.

Sand is the scourge of anti-Zionist secular Jews. Criticize Israel, by all means, he tells them; but if you identify yourselves as Jews when doing so, you're phonies. You don't get any special moral standing just by accident of birth. You are no better than the goyim.

Sand's challenge to secular Jews who refuse to be defined by religious belief and practice is a strong and eloquent one. In the absence of religion, he claims, there are only ersatz identities, such as clinging to memories of persecution, which has largely disappeared from the world. Everyone wants to be a survivor, he says, that's the real "Holocaust industry." Or else Jewishness in this day and age is defined by one's artificial relationship with Israel, whether it's support or repudiation.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Hebrew University - Moshe Zimmermann (Dept of History) and his Blitzkrieg against Zionism

Zimmermann justifies anti-Semitism as legitimate criticism, and blames the settlers as the obstacle to peace in a review of Zimmerann's academic career and his "Nazification of Israel".

Despite his parents' experience of fleeing the Nazis, Zimmermann has equated IDF soldiers, settlers and other Jews as "Nazis." But don't worry, it's merely "criticism" of Israel, not anti-Semitism to Zimmermann's highly developed, academic and intellectual psyche.

Alleged Palestinian-Holocaust equivalency and the "Nazification of Israel," have become a common calumny used among anti-Israel academics like Zimmermann. Simply put, Moshe Zimmermann is one of the more prominent members of this blitzkrieg.

Zimmermann prefers to blame the settlers for the lack of peace. He says this in an interview in the malicious anti-Israel leftist 972 Magazine, a European-funded web site that promotes Arab irredentist goals over the rights of Israelis:

"Of course, the majority of Israelis want to live in peace, enjoy life, be prosperous, have a good time, watch the World Cup, and so on," he says. "But there is a minority in this society that is interested in opposing peace." He then goes on insultingly to call settler youth in Hebron a new "Hitler jugend."

Of course, Zimmermann would never cop to being anti-Semitic himself. After all, how can he be, since he's a professor at Hebrew U… Zimmermann explains, "The moment Israel is criticized, it becomes, from the Israeli point of view, a criticism of the Jewish people." … Zimmermann picked up German anti-Semitism through osmosis during his stint as an academic in Germany.

Zimmermann encourages young Israelis to refuse to do military service and signs petitions accusing Israel of planning genocide and deportation of the Palestinians (such as during the start of the war to oust Saddam Hussein).

He continues: "Why is it important to have a Jewish majority? Where on earth was this phrase drawn from of a Jewish state? When was the Jewish state invented? Who invented this idea at all?" He's not that far off from the pseudo academic Shlomo Sand who would have us believe Zionism was invented solely to legitimize stealing a non-existent Arab country by the Jews.

And he extends his lofty interpretation of anti-Semitism as merely an exercise in criticism … "It needs to be possible to continue to criticize Israel's policies, and the accusation of anti-Semitism should not be misused to automatically protect Israel from criticism. Where will it leave us Israelis who do not agree with the government's actions, if criticism of Israel is automatically equated with anti-Semitism?" So in other words, let's defend the anti-Semites and believe them when they say they are merely offering constructive criticism even as they march Jews into the ovens.

These are the political and moral lessons that the good professor Zimmermann managed to extract from the persecution of his own family by the Nazi anti-Zionists. Zionism rescued him and his family, but he's so cutting edge he rejects that notion and embraces anti-Semitism to show his own uniqueness and self-sense of fairness. This is what our universities are full of today, Moshe Zimmermanns who don't really help make peace, but encourage the opposite with their heads in the clouds.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Berlin Humboldt University - Na'aman Hirschfeld Proclaims the End of Zionism

From his nice safe perch in Berlin, the Motherland of Anti-Semitism, Hirschfeld joins the paranoid Anti-Semitic Conspiracy Theorists and promotes the apartheid blood libel against Israel. The conspiracies never stop for Hirschfeld, as he blames Israel for using the kidnapped teenagers as an excuse "to manufacture a war" with Hamas, and inciting a full-scale intifada over the Temple Mount.

Hirschfeld justifies his treasonous use of fascist tactics to enforce his leftist diktats because the Israeli public has undergone "a massive shift to the right". Hirschfeld feels intimidated by the Jewish nature of the State. He heaps all sorts of evils on the proposed Basic Law, including interference with the leftist leaning of the Supreme Court and the threatening of Democracy itself.

Hirschfeld promotes a feeling of helplessness and incites for leftist violence and treason to create an Arab Terror State in the Israeli heartland and to stop the passing of the Jewish State of Israel into law.

Although within Israel, Bennett's piece went relatively unnoticed, it was a momentous event, signaling the beginning of the public unmasking of the one-sided Israeli solution, making visible a system of apartheid that evolved over a long time, but did so in increments and always in a way that allows those in power to deny its existence.

… In Israel, apartheid was developed in a way that has masked its nature, employing the imposition of martial law and military control over the Palestinian population, to create a social and physical separation between them and Israelis and Palestinians, while simultaneously facilitating the seizure and settlement of Palestinian lands.

… Rather, it occurs elsewhere – in the West Bank and East Jerusalem… The Israeli settlers who do live in those areas … are actively and aggressively imposing apartheid by way of "facts on the ground."

Indeed this is the special character of this apartheid: Rather than being the foundational ideology of the state, it is an apparatus that is seemingly extrinsic to it – a de facto system of oppression and segregation that is wholly unspoken of in official rhetoric and nearly all Israeli media.

There is little hope for those who wish to stop this process. The political discourse in Israel is so powerfully controlled by the right, that this government – the most right-wing in Israeli history – is often criticized publicly for being "leftist."…

Although the rise of the extreme right in Israel has been in the making for many years, the past year saw a massive shift to the right not just in politics, but in society at large. This was not merely the result of events that occurred, or of conditions that ripened, but rather of intentional actions aimed at ushering in this very reality.

The facade of a "peace process" finally collapsed five months ago, when the kidnapping of three Israeli-Jewish teenagers was cynically used by the government to manufacture a war. Although the Israeli security services knew early on that the teenagers were dead, the government claimed early on that they were alive. This was done in order to justify the transformation of the search into a large-scale military operation against Hamas, which created the spiral of escalation that eventually served as the official cause of the war.

Although the war ended in mid-August, by late September, it was apparent that the Israeli government was trying to incite a full-scale intifada through aggressive steps in East Jerusalem, the Temple Mount and the West Bank. At the same time, a full-scale media war was initiated against the Palestinian Authority – shifting the responsibility for the escalating violence onto Mahmoud Abbas, while in fact agitating for more violence.

[T]he successful enactment of apartheid will postpone indefinitely the creation of a Palestinian state, and shift the site of conflict and oppression from the occupied territories to the very core of Israeli society. This is the end of Zionism, its final result – a Jewish state that embodies the rationale of anti-Semitism.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


University of Wollongong - Marcelo Svirsky (Dept of Humanities) Promoting BDS Terrorism in Australia

Svirsky documented his trek across Australia to promote BDS awareness and presented a pro‑BDS petition to the Australian Parliament. Svirsky's petition became the focal point for bashing Israel in the Australian House of Representatives.

Melissa Parke, Federal Member for Fremantle, ALP, spoke strongly tonight in the Federal Parliament in response to a petition that urges Australia to "fully and consistently honour its obligations under international law by excluding relations, through boycott, divestment and sanctions, (BDS) with states, institutions and companies – Australian, Israeli or other – that are involved in the perpetuation of apartheid and discriminatory Israeli policies including the occupation of the West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza."

The petition with 720 signatories had been presented by Dr Marcelo Svirsky, a Jewish-Israeli academic teaching at Wollongong University. Three weeks ago, Dr Svirsky undertook a gruelling walk of 300 kilometres from Sydney to Canberra to gather support for this petition.

So, what has happened so far?
-A great send-off demo from Sydney Opera House with the BDS Sydney supporters
-Thousands of drivers who saw the BDS banner on my backpack
- Random conversations with people who asked what is BDS, like today at Penrose

- And finally, continue to gather signatures for the petition


This petition of citizens and residents of Australia draws to the attention of the House the critical predicament of the Palestinian People in the West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza under Israeli occupation since 1967 and of the Palestinian citizens of Israel suffering racial discrimination since 1948. Notwithstanding UN resolutions condemning Israel's policies as illegal, Israel continues violating international law and human rights, expanding its colonies in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, imposing a siege on Gaza, and persisting in apartheid and oppressive actions, policies and legislation towards the Palestinian people under its control.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Ben-Dror Yemini Scolds the Israeli Xenophobic Leftist Academia

Yemini presents the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities as an example of the unified leftist School of Thought rampant in Israeli Academia lacking in academic standards and suppressing academic freedom.

But lo and behold, the most prestigious academic body in Israel, the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities, organizes a conference about the other which is characterized mainly by an exclusion of the other.

It's not just about the ethnic origin issue. It's possible that a very small minority of the participants are of Sephardic decent. The problem is also about opinion and outlook and a school of thought.

The problem is that the Academy of Sciences has been infected with a disease which characterizes a major part of the humanities and social sciences departments in Israel. There is no real openness. There is no willingness to listen to the other. Entire conferences are dominated by participants who share the exact same opinion.

Sometimes the academic staff in a certain department or institution is dominated by lecturers whose opinions range from radical left to even more radical left. … It's boring. It's banal. It's definitely not academic.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Israeli Leftists, Traitors and Expatriates

Giulio Meotti describes the Israeli Extremists who have left the country and the fold.

A couple of years ago his book "The Invention of the Jewish People" sparked endless debates and controversy, selling millions of copies. Shlomo Sand, an Israeli historian who teaches at Tel Aviv University, has just written, in the Guardian, an article titled "How I stopped being a Jew." A statement of deep abjuration of Judaism and Zionism.

Sand, who now spends more time in England than in Israel, is not the first intellectual of the Israeli left who professes apostasy.

Since 2008, Ilan Pappe, former professor at the University of Haifa, lives in London. He is an icon of the "new historians" who sees the Jewish State as a mere colonization at the expense of the Arab people. Joining him in the UK are the Israeli historian Avi Shlaim and the Israeli jurist Oren Ben Dor at Southampton University.

In 1967, during the Six-Day War, in the newspapers and in the salons of the Israeli writers there circulated a bitter joke, saying that at the airport in Tel Aviv, a sign reads: "The last one to leave turn off the light."… Today it is what leftist Israeli intelligentsia, pampered by the anti-Semitic European élites, are doing.

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Tel Aviv University - Another Bad Peer Review: Shlomo Sand's (Dept of History) Latest Book has Nothing New to Say

Israel Bartal had reduced Sand's previous book "When and How Was the Jewish People Invented?" into a work of fiction, now blames Sand for being over-simplistic and lazy in his attempt to damn the Jewish State and the Zionist Movement in his next book "The Invention of the Land of Israel".

Shlomo Sand's political treatise, The Invention of the Land of Israel, is another link in his larger project of deconstructing the 'historical super mythos of the Jews as a wandering people' and severing the bond of memory between the ancient Land of the Patriarchs and the modern Jewish experience.

While the book is packed with historical information and contains lots of citations, as a veteran researcher of the history of the Jewish national liberation movement, I was surprised that it is hard to find even one research novelty in anything Professor Sand says. The book adds no new knowledge, historical insight or perspective that has not been presented before in regard to the changes that occurred in the Jews' connection with this piece of land. Furthermore, purely on the investigative level of Sand's work, I was unable to discover any factual statement that Zionist historiographers or prominent thinkers of the national movement would not also stipulate. The historical account that Sand offers is generally speaking true to the conventional wisdom of the old Zionist historiography.

However, the Zionist innovators, unlike Shlomo Sand, did not consider their venture and political culture a forgery, a lie or a propaganda trick. … The rediscovery of a real country with hills, vales, rivers and shores in ancient texts played a definitive role in the cultural endeavors of several preeminent Zionist thinkers. … In the historiographical part of his work, Sand describes accurately (albeit sometimes in a simplistic manner that overlooks the complexity of the cultural processes that modern nationalism instigated in Jewish society) the contours of this Zionist uprising.

… His onslaught has a different target: the popular myth, common in certain Israeli circles, about the existence of a direct relationship between the biblical Land of Israel and the piece of land that the modern Jewish national movement settled.

In sum, Sand's book illuminates the metamorphoses of the Zionist struggle to impress on members of an ancient people a renewed and revolutionary connection with a homeland, the memory of which had been maintained for generations in collections of books, festival rituals and prayerbooks. Alongside that sits the author's seething hatred of Zionism, and everything associated with it, and this prompts him to present the struggle of the Jewish national movement as a set of falsehoods, distortions and prejudices.

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Tel Aviv University - Newest Treason from Moshe Zuckermann (Cohn Institute)

Zuckermann gives an interview in Tages Anzeiger, the Swiss German-language national daily newspaper published in Zurich, in which he claims that Israel does not want peace at all. Furthermore, Zuckermann denies Israeli right to self-defense and insinuates that Israeli extremists will murder any politician who is "ready for peace".

The problem is that Israel will not have peace. Peace would mean a two-state solution, and wants to prevent Israel. In Israel today there is no political force that could tackle a two-state solution without risking an Israeli civil war. If Israel does not want to have this solution, this leads to a bi-national structure - four to five million Palestinians then live under Israeli sovereignty. If the Palestinians are denied their basic rights, we have an Israeli apartheid state. If you are granted the basic rights, it is a bi-national state, respectively the end of the Zionist state. Israel has maneuvered itself into a historical dead end.

With each passage of arms against the Palestinians Israel refers to its self-defense. That's understandable and legitimate.
This is absolute nonsense. In the moment when Israel commits its self-defense in accordance with international legal injustice, namely the occupation of Palestinian territories for decades, this has nothing to do with self-defense. In Israel there is no prospect of peace, the peace movement is pathetic small. The last Israeli politician who was ready for peace with the Palestinians, Yitzhak Rabin was. We know how that ended almost 20 years ago.

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Mizrahi Communists and Other Extremists Clinging to Bygone Allegations of Discrimination to Keep Careers Alive

Lyn Julius exposes the stale ideas and out-of-date stories told by Mizrachi Radicals such as Yehouda Shenhav (TAU), Oren Yiftachel (BGU), Smadar Lavie (Beit Berl College), and Ella Shohat (NYU), and pokes holes in their obsolete far-leftist conspiracies. Julius reveals how Shenhav, Shohat and the others absurdly align or identify Jews from Arab countries with Arabs, and displays how they ignore the fact that Arab imperialism has 'Arabised' the ancient Jewish Middle Eastern and North African civilizations.

The Moroccan-born poet Sami Shalom Chetrit and the sociologist of Iraqi-Jewish descent Yehouda Shenhav founded the Mizrahi Democratic Rainbow Coalition in 1996 to challenge Ashkenazi hegemony in Israeli society.  Sami Michael, a popular author now in his 80s, is among a number of Jewish communists from Arab countries who continue to inveigh against Israeli 'racism'. Other activists include Oren Yiftachel and Smadar Lavie.

Similarly, Mizrahi leftist academics, like Ella Shohat in New York, borrow heavily from Edward Said's postcolonialist bible Orientalism, which divided the world crudely into 'the West versus the Rest', viewing both Mizrahim ('Arabs of the Jewish faith') and non-Jewish Arabs (the Rest) as victims of Zionism (the West). 'If Israel could find a way to reconnect with its own Middle-Eastern self, the chances are that this would result in the country having entirely different relations with the region,' writes Shabi. 'Because long before they were apparent arch enemies' she claims, 'Arabs and Jews were culture collaborators, good neighbours — and friends.'

Middle Eastern communities coexisted alongside each other, but rarely intermarried. Jews never considered themselves Arabs. Arabs did not consider them Arabs either. The 'Arab Jew' school of thought is a recent development. Interestingly, few intellectuals who glory in the label 'Arab Jew', were born in Arab countries, speak Arabic as their mother tongue, or lived in Arab countries for any length of time.

Fourth, many charges of early cultural discrimination no longer hold true in 21st century Israel. Mizrahi food culture has eclipsed kreplach, kugel or lochshen pudding on Israeli restaurant menus, while 'Mizrahi' music is the staple popular culture.

Today Mizrahim are generals, doctors, property developers, bank managers, and have held every government post except prime minister. Most importantly – a hugely significant fact that Shabi simply glosses over – intermarriage is running at 25 per cent and the mixed Israeli family is fast becoming the norm. Soon there will be no such thing as Mizrahi or Ashkenazi in the Israeli melting pot.

As a result, they are left with stale ideas and an out-of-date story that is increasingly useless in explaining the country as it exists right now. They miss the lively and potent fuel that drives the place, and they underestimate its resilience.'

And by whitewashing the past, Shabi has allowed herself to be co-opted into the Palestinian campaign to denigrate Mizrahi rights. In 2012, when Israel's Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon launched a media campaign for justice for Jewish refugees from Arab lands, Shabi – and likeminded intellectuals like Yehouda Shenhav – strenuously denied that these Jews were refugees at all: aggrieved parties should seek justice as individuals, they argued, not as a collective.

By applying the paradigm of Edward Said's Orientalism to the Mizrahi Jews, Mizrahi radicals deny a political solution to the Mizrahi Jewish question. Reduced to a religious subset of the Arab nation, they become tools of pan-Arabist politics. Their postcolonialism denies that cultural imperialism has 'Arabised' an ancient Middle Eastern and North African civilisation.

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IDI Watch - Arye Carmon and the Restricted Democracy for Non-Leftists

The IDI as an example of the Israeli Fascist Left denying Freedom of Speech to non-Leftists

A dispute has recently erupted between founder of the Israel Democracy Institute Dr. Arye Carmon and the religious research fellows of the institute about place of God in the public sphere. The dispute shows us where on the political map the institute is located, what its perception of democracy is, and what fundamental assumption its members are demanded to operate under.

Carmon also declared once and for all that God has no place in a combat order. "The army cannot be in any way tolerant of inculcating God."

Carmon was alerted to the subject because "even the moderate among us are moving toward the side of the threat." That is to say, toward "the extremists in the national-religious camp." … Take note of what the person who wants to teach us what democracy is about writes: "More than one opinion on this subject must absolutely not exist in our institute!! There is no place for two opinions; there is only a place for uncompromising support of democratic values."

Carmon is reinforcing a claim I've made more than once, that given the power, the Israeli Left will shut people up. That's what it has done and continues to do in the media, in academia, and in the court system. Democracy with a grain of salt.

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Israeli Anthropologists Supporting BDS and its Implementation

The signed Israeli Academics make a feeble, morally-lacking attempt to justify their support of BDS by claiming that discussion does not equal support, only to launch into a tirade of reasons why Israeli Academia should be boycotted for participating in "the occupation and oppression of the Palestinian people." The signed also misrepresent "true dialogue" as a process where acts of violence are accepted.

In our opinion, the letter contains misleading statements regarding what BDS sets out to achieve and the manner in which it does so. Moreover, the letter misrepresents the structural position held by anthropologists in Israeli society, as well as the responsibility of the practitioners of anthropology in Israel as elsewhere towards the Palestinian people and other victims of Israel's policies. One does not have to be a supporter of BDS in order to believe, as the undersigned do, that discussion of the academic boycott and other measures of censure of the State of Israel is an ethical prerogative for the AAA.

… Specifically, we support the AAA Executive Committee's call for an open, transparent, and productive process and discussion of the position that the AAA should take with respect to Israel/Palestine. The IAA letter aims to prevent this discussion, finding fault with the AAA for hosting panels and talks that have yet to take place. … We do not expect this to be a placid, easy process; but then, true dialogue never is.

… Israeli anthropologists have never as a body declared their opposition to the occupation and oppression of the Palestinian people. Second, contrary to the claims of the IAA letter, and as the proponents of BDS claim, the Israeli academy is a central pillar of the state, playing a key part in its repressive policies. … The IAA has never collectively repudiated these practices, nor has it ever publicly questioned the legitimacy of the "University" of Ariel, a higher education institution recently established on confiscated Palestinian land in the post-1967 occupied Palestinian territories.

At the same time, we urge the IAA to condemn the oppression of the Palestinian people, and especially the recent murderous war in Gaza. In taking such a stance, the IAA would take a first step towards dissociating itself as a body from policies and values that anthropologists cannot support in good faith. Until the IAA does so, its call to avoid discussion of boycott in the name of "dialogue" evades the cause it claims to uphold.

Among the signed:
Dr. Uri Davis, … AL-QUDS University … University of Exeter
Dr. Khaled Furani, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Tel Aviv University
Dr. Dafna Hirsch, Lecturer, Department of Sociology, Political Science and Communication, The Open University of Israel
Dr. Yeela Raanan, Sapir College, Sderot
Noa Shaindlinger, PhD student, Department of Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations, University of Toronto
Dr. Dalit Simchai, Lecturer, Tel-Hai College

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Tel Aviv University & Ben Gurion University - Ephraim Davidi Slanders Israeli Society in Argentina's Largest Newspaper

In an interview to the Argentinean newspaper Clarín, Davidi exaggerates Jewish right-wing violence to distract from Arab incitement and terror. Davidi wishes to erase 67 years of Israeli Statehood and grant the Arabs a 'do-over' with the 1947 Partition Plan.

"Today Israeli pacifists and leftists are afraid," he told Clarin Ephraim Davidi from his home in Tel Aviv, referring to groups that oppose the current military offensive. This Professor of Economics and History at the City University, member of the board of the Israeli Communist Party, is one of the harshest critics of the society they lived for more than 40 years. "If you go out there and show yourself 800 fascists who want to kill you, as you decide to stay at home," says the Argentine-born Israeli who has organized some of the recent protests in the country developed against the offensive in the Gaza Strip.

"The basic problem is the occupation of Palestinian territories and while that does not end the violence will continue," he explains. Davidi uses his college major to explain his reasoning, he says, must go back to November 29, 1947. Then the partition of the British Mandate of Palestine remembered only that they (the Palestinians) never came to have their State. That's in the background of everything, "he adds.

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UCLA - Gabriel Piterberg (Dept of History) and his Anti-Zionistic Propaganda are Pegged for Running a Once Successful Dept into the Ground

UCLA’s Center for Near Eastern Studies was recently exposed as a propaganda front for Israel haters. … Now comes the news that the Center has been defunded ( …. But isn’t it justice that it coincides with the exposure of the Center’s blatant bias? Kudos to Gabi Piterberg, Center director and Israel-boycotter. He and his comrades ran a once-splendid shop into the ground.

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Ben-Dror Yemini Trashes Amiram Goldblum (Hebrew University) and Alon Liel's (Tel Aviv University) Fascist Petition that Prevents Peace

Goldblum, Liel, and the other "Academics" who signed the petition, join the motion of a known anti-Israel British MP who wishes to wipe Israel off the map.

Palestinian propaganda notched up an important victory this week, with 274 British MPs voting last Monday to back the recognition of Palestinian statehood and just 12 rejecting the motion… What's more interesting is the fact that hundreds of Israelis published appeals to the MPs to vote in favor of Mahmoud Abbas' initiative.

… Well, the Palestinian move is not aimed at achieving a peace settlement, and the British initiative falls entirely into the realm of hatred and incitement against Israel. It's a move aimed at bypassing any chance of achieving a settlement.

The British parliamentary motion was tabled by Labour MP Grahame Morris, well known for his anti-Israel stance. He promotes a "Free Palestine" agenda in which there is no room for Israel at all. He is also part of the Nazification-of-Israel camp. Demonization doesn't cut it for him. He wants something on a higher level.

There's something sad about the fact that former minister Yossi Sarid and former Foreign Ministry official Alon Liel have slipped into the realms of the radical left in recent years.

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The Israeli Left's Petition Fascism

The Extreme Left brings international pressure to bear on Israel to bypass Israeli sovereignty and attempts to silence anyone who dares to criticize their Fascist ways.

Now the same "Israel is an Apartheid Regime" propaganda team is back, rallying the rest of the anti-Israel academic Left to attempt to bypass and neutralize Israeli sovereignty. Their initiative also reflects the utter contempt and disdain that Leftists in Israel have for democracy.

No one is stopping the Radical Left in Israel from peddling its ideological wares in the marketplace of public opinion. … The public simply repudiates the Left's agenda. Treason just has not proved to be the grand vote grabber that the Left expected. Certainly since the outbreak of the recent battles in Gaza, almost no one in Israel still favors the so-called "Two State Solution." Almost no one is willing to see Israel "withdraw" from the West Bank and allow a Palestinian terror state to operate there. Almost no one is willing to reward Hamas with "concessions."

The Left understands that its "ideas" have been rejected by nearly the entire Israeli political spectrum. Since it is incapable of persuading Israelis of the correctness of its agenda, it has decided instead to recruit foreign powers to "do the job" for it and bully Israel…

Goldblum, the organizer of the petition calling for European recognition of the "state of Palestine," has a long track record of calling for Europeans to suppress and override Israeli sovereignty and impose policies upon Israel from without opposed by the bulk of Israelis. In a notorious speech before an assembly of leftists in May 2012, Goldblum was quoted as calling upon Israel's Left to stop wasting its time attempting to persuade the general public to embrace its political agenda, evidently because it is clear that the public will never do so. Goldblum said he has no interest in the Israeli electorate and general public and called upon the radical Left to go directly to political groups abroad, outside of Israel, and recruit them as pressure groups to coerce Israel into accepting the agenda of the Israeli Left.

His comrades in Petitiongate are not very different. Among the signers calling on Europeans to "recognize Palestine" are Shlomo Sand, the pseudo-historian from Tel Aviv University who is the most openly anti-Semitic "academic" in Israel, Oren Yiftachel, who has built an "academic" career by asserting that Israel is an apartheid regime…

The only thing the signers of the petition detest more than their own country is freedom of speech. The Israeli far Left is a fascist movement that ferociously opposes not only Israeli sovereignty but also democracy and freedom of speech for non-leftists. Critics of leftists must be silenced and indicted, insist the Far Leftists, because the exercise of freedom of speech by non-leftists produces violence and it is a clear and present danger.

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Tel Aviv University – Alon Liel (Dept of Political Science) Supporting BDS and the Campaign to Reverse Jewish Self-Determination

CiF Watch summarizes the 20+ years of Liel's erroneous renegade activities against the State.

One thing, however, is clear: Alon Liel (the author of the CiF piece of June 27th) is the type of Israeli with whom the Guardian can do business. He makes all the right noises, uses all the right buzz-words, is not averse to delegitimising his fellow countrymen and conforms splendidly to the simplistic 'Guardian World View'.

Thus, Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) becomes a noble way in which to promote peace instead of what its instigators really intend it to be – a campaign to reverse Jewish self-determination.

The 'settlements', according to the Liel sound-bites, are of course 'illegal under international law' and on 'occupied land'. They – and they alone – jeopardise peace and a two-state solution. Not terrorism, not generation after generation of officially sanctioned Palestinian incitement, not the inability of Palestinian society to conduct democratic elections and come up with one truly representative leader with whom Israel can negotiate and not even the basic refusal to accept a Jewish presence in the Middle East.

As offensive as it is to see an Israeli collaborating with the campaign to delegitimize and dehumanize a significant proportion of the Israeli population, Alon Liel is of course entitled to his own opinion… But – as Israelis will be aware (and Guardian editors apparently choose to ignore), this is not the first time that Alon Liel has been wrong.

The former diplomat (who apparently had no qualms then about taking government salaries paid for in part by the income tax of people he today wishes to delegitimize and boycott) was part of the team which engineered the Oslo Accords. He is closely associated with Yossi Beilin – the author of the Geneva Accords – and the two have joint business interests today, in addition to Liel's own business, primarily located in Turkey.

Liel is also involved with the political NGOs 'Ir Amim' (board of directors) and 'B'Tselem' (public council), both of which have received funding from the New Israel Fund, of which his wife – Rachel Liel – is director in Israel. In 2006 Rachel Liel took part in an 'alternative' Independence Day torch-lighting ceremony organized by 'Yesh Gvul', which encourages Israeli soldiers to avoid "serving apartheid" by refusing to serve beyond the 'green line' and claims that the Sabra and Shatila massacres were "IDF supervised". She is also part of the management team of 'Agenda'.

Alon Liel is also known for his self-initiated attempts to negotiate with the Syrian government. Together with American-Syrian businessman Ibrahim (Abe) Suleiman, he conducted a series of unauthorized talks with Damascus beginning in 2004 and continuing for just under two years.

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Tel Aviv University – Shlomo Sand (Dept of History) Gets a Stage at London University to Cash In on his Jewish Anti-Semitism and Present his Works of Fiction as Fact

Now Sands is about to use a public platform provided by the London Middle East Institute and the Centre for Jewish Studies at the University of London, SOAS (The School of Oriental and African Studies) to hawk his new book. His talk is entitled: "How I Stopped Being a Jew."

In particular, Sand focuses on what he insists are racist values in Israel and the growth of those same racist values even amongst secular Jews worldwide, "whose main role has been reduced to justifying Israel's crimes against the Palestinians."

Perhaps the most significant details which reveal what kind of country Israel really is - one which values freedom of speech and expression, perhaps to a fault - is that not only is Shlomo Sand a professor at an Israeli university, but the fawning reviewer of his book, Mahmoud Muhereb, received his B.A. in political science from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

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Israeli Academic Slacktivists Join Amiram Goldblum (Hebrew University) and Alon Liel's (Tel Aviv University) Petition to Circumvent Israeli Sovereignty

Goldblum and Liel, previously among the initiators of the Apartheid Smear Campaign, gather support of those who'd wish to thwart Israeli democracy, many of whom have ties to the New Israel Fund. They demand that the British House of Commons recognize an Arab State of Palestine, which never existed, and to which a majority of Israeli citizens object. As a long standing strategic policy suggested by Goldblum himself, the Fascist Left does not need to convince the Israeli electorate when they can recruit foreign countries to compel their unpopular Leftist Diktats.

363 Israeli public figures have signed a letter to the Members of the British Parliament, calling upon them to vote in favor of British recognition of a Palestinian State, to be created side-by-side with Israel.

The letter reads: "We, Israelis who worry and care for the well-being of the state of Israel, believe that the long-term existence and security of Israel depends on the long-term existence and security of a Palestinian state. For this reason we, the undersigned, urge members of the UK Parliament to vote in favor of the motion to be debated on Monday 13th October 2014, calling on the British Government to recognize the State of Palestine alongside the State of Israel ".

Among the Israeli Academic Slacktivists signed
Alice Shalvi                  Alon Liel
Alon Harel                    Alon Confino
Amiram Goldblum        Amos Goldebrg
Anat Matar                   Aner Preminger
Arie Arnon                   Avinoam Ben-Shaul
Avner Cohen                Avner De-Shalit
Avraham Oz                 Bernard Avishai
Chaim Gans                  Charles Greenbaum
Chen Alon                    Coby Sonnenschein
Colman Altman             Dan Jacobson
Dan S. Tawfik              Daniel Kahneman
David Harel                  David Blanc
Dimitry Shumsky          Edward Edy Kaufman
Esther Levinger             Eva Jablonka
Galia Golan                  Galit Hazan-Rokem
Hagai Ginsburg             Hannah Safran
Idith Zertal                    Ilan Saban
Ishay Rosen-Zvi           Itzhak (Yani) Nevo
Jochanan Benbassat      Kobi Peterzil
Kobi Snitz                    Maya Bar-Hillel
Menachem Klein          Micah Leshem
Michael Steinitz            Mira Zakai
Naomi Benbassat         Naomi Chazan
Neve Gordon               Noga Efrati
Nura Resh                    Nurit Peled
Oren Yiftachel              Ron Kuzar
Shimon Sandbank         Shir Hever
Shlomo Sand                Uri Hadar
Vered Kraus                Yaron Ezrahi
Yeela Raanan               Yona Pinson
Yona Rosenfeld            Yonathan (Jon) Anson
Yoram Bilu                   Yuval Yonai

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Amiram Goldblum (Hebrew University) and Alon Liel (Tel Aviv University) Spurring the British Parliament to Recognize an Arab State of Palestine

Goldblum authors a desperate plea, to which Liel also gives his name, for other Israeli ultra-leftists to join their anti-democratic measure to circumvent peace negotiations and create a belligerent Arab state in the Israeli heartland as a reward for terror.

"We, Israelis who worry and care for the well-being of the state of Israel, believe that the long-term existence and security of Israel depends on the long-term existence and security of a Palestinian state. For this reason we the undersigned urge members of the UK parliament to vote in favour of the motion to be debated on Monday 13th October 2014 calling on the British Government to recognize the state of Palestine alongside the state of Israel"

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University of Illinois and Beit Berl: Clinical Psychology Professor Riva Bachrach, Co-Founder of Machsom Watch, Prescribes Draft Dodging, Interfering with IDF Security Measures, and Demanding Arab "Right of Return" to Terminate the Jewish State of Israel.

Apparently, Bachrach prefers to think "human rights" are violated by IDF soldiers trying to interdict those who would harm even other Arabs and their children. But when it comes to Palestinian exhortation for attacking Jews that comes on their television screens, that's not a human rights violation and such studies would be superfluous…

A member of the notorious hate-Israel Coalition of Women of Peace, Bachrach was an early co-founding member of Machsom Watch. Its aim from the get go has been to interfere with those nasty IDF soldiers who try to stop terrorists and hinder their freedom to travel. Why allow IDF soldiers to screen for killers when Bachrach's concept of "academic freedom" is at stake?

Bachrach also encourages draft dodging from the IDF. At a conference of leftist psychologists at Tel Aviv University, Bachrach explained that her mission is to make Israeli society aware of the negative psychological effect on Arabs and on Israeli soldiers because they are made to serve in the "Occupied Territories" where they protect "violent" settlers. IDF soldiers "mistreat" the Arabs who "suffer".

Riva Bachrach signed a petition distributed by Israel's communist party that endorses the so-called "Palestinian right of return." It states, "We are united in the belief that peace and reconciliation are contingent on Israel's recognition of its responsibility for the injustices done to the indigenous people, the Palestinians, and on willingness to redress them. Recognition of the right of return follows from our principles. … Only thus shall we stop being plagued by the past's demons and damnations and make ourselves at home in our common homeland."

Riva Bachrach is a psychologist who appears to have psychological problems and cannot see which side really seeks to violate the others' "human rights."

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Tel Aviv University - Dahlia Scheindlin (Dept of Political Science) and her Fictional State of Gaza

Scheindlin fabricates a non-existent pre-1948 Arab State to which Gazans once held citizenship. She then insinuates that State of Israel is to blame for this imaginary Arab State's demise. Why should Scheindlin let the fact that Egypt invaded and occupied Gaza for 19 years interfere with her fraudulent narrative?

Scheindlin sobs over the causalities resulting from Arab use of human shields to protect their military targets and blames Israel for using the kidnapped school children as "leverage" to "provoke" Hamas into committing war crimes.

Scheindlin suggests a "peace" plan that includes Israel capitulating to Arab terror. Is this a woman you'd want teaching some of our best, young impressionable minds?

The IDF is bombarding an area that it has already imprisoned by occupation from 1967, and then through suffocating border, movement, import and export control since 2007. Its residents have been stateless since 1948. It is attacking by air, land and sea, while Hamas attacks civilians in Israel through rockets and now through terrorist infiltration, at an increasingly frenzied pace.

In the long term, I shudder to think about the souls of people who lost two, three, or 18 family members to Israeli bombs. The sobbing father who begged his child to wake up because he had brought new toys; the woman who told her sister in England to stay away and live, so that at least
one of the family members would survive. I see what national trauma has done to the Jewish people more than 60 years following their darkest moments. The manifestations of Palestinian suffering in future generations will be terrible.

Second, like in 2012, there was another way: the reconciliation deal could have been cautiously welcomed; rewards and incentives could have encouraged Hamas pragmatism. The murder of three Israeli teens did not have to be disguised as a hostage-rescue effort for three weeks and leveraged to provoke the predictable violence of Hamas. Wrongful escalation from both sides could have been contained – of course, a Palestinian-Israeli peace agreement would be the best mechanism for that. Eventually Palestinian elections could have been held; stabilization could have followed.

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Israeli Academics Join the Movement to Outlaw Criticizing BDS Anti-Semites

They join a petition that demands the right under the auspices of "academic freedom" to conduct anti-Semitic "discourse" under the pretexts of "anti-Zionism" and "critical viewpoints of Israeli policy". They reject attempts by AMCHA to educate innocent, impressionable young adults from being caught unaware from the pending anti-Semitic far-leftist indoctrination to be experienced in the classrooms of the listed "academics".

AMCHA has also circulated a list of more than 200 Middle Eastern studies faculty whom it urges Jewish students and others to avoid because, it asserts, they espouse anti-Zionist and even antisemitic viewpoints in their classrooms.

It goes without saying that we, as students of antisemitism, are unequivocally opposed to any and all traces of this scourge. That said, we find the actions of AMCHA deplorable.

Its technique of monitoring lectures, symposia and conferences strains the basic principle of academic freedom on which the American university is built. Moreover, its definition of antisemitism is so undiscriminating as to be meaningless. Instead of encouraging openness through its efforts, AMCHA's approach closes off all but the most narrow intellectual directions and has a chilling effect on research and teaching. AMCHA's methods lend little support to Israel, whose very survival depends on free, open, and vigorous debate about its future.

AMCHA's tactics are designed to stifle debate on issues debated in Israel and around the world, and the presumption that students must be protected from their own universities is misguided and destructive. Efforts such as these do not promote academic integrity, but rather serve to deaden the kind of spirited academic exchange that is the lifeblood of the university.

Among the signed:
Bernard Avishai, Dartmouth College
Hannan Hever, Yale University
Shaul Magid, Indiana University

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University of Haifa - Natan Zach (Dept of Literature) Supporting Arab Claims of Genocide

Nathan Zach, the famed poet and Israel Prize laureate, was quoted in Hebrew-language media outlets on Tuesday as saying that he supported Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas's characterization of Israel's actions in the Gaza Strip this past summer as "genocide."

In an interview with Army Radio, Zach said it was Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's speech that was "slanderous" while Abbas "spoke the truth."

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Yale - Omer Shatz (Dept of Law) Finds Some "Racism"

Shatz accuses the State of discrimination, racism, war crimes, and the murder of children. Shatz is infuriated that the High Court of Justice does not strike down every any non-far-leftist law that the Knesset may pass.

In the same regard, it is hard to understand all the noise made by the tiny left. For beyond the list issued in honor of the Jewish High Holidays, courtesy of the Central Bureau of Statistics, which is usually no more than a curiosity item for the holiday issue, laws have been passed for years that deepen discrimination and racism, and erase the memory of the Palestinian tragedy.

And of all things, the issue of erasing Arab names from the statistics makes exceptional waves compared to the daily apathy that allows (with High Court of Justice approval) the citizenship and Nakba laws, the absentee landlord law and acceptance committees for Jewish communities. That apathy also clears the way for the accepted norms of administrative detention, assassinations and war crimes that will never be investigated – and over the Green Line they are legal, according to the courts.

But the effort to erase the name Mohammed actually fits in quite well, as do the failure and the minor commotion that followed. Because we didn't erase the children's names, but rather the lives of the children themselves.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


University of Exeter – Video Footage of Ilan Pappe's "Expert" "Testimony" to the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal Hearing on Palestine

Pappe uses a litany of false or misleading facts and other untruths in an attempt to substantiate accusations of "ethnic cleansing" and "genocide" of Arabs by Israel in 1948. Any Court of "Law" that would accept testimony from Ilan Pappe, a disgraced academic and linchpin in the Tantura Hoax, must be blatantly incompetent and obviously biased.

Youtube video of Pappe's claims

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Tel Aviv University - Assaf Sharon (Dept of Philosophy) Smears All Non-Leftists as Disciples of Kahane's Militant Jewish Supremacism

Founder of 'Breaking the Silence' and Career Activist finds home at TAU.

The deeper shift is not in the level of public support for the two political camps, but in their make-up. On the right, the liberal and democratic elements have been overtaken by chauvinist populists. Prime Minister Netanyahu's party, Likud, whose members used to walk out on Kahane, is now populated by some of the most vocal inciters. The last remnants of its democrats were ousted in the last primary elections, and the remaining moderates pander to the pugnacious extremists that dominate the party. The prime minister himself has maintained utter silence in the face of growing racism and political violence. The left, on the other hand, has lost its political stamina and its moral courage. A depletion of ideas, debilitation of institutions, and putrefaction of leadership have left it politically inert. The social mechanisms that kept Kahane's racism at bay have all but disintegrated.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Ben Gurion University - Neve Gordon (Dept of Political Science) and other Israeli "Academics" Support Anti-Semite after he Gets Canned over Anti-Semitic Twitter Tweets

Gordon and the other Israeli "Academics" show solidarity with Steven Salaita, who's new appointment at Illinois U was rescinded over demeaning and juvenile anti-Israel Twitter tweets. Campus-Watch describes Steven Salaita's Twitter posts as "inflammatory, anti-Israel, anti-Semitic" and describes his academic record as "atrocious".

Whereas news reports from several reputable sources such as Inside Higher Education assert that the administrative decision of Chancellor Wise to block Professor Salaita's employment at UIUC was a response to complaints about his postings to;

Among the signed: [as of 23/9/2014]
142. Neve Gordon, Ben-Gurion University, Israel
699. Moshé Machover, King's College, London
911. Ella Shohat, New York University
1076. Haim Bresheeth, SOAS, London
1370. Yael Ben-zvi, Ben-Gurion University
1855. Hagit Borer, Queen Mary University of London

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Hebrew University - Mister Apartheid, Amiram Goldblum (Dept of Pharmaceutical Sciences), Keeps Providing Ammunition for the Israel Haters

The Goldblum-funded Apartheid "Poll" gets quoted to help support claims of Israeli fascism, genocide, and "ethnic cleansing" in an anti-Semitic rant on

These calls for ethnic cleansing and genocide are increasing in frequency. The political climate in Israel has continued to shift so sharply to the right in the past few years that a fascist discourse is now palpable in the daily life of the country. In Tel Aviv in August, some of the right-wing protesters who beat leftists demonstrating against the siege of Gaza wore T-shirts bearing neo-Nazi symbols and photos, including T-shirts bearing the slogan "Good night left side," a neo-Nazi slogan popular in Europe at rock concerts featuring far-right bands, as a response to the original anti-fascist slogan: "Good night white pride." Nearly half of the Jewish population of Israel supports a policy of ethnic cleansing of Palestinians, and major portions of the population support complete annexation of the occupied territories and the establishment of an apartheid state, according to a 2012 poll.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Tel Aviv University - Carlo Strenger (Dept of Psychology) does not Think Israel is Liberal Enough to be Allowed to Exist

US Jewish Liberals, who live in a country that Occupies the Territories taken from Mexico, are not comfortable with an Israel that Defends itself. So Strenger's solution is to allow the Hamas to turn the West Bank into a New Rocket Base

But underlying this debate is a profoundly painful process that many liberal Jews, both in Israel and the Diaspora, are undergoing: They feel like let-down lovers. They wonder, what place can they give in their emotional lives and their identity to an Israel that does not correspond to their core values of universal human rights? Can they remain attached to a country that violates these principles, primarily through an occupation that has now lasted for two-thirds of Israel's history?

Therefore, he argues, liberal Jews should drop the idea of the Jewish homeland. They should accept that there will be only one state west of the Jordan, and invest their energy toward making sure that individual political and human rights of all inhabitants of this area (primarily Palestinians, of course, whose rights are being trampled) be respected.

When it became clear that the occupation was not a passing episode, but had become a feature of most of Israel's history, their perception shifted radically. They began to see Israel as a racist, colonial enterprise that simply didn't behave along the moral lines of the Free World. It still thought in terms of annexation and ethnic cleansing – notions that had become anathema in the Free World that had evolved after World War II.

Israel is an impressive achievement in many ways, but it was never an ideal society. The historical circumstances in which Israel came into existence were brutal, tragic and characterized by vast population movements – nowadays called ethnic cleansing. These ranged from the expulsion of millions of ethnic Germans from their homes in Poland, Czechoslovakia and other Eastern European countries after WWII, to the massive population transfers of millions when large parts of India became what is today Pakistan and Bangladesh.

We must let go of the shtetl mentality that Jews must stick together, and that a good Jew doesn't say bad things about other Jews in the public sphere. We no longer live in the shtetl, whether in Israel or the Diaspora – even if some of us like to indulge in shtetl nostalgia via love for hazanut or klezmer music once in a while.

We have the right to voice our displeasure about what other Jews – Israeli or not – do, as much as the Americans and French can dislike some of their fellow countrymen.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Goldsmiths College - Eyal Weizman (Dept of Visual Cultures) Attacks Israel with 'Forensic Architecture'

Utilizing the 'forensic architecture' techniques that he developed himself, Weizman gathers 'evidence' for the future international prosecution of Israel by NGOs, the UN, and other organizations. Using one such "technique", Weizman claims that the red roofed houses in Israeli townships are in fact a preconceived form of an Israeli military identification system. When not developing new 'forensic architecture' techniques or collecting "evidence" of Israeli crimes, Weizman dreams of a future Israel without Jews.

Since then, Weizman has also made a name for himself as the chief proponent of "forensic architecture", by which he analyses the impacts of urban warfare for clues about the crimes that were perpetrated there. To Weizman, buildings are weapons. … "The weapons and ammunitions are very simple elements: they are trees, they are terraces, they are houses. They are barriers."

… [Weizman] says the most obvious and contentious aspect of what he calls the "architecture of occupation" is the system of Israeli settlements. Perched on West Bank hilltops, they are strategically positioned, according to Weizman, so that they look out over the Palestinian valleys and towns below, in order "to dominate".

Each of the uniformly suburban-looking houses – all with mandatory red roofs so that on flyovers the Israeli army know not to target them – is "itself like an optical instrument," he tells me.

In this manner, architects can become "archaeologists of the present", piecing together how things unfolded – which building was destroyed by artillery, which by tank fire, which by bulldozers. Weizman now leads the Forensic Architecture team at Goldsmiths, University of London – a unique project that provides "architectural evidence" for international prosecution teams, political organisations, NGOs and the UN…

If the Gaza conflict were ever to make it to the International Criminal Court, Weizman supposes he'd work with the prosecution…

For Weizman, though, it's not all about architecture as a means of occupation, or as evidence of a crime. … In this future, he imagines how settlements might be turned into Palestinian public institutions, and military bases into nature parks for migratory birds.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Oxford - Israel-Hating ex-Israeli Avi Shlaim Blames Israel Because Israel Fired Back

HonestReporting and TruthRevolt criticize Shlaim's faulty logic.

A column written by Avi Shlaim, professor emeritus of international relations at St Antony's College, Oxford University takes the absurd position that Israel started the Gaza War because it responded to the killing of three Israeli Boys and the continued rocket attacks by Hamas.

Shlaim makes the self-contradictory statement that calm prevailed before Israel struck back. Assuming he meant that before the most recent Gaza War there were no Hamas rocket attacks, the retired professor is way off.


UK-based Israeli academic and longtime Israel critic Avi Shlaim has weighed in on the Gaza war in the Guardian's Comment is Free section, and predictably, he unleashed a scathing critique of Israel.

To do so, however, Shlaim invokes a logic so twisted, it's hard to believe he himself subscribes to it.

For example, he insists that Israel is responsible for starting the war and for "initiating the cycle of violence."

And how exactly does Shlaim define "calm" it if it included the kidnapping and murder of three Israeli youths? What sort of calm is that, and why is the response to that the act that set off a "cycle of violence," not the act itself?

Put another way, whether Hamas is kidnapping innocent Israelis or firing rockets at Israeli civilians, the violence only begins when Israel fires back.

The effort to whitewash Hamas, however, doesn't end there…

If Hamas is, indeed, guilty of terrorism, it would be dishonest to remove the terrorist tag until the group at least renounces the use of violence. But for Shlaim, waiting for that would be inconvenient for peace – presupposing, of course, that peace can be reached with an organization that is "guilty of terrorism."

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Oxford - Israel-Hating ex-Israeli Avi Shlaim Whitewashes Arab War Crimes Perpetrated by Hamas on Israeli Civilians

To facilitate this goal, Shlaim absurdly blames Israel for initiating the violence in Operation Protective Edge. In contradicting statements, Shlaim demands that Hamas is "a legitimate political actor" but yet claims that "Israel would have no peace and no security" from Hamas terror attacks unless their irredentist demands are met. Following the same warped line of thought, Shlaim blames Israel for any and all agreements violated and demands granting Hamas all the benefits of peace as a prize for terror.

Hamas had more solid reasons for rejoicing, despite the horrific suffering endured by the people of Gaza. By any objective criterion, the outcome of the conflict was a draw. But for a small and poorly armed militia to stand its ground against one of the mightiest armies in the world is a remarkable achievement… Above all, Hamas succeeded in sending a clear message that Israel would have no peace and no security as long as it continued to occupy Palestinian territory.

Second, it is time to remove from Hamas the terrorist tag. This is a powerful weapon in the propaganda war but useless in the quest for peace. Hamas is indeed guilty of terrorism but it is also a legitimate political actor, having won a fair and free election in 2006. Netanyahu claims that Hamas is indistinguishable from the murderous fanatics who make up Isis. Hamas, however, is not a messianic jihadist movement but a local organisation with a pragmatic political leadership and limited aims.

These existential issues may or may not be addressed at a later stage. For the time being in Cairo the two delegations are negotiating, through Egyptian mediators. Israel's main demand is the demilitarisation of the Gaza Strip. This is unrealistic because Gaza is the last outpost of resistance to the 47-year-old occupation and Hamas is not about to lay down its arms. Hamas is calling for the lifting of the illegal seven-year Israeli blockade of Gaza and the reopening of the borders. Other Hamas demands include the rebuilding of Gaza international airport, which Israel destroyed in 2001, the release of prisoners and the reopening of the "safe passage" to the West Bank. These are not new but grounded in earlier agreements that Israel violated.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Israeli Academics Join Hands with International Anti-Semites from the Extreme Left and Right

Ben-Dror Yemini reprimands the nomadic band of Israeli "Academics" of every anti-Israeli petition, Shlomo Sand, Yehouda Shenhav, Anat Matar, Udi Adiv, Adi Ophir and others, who signed their name to claims of fabricated acts of slaughter.

Is Anti-Zionism also anti-Semitism? Let's check. While the recent war raged, the medical journal, The Lancet, published an open letter against Israel's alleged war crimes – another example of academics being recruited into the Hamas propaganda machine.

… Concurrent with the letter came an additional petition, claiming acts of slaughter, published by Israeli academics, among them members of the nomadic band of every anti-Israeli petition, like Shlomo Sand, Yehouda Shenhav, Anat Matar, Udi Adiv and Adi Ophir – good souls.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


University of Exeter - Ilan Pappe (Dept of Israel Bashing): Israel the 'Supremacist' Jewish State

Pappe slanders Israel with Nazi-flavored terminology, popularized by extreme anti-Semites, to draw a clear analogy with Nazi Germany.

The first is the present drive among infertile Jewish parents to seek the sperm of the combatant elite units who fought in Gaza. This is to ensure the purest and most supreme DNA possible for their prospective children. And it is fully supported by the official Israeli Sperm Bank.

To be honest, these soldiers did not do too well in the battlefield. Conventional armies are inept when it comes to battling face-to-face with desperate guerrillas dug deep in tunnels and bunkers. Possibly the HAMAS DNA would have been a bit more fitting for this purpose, if one wishes to take ad absurdum this Israeli Jewish obsession with human engineering.

It was bad enough to base the whole Zionist idea on the wish to create an exclusive and supremacist Jewish democracy, in a land where the Jews were not and are not going to be ever such a majority (unless they genocide the local population).

With later references to "visions of ethnic purity and supremacy," Pappe is drawing a clear analogy between Israeli society and Nazi Germany that placed an ideological value in the purity of the German "race" and the use of eugenics to achieve this.

So 30 out of a sample of 60 infertile women over a time period of days rather than weeks, months or even years is considered a credible sociological, scientific and academic sample of Israel's 8 million population. Hardly worthy of a high school student let alone a professor.

Far from Pappe's vision of Israeli women creating some sort of master race, a look at The Times of Israel story shows a far more obvious motivation in a quote from the director of the Rambam Medical Center's sperm bank:

"A man who served in a combat unit comes across as someone who has impressive physical attributes that live up to the genetic aspirations of the women," she explained. "Generally speaking, he will be physically fit and in good health, in addition to other important attributes."

The term "Jewish supremacism" – an especially vile form of the 'Zionism = Racism" charge – has been popularized by extreme antisemites such as former Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard David Duke and a neo-Nazi style extremist named Gilad Atzmon. Indeed, the doctoral thesis written by Duke was titled 'Zionism is a form of ethnic supremacism'.

But, at the heart of Pappe's charges is something much darker than merely a commentary on Zionism. If you recall, back in 2011 the Guardian's Deborah Orr achieved well-deserved notoriety for complaining that so many Zionists believe "that the lives of the chosen are of hugely greater consequence than those of their unfortunate [Palestinian] neighbors" – "Zionists" of course being a euphemism for "Jews".

Such an ugly distortion of the Jewish 'chosen people' idea often suggests that the Jewish faith, in practice if not by theological design, arguably shares an ideological similitude with other odious, exclusivist 20th century ideologies in that they see their group as a superior race.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Hebrew University - Daphna Golan-Agnon (Dept of Law) - Consigliere for the Anti-Israel Law Mafia

Golan-Agnon , the (co-)founder of B'tselem and Women in Black, is part of Israel's academic fifth column. To her, "human rights" are not for Jews at all and the term merely serves as a cover for the campaign to tear down the Jewish state.

These days every anti-Semitic and anti-Israel group in the world claims to be fighting to defend "human rights." Their problem is they do not count Jews among the humans entitled to rights. One such attorney is Daphna Golan Agnon.

Golan-Agnon was one of the co-founders of B'tselem (In God's image), a far-leftist anti-Israel activist and propaganda group. Billing herself as a "human rights" attorney, she is currently a lecturer in the Hebrew University law school and a research fellow at the Harry S Truman Institute for the Advancement of Peace in Jerusalem… When one reads Golan-Agnon's comments and prejudices in support of Israel's enemies, it is frightening to think she is promulgating her ideas in the classroom.

She co-founded B'tselem in 1989 on the premise that the NGO "acts primarily to change Israeli policy in the Occupied Territories…" … It engages in misrepresentations of international law, inaccurate research, and skewed statistics."

B'tselem under Agnon-Golan's leadership has sought to undermine the IDF, since each and every act of self-defense by Israel is in its view a violation of Arab human rights. B'tselem even employs Arab staff who are Holocaust deniers to spread anti-Semitism.

Not surprisingly, Agnon-Golan herself is a fountain of anti-Israel rhetoric. She accuses Israel of "apartheid," perpetrating "war crimes," "beating and abus[ing]" Palestinians, "demolition of [Palestinian] houses as punishment," and forced "deportations."

Agnon-Golan's constant accusations of human rights abuses against the Arabs makes its way into distorted western media. As mentioned, Golan-Agnon loves to compare Israel with apartheid South Africa:

Agnon-Golan also co-founded the ultra-anti-Israel Women In Black, which supports mutiny and insubordination ("resistance") by IDF soldiers. She was even sighted tearing down pro-IDF posters on the Hebrew University campus during Operation Cast Lead. Caught red-handed, she whined that she was being angrily ridiculed by students who were also serving in the army:

Daphna Agnon-Golan is part of Israel's academic fifth column. To her, "human rights" are not for Jews at all and the term merely serves as a cover for the campaign to tear down the Jewish state. All the while she is sitting in her cushy Hebrew University office paid for by the Israeli taxpayer.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Ben Gurion University – Neve Gordon (Dept of Political Science) Accuses Israel of Undermining of Arab Universities

Arab Academics then quote Gordon to bash Israel.

Neve Gordon, professor of Politics and Government at Israel's Ben-Gurion University, said in an interview over Skype [June 2012] that…
"These professors have a large network abroad. They come for a semester and live in Ramallah or Nablus or Hebron, and suddenly they experience firsthand what's going on in the West Bank or Gaza. It's very powerful –the experience of teaching first-hand at a Palestinian university. An academic who comes for a half year or a year is much more threatening than the average John or Jane. And then, in a sense, these academics become ambassadors for the Palestinian people. And that's what Israel doesn't want".

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Hebrew University - Anti-Israel "Survey" Sponsor Amiram Goldblum (Dept of Pharmaceutical Sciences) Continues his Smear Campaign Against Israel, Falsely Accusing Her of "Apartheid"

Goldblum relabels the war on terror and judicial processes of the court system as proof for Israeli "apartheid".

Israel is not an apartheid state, but it runs an apartheid regime beyond the "green line", which was the border between Israel and Jordan's West Bank (WB) until June 4, 1967. The facts are crystal clear: Jewish settlers and Palestinians live in that area under two widely different legal systems. Jews are subject to a civil administration and Palestinians are subject to a military one. Most of the 2.5 million Palestinians are restricted to some 220 "Palestinostans" (Similar to the dozen "bantustans" in apartheid South Africa, also called "homelands" to clarify that this is those are the homes of the black people). These were called "area A" (full Palestinian security control of the main cities) and "area B" (Palestinian civilian control, mutual Israeli-Palestinian security – which deteriorated in the intifada of 2000) by the Oslo agreement. Those are 220 islands of Palestinian existence, each of them fully surrounded by the IDF fully controlled "area C". The Oslo agreement was put together as an interim solution for 5 years, but remains unchanged ever since… Many of the Palestinians in the Jordan valley and in the south part of the Hebron mountain range are pushed out of their homes by the combined pressures and "convincing" of the settlers and the IDF, frequently at the point of a gun. The focal point of apartheid in the West Bank is the city of Hebron, where some 1000 settlers and IDF personnel control the lives of 40 thousand Palestinians in the "area C" part of Hebron, called H2. Hebron's H2 is the apartheid capital of the WB, where only settlers enjoy the Israeli laws and voting rights, while the annexed East Jerusalem, where 300 thousand Palestinians are devoid of civil rights despite the annexation, became a major source of manual work for the Jewish parts of Jerusalem. Practical apartheid is prominent in Arab Jerusalem, and is propelled by some prominent members of the municipality of Jerusalem…

Those who oppose the use of the "A" word to describe the situation in the WB claim that ingredients of South African apartheid are not found in the West Bank. This is a typical claim by many South Africans, who are very well acquainted with the SA apartheid, which was based on institutionalized racism, while the Rome convention had already extended the term to other types of institutionalized separation… Still, many roads to settlements are closed for Palestinians, there are separate bus lines for settlers and for Palestinians, and water is distributed with huge preference to the settlers.

In Hebron, the apartheid capital, all of this is much more visible: a divided road leads to the cave of the Patriarchs, Palestinian property is taken over by Jews, who are supported by the IDF, and the supreme court legalizes "taking back" property from before the 1929 massacre in Hebron, or the 1949 cease fire agreement, solely on the basis that it once belonged to Jews.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Hebrew University - Dimitry Shumsky (Dept of History) Insists that Israel Betrays Zionism When it Does Not End the "Occupation" and Allow the Hamas to Set Up a New Terror Base in the West Bank

Hatred of the State of Israel in our times – which spills over occasionally into hatred of Jews wherever they are – points indirectly at a fundamental failure in the fulfillment of Zionism. This failure, which contains within it an existential danger to the Jewish people's status throughout the world, is just as bad as the one Herzl saw in his own day as the basis of modern anti-Semitism. Its main component is the failure of Israel, which never succeeded in integrating into the family of nations because of the intolerable anomaly of civil oppression and national subjugation, which are perpetrated under the banner of democracy and freedom.

The more deeply this anomaly becomes entrenched, the stronger the trend of shunning Israel and ostracizing it from the international community will grow, together with confirmation of Zionism's failure to bring the Jews' anomalous political status into line with that of the rest of the nations. This anomaly – of a supposed right to be occupiers and yet be thought enlightened – endangers Israel's status and sabotages the Zionist normalization project of the Jewish people. Since it is growing even stronger under the government of Netanyahu, Bennett and Lieberman, which sees itself as impeccably Zionist, one might say that it is the government of the real betrayers of the Zionist idea.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Israeli Academics Join their Anti-Semitic Comrades in Attacking Israel and Supporting the Academic Boycott of Israel

The petition manipulates the support of IDF soldiers by Israeli Universities and the on‑campus collection of food donations for the soldiers into culpability for a long list of misrepresented Israeli "atrocities" from the war on terror. The petition accuses the silence of the "colleagues in the Israeli academy" with "complicity" with the "atrocities" mentioned above, thus, making both them and their universities 'legitimate' targets for boycott.

The academics feel that they have a holier than thou obligation to police world ethics. Their singling out Israel for reprimand, while ignoring nuclear proliferation, beheadings by terrorist regimes, the use of weapons of mass destruction, and other civil-war atrocities, is just another form of repressed anti-Semitism under the guise of anti-Zionism.

The academics dictate terms for capitulation to the end of the Jewish Democratic State of Israel and subjection to a second Holocaust through unmitigated terror, indefensible borders, return of hostile displaced Arabs of 1948 and their descendants, and the creation of a third Arab state in the Negev run by the Bedouins.

We, the undersigned scholars and librarians working on the Middle East, hold that silence about the latest humanitarian catastrophe caused by Israel's new military assault on the Gaza Strip—the third and most devastating in six years—constitutes complicity. World governments and mainstream media do not hold Israel accountable for its violations of international law. We, however, as a community of scholars engaged with the Middle East, have a moral responsibility to do so.

Neither the violation of international law nor the destruction of Palestinian life in Gaza, however, began or will end with the current war. Israel has maintained an illegal siege on the Gaza Strip for seven years. It has limited the movement of people and goods in and out of Gaza, rationing Palestinian calorie intake at just above subsistence levels.[1] Moreover, the suffering of Palestinians is not limited to Gaza: the occupation and dispossession in East Jerusalem, the Naqab (Negev), and the West Bank; the construction of walls and fences around the Palestinian population, the curtailment of Palestinian freedom of movement and education, and the house demolitions, all have long histories and no apparent end in sight. They will continue unless people around the world act where their governments have failed.

The ongoing Israeli massacres in Gaza have been ghastly reminders of the complicity of Israeli academic institutions in the occupation and oppression of Palestinians. Tel Aviv University, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Bar Ilan University, Haifa University, Technion, and Ben Gurion University have publicly declared their unconditional support for the Israeli military [6]…

Our colleagues in the Israeli academy have been silent, by and large, in the face of such violence and injustice. We applaud the few dozen Israeli academics who have protested against their government, and the several dozen who signed a petition calling for an end to Israel's bombardment of Gaza [10] …

As Middle East scholars and librarians, we feel compelled to join the growing number of academics in Israel and around the world who support the Palestinian call to boycott Israeli academic institutions…

[W]e call on our colleagues in Middle East Studies to boycott Israeli academic institutions, and we pledge not to collaborate on projects and events involving Israeli academic institutions, not to teach at or to attend conferences and other events at such institutions, and not to publish in academic journals based in Israel. We call for doing so until such time as these institutions end their complicity in violating Palestinian rights as stipulated in international law, and respect the full rights of Palestinians by calling on Israel to:

1. End its siege of Gaza, its occupation and colonization of all Arab lands occupied in June 1967, and dismantle the settlements and the walls;
2. Recognize the fundamental rights of the Arab-Palestinian citizens of Israel and the stateless Negev Bedouins to full equality; and
3. Respect, protect, and promote the rights of Palestinian refugees to return to their homes and properties as stipulated in UN Resolution 194.

Among the signed:
Haim Bresheeth
Ronit Lentin
Yosefa Loshitzky
Ilan Pappe
Noa Shaindlinger
Simona Sharoni
Ariella Azoulay
Smadar Lavie
Gabriel Piterberg

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Hebrew University - Im Tirtzu Protests the Nomination of the Far-Leftist Barak Medina (Dept of Law) as a Supreme Court Judge Candidate

Medina helped organize the petition in the fight to allow 'Nakba' ceremonies at the University of Haifa. Medina also joined forces with those who crusaded against the HaTikva national anthem.

The grassroots Zionist student movement Im Tirtzu on Tuesday called on Justice Minister Tzipi Livni (Hatnua) to rescind the nomination of Prof. Barak Medina to the Supreme Court, after he pressed for the "right" of Arab residents to protest Israel's very existence.

Im Tirtzu cited a campaign initiated by Medina for academics to sign an open letter to the University of Haifa President Amos Shapira, pressing him to allow a "Nakba Day" ceremony on May 15 commemorating the "catastrophe" of modern Israel's establishment.

While Medina has claimed he was not among the initiators of the campaign, his name is in fact listed first among the initiators in the letter, and further his e-mail address is given in the mail for those who wish to sign on to reply to.

"Therefore we ask that (you) act to rescind the nomination of Prof. Medina....It is inappropriate for a person with such radical views - those that are inconsistent with the character of a Jewish, Zionist and democratic state of Israel - to serve as a judge on the Supreme Court of the State of Israel," concluded the letter [from 'Im Tirtzu'].

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Rachel Giora (Tel Aviv University), Daniel Boyarin (UC Berkeley), and Haim Beresheet (London U) Support Blood Libel in NYT

These and other Israeli "academics" join Holocaust survivors to condemn "the massacre" of Arabs and other falsified "atrocities" supposedly perpetrated by Israel in Gaza.

[Daniel Boyarin] lists himself as "great grandson" of victims of Nazism… Boyarin belongs to what has been called the "sissy" school of contemporary Jewish thinkers… For him the moral center of Jewish history is a celebration of the renunciation of national interest, as if that were the only criterion of a just politics… But when Israel is being bombed, Boyarin is less queasy about violence, and now takes the side of Hamas, which has been firing thousands of missiles at Israeli citizens for weeks on end. No matter the circumstances, Boyarin keeps repeating, with steam-engine regularity, that Jews are "collectively engaged in war/wars against Muslims," and likens all Israeli self-defense to the Nazi Holocaust.

Jewish survivors and descendents of survivors of Nazi genocide unequivocally condemn the massacre of Palestinians in Gaza

As Jewish survivors and descendents of survivors of the Nazi genocide we unequivocally condemn the massacre of Palestinians in Gaza and the ongoing occupation and colonization of historic Palestine… Genocide begins with the silence of the world.

We are alarmed by the extreme, racist dehumanization of Palestinians in Israeli society, which has reached a fever-pitch. In Israel, politicians and pundits in The Times of Israel and The Jerusalem Post have called openly for genocide of Palestinians and right-wing Israelis are adopting Neo-Nazi insignia.

We must raise our collective voices and use our collective power to bring about an end to all forms of racism, including the ongoing genocide of Palestinian people. We call for an immediate end to the siege against and blockade of Gaza. We call for the full economic, cultural and academic boycott of Israel.

Among the signed
Prof. Haim Bresheeth, son of two survivors of Auschwitz and Bergen Belsen, London.
Rachel Giora, daughter of Polish Jews who fled Poland, Israel.
Prof. Yosefa Loshitzky, daughter of Holocaust survivors, London, UK.
Noa Shaindlinger, granddaughter of four holocaust survivors, Canada.
Daniel Boyarin, great grandson of victims of the Nazi genocide, United States.

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Tel Aviv University - Shlomo Sand's (Dept of History) Newest Incitement on the Anti-Semitic Pro-Jihad Stalinist-Neo-Nazi Website Counterpunch: The Gaza War was all Israel's Fault

In Israel, the population would prefer for Gaza to disappear; but it does want to keep the Golan Heights. Israel has left Gaza; it wants only to quietly colonize its 'Judea and Samaria' (the West Bank), without its ambitions being inhibited by a cruel enemy. In Israel, the country prays for the extermination of Hamas and its partisans, and the hardliners add the young who are presumed destined to become Hamas supporters. Meanwhile, Jewish Israelis aspire to develop and reinforce the Jewish character of the Israeli state, rendering invisible a quarter of the citizens, not defined as Jewish.

'No normal state can accept being the target of rocket fire', claimed the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, at the beginning of the war. He's quite right. But it should have also been necessary to remind Netanyahu that no normal state could accept that, in its capital, the capital of Jewish people, one-third of its inhabitants should be deprived of sovereignty and lack democratic rights. Equally there are few states that obstinately refuse, for years, to establish definitive borders, in the hope, ill-concealed, of expanding them further. Does there exist, perhaps, any link between all these things that characterize Israel's 'abnormality'?....

However, the Israeli government, caring little for the lack of identification of those responsible, while seeking the killers it simultaneously engages in a generalized test of force against Hamas in the West Bank. In contempt of the acknowledged rules of the game, it has not hesitated to arbitrarily arrest, yet again, an important number of prisoners, members of Hamas in the West Bank, who had been freed at the time of the accord involving the exchange for Gilad Shalit. At the same time, and without arousing the least attention, five young Palestinians, unarmed, were killed during protest demonstrations in the West Bank, and a Palestinian adolescent was burned alive by a gang of Jewish Israelis.

Did the Israeli leaders imagine that Hamas would not be forced to react after such a declaration of war against it?

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Ariel University - Amir Hetsroni (Dept of Communication) Justifies the BDS Movement's Academic Boycott of Israel

Born Again Leftist Amir Hetsroni takes his personal vendetta with Ariel University to new heights. He endorses the BDS while demonstrating a basic lack of respect for conventions of Israeli society in times of crisis.

[S]omething profound happened in Israeli academia during the war in Gaza, something severe enough to make me believe the option of boycotting is no longer out of question in some cases.

I am speaking of the undeniable attempts by academic management to prevent students and faculty from speaking their minds and punishing those who protest against the war. At the Technion, a medical student of Arab origin is about to stand trial for writing a joke on his Facebook page regarding the three teenagers kidnapped and murdered near Hebron.

Hadassah College in Jerusalem and Western Galilee College in Acre suspended students or their scholarships who wrote that Israel's activities in the Gaza Strip are war crimes. … Ariel University – as one might have expected of an institute identified publicly as an academic outpost of the right-wing – warned students and faculty that any statement contradicting Zionist tenets violates the university's disciplinary code and would be treated accordingly.

Obviously, wartime is not the perfect season to change radical views, but it is a time when the commitment to freedom of speech and academic freedom was most urgently needed. A college that prohibits students from taking part in political protest is not an academic institute. A university that vetoes its faculty's right to publish non-Zionist (not to say anti-Zionist) scholarship is not a university. In such cases an academic boycott might be an acceptable response – not because the institutes are placed in politically disputed land but since they show a lack of respect to the basic principles of science and democracy.

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Tel Aviv University - Ultra-Leftist Ishay Rosen-Zvi (Dept of Hebrew Culture Studies) Leads Anti-Patriotism Symposium at TAU

In his best Bolshevik thought-control fashion, Rosen-Zvi and his enraged committee of comrades plot ways to combat the patriotic spirit of the Israeli public and compel the non-believers to adhere to their far-leftist concepts.

The Radical academic Left has maintained an eerie silence throughout much of the operation, but this week a group of Tenured Leftists held a symposium to denounce the widespread patriotism that they fear has infected Israel. The symposium at Tel Aviv University was titled "How to Think about the War," the purpose of which was to tell people how to think. And of course the correct way to think is how the Far Left and communists think.

The anti-patriotism rally was organized by Prof. Ishay Rosen-Zvi, an ultra-leftist faculty member at TAU in "Hebrew Culture." Rosen Zvi has a long track record of pseudo-academic Israel bashing (see level pages/Editorial - Lee Kaplan - Ishay Rosen-Zvi - leads crusade at Shimon HaTzadik Neighborhood.htm). He said he organized the symposium because he felt that the administration's statement about embracing soldiers was silencing freedom of speech and also because he felt revulsion at the wave of patriotism and unity in the Israeli media… Rosen Zvi demanded that the media be cleansed of the endless security-oriented and patriotic opinion, which is "designed to suppress freedom of speech." (Hebrew report in Haaretz on this is at

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Ben Gurion University - Neve Gordon (Dept of Political Science) Attacks Gerald Steinberg, NGO Monitor, and 'Im Tirtzu' as Leading the Strategy to Delegitimize the Anti-Israel "Human Rights" NGOs and the New Israel Fund Which Funds Them

Israel-Hating, "SLAPP-Suit" Neve Gordon writes his latest babbling diktat while on sabbatical at Princeton. Gordon is upset that Israeli Society is redefining freedom of speech to exclude the seditious undermining activities by "human rights organizations" and other radical left-wing anti-Israel NGOs. Gordon slanders Israel over these efforts by lumping her with notorious human rights offenders such as Egypt and China.

Gordon labels "neo-conservatives" with the label "lawfare". This from Israel's most notorious filer of fascist anti-democratic SLAPP suit harassments. He does this in an effort to deflect attention away from the more common definition of the illegitimate, politically or ideologically motivated attempts at "legal terrorism" by human rights NGOs with the aim of intimidating Israeli Government Officials and Military personnel with persecution in international courts of law.

Gordon quotes from many of his Israeli far-leftist and anti-Israel cronies to make his point and complains how Israelis no longer see "human rights" as an acceptable weapon with which to bash Israel.

In this article, I show how the term lawfare is being deployed as a speech act in order to encode the field of human rights as a national security threat. The objective, I claim, is to hinder the work of human rights organizations that produce and disseminate knowledge about social wrongs perpetrated by military personnel and government officials, particularly evidence of acts emanating from the global war on terrorism—such as torture and extrajudicial executions—that constitute war crimes and can be presented in courts that exercise universal jurisdiction.

The construction of human rights as a security threat, it should be emphasized, is carried out not in order to reject human rights tout court, but in order to curb what neoconservative groups define as a particular "political" application of human rights. In other words, the objective of constituting liberal human rights NGOs as a national security threat is to replace a certain conception of human rights and to alter certain types of rights work with ones that better suit the existing sociopolitical relations and forms of military warfare. Although the discussion concentrates on processes taking place in Israel, the implications of this campaign are global, as its ultimate aim is to restrict the utilization of human rights as a mechanism of subjecting warfare to legal oversight.

The increasing exercise of universal jurisdiction is the main reason for a noticeable if gradual shift in the past decade in which liberal human rights NGOs in Israel and abroad are being branded as a security hazard by neoconservative actors. The movement toward the securitization of these NGOs is part of a process that began to take shape after the 9/11 terrorist attacks and even more intensely after the publication of the UN Fact- Finding Mission on the 2008–2009 Gaza Conflict also known as the Goldstone Report.

We know that human rights NGOs are attacked in countries like Russia, Egypt, and China, but as these countries often simply use brute force to handle oppositional human rights groups, it is not surprising that they have not used lawfare as an instrument to clamp down on human rights NGOs. Lawfare has been deployed as a discursive device to frame and limit the work of human rights NGOs only in countries considered to be liberal democracies.

Leading the campaign is NGO Monitor, whose aim is to generate and distribute critical analysis and reports on the output of the domestic and "international NGO community for the benefit of government policy makers, journalists, philanthropic organizations and the general public" (NGO Monitor 2012).8 Founded in 2002 by political scientist Gerald Steinberg of Bar Ilan University… Its goals is to expose "distortions of human rights issues in the Arab-Israeli conflict" and "to end the practice used by certain self-declared 'humanitarian NGOs' of exploiting the label 'universal human rights values' to promote politically and ideologically motivated agendas" (NGO Monitor 2012)… NGO Monitor in the context of this article is a securitizing actor; it was the first Israeli organization to voice its criticism of liberal human rights organizations in security discourse, claiming that they constitute a national security threat to Israel.

Joining NGO Monitor in this campaign was Im Tirtzu (if you will it),14 a grassroots organization that was established in 2006 in order to renew, in its words, "Zionist discourse, Zionist thinking and Zionist ideology, to ensure the future of the Jewish nation and of the State of Israel." … Both NGO Monitor and Im Tirtzu used their considerable resources to launch a campaign against liberal Israeli human rights organizations and the New Israel Fund (NIF), the single largest donor to Israel's human rights community; hence, the strategy was not only to delegitimize these organizations in the public's eyes by portraying them as a security threat to Israel, but also to create a wedge between the rights groups and their funding sources.

The Ministry's logic is straightforward: (1) lawfare is a form of terrorism; (2) liberal human rights NGOs are lawfare enablers; (3) hence, liberal human rights NGOs are part of the terrorism network. The legislature also drew this connection. In January 2011, the Knesset voted overwhelmingly (41 versus 16) in favor of establishing a panel of inquiry to probe sources of funding for rights groups accused of "delegitimizing" the Israeli military… The objective, so it seems, was to intimidate Israeli rights groups and their donors in the hope that this would help stifle the production and flow of human rights knowledge.

[I]t is crucial to limit the flow of information reaching these courts. Accordingly, in order to circumscribe the efficacy of universal jurisdiction suits, it becomes necessary to hinder the work of liberal human rights organizations that produce and disseminate evidence about social wrongs perpetrated by military personnel and government officials, particularly acts that constitute war crimes, crimes against humanity, genocide, and torture.

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Tel Aviv University - Aeyal Gross (Dept of Law) Takes Time Off from Promoting Transvestites to Support All Hamas Demands.

Israel never stopped "occupying" Gaza, he says, in spite of the absence of a single Israeli there.

Despite the Israeli illusion that the occupation had ended, the lives of Gaza residents remained dependent on the arbitrary policies of Israel's government. At the same time, Israel continued to ignore peace initiatives like the Saudi proposal and golden opportunities like the Palestinian unity government. A weakened Hamas entered this government on terms set by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, thereby enabling us to conduct negotiations with a representative Palestinian government. Instead, Netanyahu used the unity government as an excuse to avoid negotiations, even though now he is negotiating with Hamas.

If you think that by refusing negotiations, continuing construction in the settlements and abusing Gaza residents Netanyahu caused the situation to deteriorate into war, it's impossible to separate the diplomatic from the military. We were dragged into war because Netanyahu, contrary to the popular myth, did not display restraint and moderation....

Why did a war that could have been prevented, that achieved nothing and that claimed many victims both in Israel and among civilians in Gaza win such sweeping support? Did the propaganda and the intimidation silence Israeli society, which has become insensitive to the suffering we cause the Palestinians, and even remains silent in the face of a preventable sacrifice of Israeli lives?

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Hebrew University and IDI Watch - Yuval Shany (Dept of Law - Dean) Refuses to Sack Anti-Israel William Schabas from Advisory Board

The blatantly anti-Israel Schabas has participated in the shamelessly biased Russell Tribune on Palestine, and targeted both PM Binyamin Netanyahu and President Shimon Peres to stand trial at international courts. Schabas has recently been appointed to head an UN "Human Rights" Kangaroo Court on Israeli violations during Operation Protective Edge.

The Israel Law Review, which is published under Hebrew University auspices and management, has announced it has no intention of removing William Schabas from its International Advisory Board, following his appointment to head a UNHRC commission investigating the operation in Gaza.

According to a report in Israel Hayom, following Schabas's appointment, Attorney David Shonberg contacted the university requesting that Schabas be removed from the institution's Faculty of Law, but Faculty Dean Prof. Yuval Shany, who is on the board of the far-left B'Tselem organization, rejected the request.

Shany wrote to Shonberg, "Professor Schabas was appointed to the law faculty's advisory board due to his expertise in human rights law, not because of his political views."

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Tel Aviv University - Aeyal Gross (Dept of Law) Leading the Lawfare Battle and Joining the Arab Usurpers of International Law against Israel

Gross slanders Israel as a land-grabbing, power-hungry, war-mongering evil entity utilizing the ambiguity of International Law, and uses it to shackle Israel with a suicide pact. Gross joins Israel's detractors by inappropriately applying the Geneva Convention and draws moral equivalence with terrorist organizations. He rejects the legitimate Israeli claim to sovereignty over all lands West of the Jordan River under International Law and blames Israel for the dispossession and exploitation of "Arab" resources.

International law can often be subject to different interpretations, be used to give a stamp of approval to various injustices, and be part of the problem rather than the solution. But the Palestinian request to stipulate that international law be one of the bases for negotiations was clearly motivated by the view that, in terms of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the standard interpretation of contemporary international law points mainly in one direction: It prohibits the acquisition of territory by force; recognizes the right of people living under foreign rule to self-determination; and prohibits an occupying country from settling its population in the occupied territory.

These are the legal positions the International Court of Justice in The Hague adopted when it discussed the issue of the separation barrier, and even though the committee headed by former Supreme Justice Edmond Levy (appointed by the Israeli government to explore the legalization of unauthorized outposts) adopted the opposite position in its findings in 2012, its stance is not accepted by most experts in international law.

However, the Israeli position, reflected in that quote from Livni, is not to conduct negotiations in accordance with international law. This might seem to be a reasonable, pragmatic approach that gives preference to discussion and compromise between the parties in order to attain good and viable solutions, without an obligation to adhere meticulously to legal principles. But in reality, in the Israeli-Palestinian context, this is not what abandoning international law really means: What it means is that negotiations shall be conducted in a framework in which there is an imbalance of power between the parties, in a way that affects the situation on the ground and the results.

Above all, the agreements did not expressly prohibit continued settlement activity. Moreover, because it was determined that the settlements would be one of the issues to be agreed upon in a final status accord, Israel was able to use that as an excuse when confronted with claims about the illegality of the settlements, as if the Palestinians' consent to discuss them later effectively allowed their authorization in the meantime, and nullified the prohibition of such as stated in the Geneva Convention.

International law is not a panacea, but in the present situation, and considering the present balance of power, adherence to the Palestinians' rights as derived from it as a basis for any agreement – which the Palestinians demanded and Livni refused – sounds much more reasonable. So, even if in theory, negotiations can lead to good practical agreements on both sides, without close adherence to the law (as in the case of territorial exchanges, for instance), in light of the context and after many years of experience – if we want to keep the "peace process" from once more becoming a cover for exploitation and dispossession, the rights granted to the Palestinians by international law should be immediately implemented, without being subordinated to negotiations colored by an imbalance of power.

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Prof. Eva Illouz, President of Betzalel and anti-Jewish Hebrew U sociologist, promotes Sadomasochism and "Bondage" when she is not Battling against Freedom of Speech for Non-Leftists

Have you ever had sadomasochistic fantasies? If you are like me, not only have you never had any, but you even view sadomasochism as an exotic and very distant land. Assuming that most people are boringly similar to me, then it is a puzzle how "Fifty Shades of Grey" -- a romance novel in which BDSM (short for Bondage & Discipline, Dominance & Submission, Sadism & Masochism) is the central plot motif -- became a phenomenal global success.

Moreover, I would argue that the sadomasochist relationship in general is a highly plausible solution to the complicated and uncertain labors of love for a number of reasons.

By definition, a BDSM relationship contains both pain and pleasure and thus neutralizes the ambivalence of relationships that alternate between pain and pleasure.

  • One of the greatest difficulties of modern relationships is relinquishing one's autonomy to another because, in doing that, our sense of dignity is always at stake. The BDSM contract does the logically and psychologically impossible: It makes one willingly give up one's will and autonomy to another. In that sense, it solves the problem of relinquishing one's autonomy.
  • The equality that has been promoted by 40 years of feminism demands ongoing, ceaseless negotiation. The BDSM contract stops the endless bargaining by setting up and freezing caricatured and exaggerated roles and positions. In fact, BDSM makes inequality acceptable because it is consensual, contractual and pleasurable.
  • Finally, sadomasochism can take place only between two people who fully trust each other. The dominant partner stops hurting the submissive partner as soon as he or she says the code word. In that sense, BDSM is the very performance of the scarcest commodity: trust.

Against this context, it is our ordinary heterosexual relationships that have become queer indeed: complicated and elusive and impossible to predict and control. They demand an enormous sophistication in our capacity to play many roles, endlessly negotiate boundaries and make sense of our own and the other's ambivalence. If conventional relationships have become queer, then the romance between Grey and Steele suggests that BDSM actually holds the promise of erasing that queerness by giving us access to erotic ecstasy without the anxiety of ambivalence and uncertainty.

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Hebrew University and Bezalel Academy - Theophobic Eva Illouz (HebrewU Dept of Sociology and Bezalel President) Airs her Dirty Laundry in Der Spiegel and Slanders Israeli Society

Illouz undermines legitimate Israeli security concerns and marginalizes the IDF Code of Ethics in an effort to misleadingly paint a brutalized, unhealthy country in constant state of anxiety. Illouz rejects any non-leftist alterations to the natural ebb and flow of discourse within changing demographics of a society over time. Illouz promotes the fallacy that religious institutions and democracy are diametrically opposed in the attempt to vilify the Religious Right. She supports the creation of a yet-nameless far-leftist fascist organization which would then impose anti-democratic measures in the name of "protecting democracy."

Illouz: Where you see human beings, Israelis see enemies. In front of enemies, you close ranks, you unite in fear for your life, and you do not ponder about the fragility of the other. Israel has a split, schizophrenic self-awareness: It cultivates its strength and yet cannot stop seeing itself as weak and threatened.

Illouz: I think Israelis have lost what we can call a "humanitarian sensibility," the capacity to identify with the suffering of a distant other. In Israel, there has been a change in perception of the "Palestinian other." The Palestinian has become a true enemy in the perception of Israelis, in the sense that "they are there" and "we are here." They ceased having a face and even a name.

SPIEGEL: Do you have an explanation for the shift?

Illouz: … The messianic right has progressively gained power in Israel. It used to be marginal and illegitimate; it is now increasingly mainstream. This radical right sits in Parliament, controls budgets and has changed the nature of discourse. Many Israelis do not understand the radical nature of the right in Israel. It successfully disguises itself as "patriotic" or "Jewish."

SPIEGEL: You describe a fearful, anxious country.

Illouz: Fear is deeply engrained in Israeli society. Fear of the Shoah, fear of anti-Semitism, fear of Islam, fear of Europeans, fear of terror, fear of extermination. You name it. And fear generates a very particular type of thinking, which I would call "catastrophalist." You always think about the worst case scenario, not about a normal course of events. In catastrophalist scenarios, you become allowed to breach many more moral norms than if you imagined a normal course of events.

SPIEGEL: Does this fear justify the kind of brutal violence that has been visited upon the civilian population in the Gaza Strip?

Illouz: Of course it doesn't. I'm only saying that fear is central to the Israeli psyche. These fears are cynically used by leaders like Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. He makes Israelis believe that they all want to destroy us. Hamas wants to destroy us, the UN wants to destroy us, al-Qaida and Iran want to destroy us. ISIS wants to destroy us. The European anti-Semites want to destroy us. This is basically the filter through which a conflict with Hamas is interpreted by the ordinary Israeli. Another dimension of this prism is that "they" are not human beings. Palestinians are dehumanized because they put their soldiers amongst civilians, send their children to fight, spend and waste their money on building deadly tunnels rather than on building up their own society. Along with the dehumanization of the other, Israelis have a strong sense of their own moral superiority. "We ask people to get out of their houses; we call them on the phone to make sure civilians are evacuated. We behave humanly," the Israeli thinks. An army with good manners.

Illouz: Israel started as a modern nation. It derived its legitimacy from the fact that it had democratic institutions. But it was also building highly anti-modern institutions in wanting to create a Jewish democracy by giving power to rabbis, in creating deep ethnic inequalities between different ethnic groups such Jews of Arab countries vs. Jews of European descent; Arabs vs. Jews; Jews vs. non-Jews. It thus blocked universalist thinking.

SPIEGEL: Would you say that the Jewish character of the country has subsumed the democratic character?

Illouz: Yes, definitely. We are at the point where it has become clear that Jewishness has hijacked democracy and its contents. It happened increasingly when the school curriculum started getting changed and emphasizing more Jewish content and less universal content…

Illouz: The only response is to create a vast camp of people who defend democracy. The right-left divide is no longer important. There is something more urgent right now: the defense of democracy. The voice of the extreme right is much louder and clearer than it was before. That's what's new: a racist right that is not ashamed of itself, that persecutes dissenters and even people who dare express compassion for the other side. The real danger to Israel and its sustainability comes from within. The fascist and racist elements are no less a security threat than the outside enemies.

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Israeli Academics Participate in the Pro-Hamas Capitulation Rally in Tel Aviv

Hebrew University and Bezalel Academy - Eva Illouz (HebrewU Dept of Sociology and Bezalel President) demonizes the Right for daring to criticize the Left while preaching incitement against the Right. Sapir College - Julia Chaitin (Dept of Social Work) oozes defeatism.

Dr. Julia Zeitlin ("Another Voice", Kibbutz Orim): In order for our lives to be good in Israel, their lives must be good in Gaza. We barely survived "Operation Pillar of Defense", now we are trying to keep our lives together. We are trying not to fall into the abyss of this war. I beseech the best minds in the country to find a way to save us from the war machine before it is too late.


Prof. Eva Illouz (Hebrew University, Jerusalem): Fear has captured the center of the political stage. Arabs fear to walk down streets, the Left fear to walk down streets, and people fear to defend human rights. Israel's security has become a state of Fear and its citizens are afraid. This fear is not imaginary, this fear is not imaginary, but is the creation of a bunch of thugs, some of whom are sitting in the Knesset, some walking around the streets, some sitting in front of their computers or their Facebook pages or Twitter accounts. They act as if this country is their own, and they alone own this place. These people have declared a biblical war against us, against Amalek.

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Hebrew University - Zeev Sternhell (Dept of Political Science) - Israel at Fault for the War on Terror

In classic anti-Semitic trope, Sternhell gives terror a pass and demands a double standard from the Jews. He would sacrifice the safety and sanity of the residents of the south on his altar of far-leftist "humanism" to pursue a "diplomatic" solution of the Oslo Failure kind. Sternhell demands far-leftist anti-democratic measures to be implemented by the democratically elected government and denies that 5 million Israelis under threat of Hamas missile attack is an existential threat to Israeli livelihood. Can we finally conclude that Sternhell's common sense has finally succumbed to the ravages of time?

It should be said at once that it is very doubtful there are many Palestinians who are capable of seeing and understanding the Israelis, but because the Israelis are the strong ones, who control the lives of the Palestinians, we should demand much more of ourselves than we do of them, the occupied.

And so, despite the mortal danger, the suffering and the anxiety that are battering Israelis in the south, now is precisely the right time to make an effort to negotiate a comprehensive settlement. Now is the time to think both deeply and for the long term, and to come out against the prevailing opinion that all we can do is to either wait for the next crisis or reoccupy parts of the Gaza Strip.

This is also the moment of truth for Israeli democracy. Democracy means accepting the decisions of the majority in the Knesset, it does not require that we accept its opinions. The democratic system is designed for mature, rational citizens who think for themselves and who recognize that whatever human rights they demand for themselves are also the rights of the other…

The citizen who refuses to follow the majority has the right to say wholeheartedly that the present situation is not a war of survival for Israel… Therefore the individual citizen has not only the right, but the duty, to openly support negotiations toward a comprehensive agreement.

The entire past year was wasted on the refusal of the right-wing government to hold serious talks with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and on pointless demands for Israel's recognition as a Jewish state… Doesn't common sense demand that we try a different method?

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University of Michigan Law and Tel Aviv University - Lawyer Noam Wiener Seeks to Indict all of Israel

Wiener used his practical experience in "human rights" to litigate the Arab side against Israel. Wiener also used his clout at the International Court of Justice to intimidate Israeli Officers with persecution and harassment in Europe from the International Criminal Court. What influence does Wiener have in the UN's Office of Legal Affairs as an officer of anti-Israel lawfare?

Noam Wiener is one of the anti-Israel "Refuseniks" who refuses to serve in the IDF, especially in occupied territories from which all the terror is launched against Israel.

While Wiener grudgingly says Israel has a right to exist (how big of him!), he continually gives credence and justification to "Palestinian grievances." Wiener, the lawyer, dove into the fray when the Arabs went directly to the UN seeking statehood and ICC jurisdiction in violation of the Oslo Accords.

Noam Wiener received his LL.B. from Tel-Aviv University Law School in 2001 and his BA in political science from Tel-Aviv University that same year… During 2001-2002, Wiener worked in a boutique law firm in Tel-Aviv where he assisted in the litigation of "human rights" cases pertaining to the effects of the Israeli occupation of Southern Lebanon, the West Bank, and the Gaza Strip. Meaning he always took the Arab side against Israel.

Quoting Wiener again in 972 Magazine:

'This brings us back to Omri Barborg. If anybody in the Judge Advocate General or the Ministry of Justice thinks that by having sham trials Israel will get off the international hook, they have another thing coming. Convictions without punishment may convince those who think Barborg should not have been tried in the first place, but shielding Israeli soldiers by trying them in Israel with the sole intent of protecting them abroad is just not going to work.

'If I were Lieutenant Colonel Barborg, I would think twice before visiting Europe or Latin America in the near future."

So here we have the spectacle of a leftist Israeli lawbreaker threatening a military officer with persecution and harassment in Europe!

Wiener is really upset that Israel attempted to make it more difficult for the Hamas to smuggle in advanced rockets into Gaza. How dare Israel have a "blockade" to stop those rockets! "In response to this takeover, in light of Hamas's refusal to recognize Israel's existence, and pursuant to the whole rationale of leaving the Gaza strip in the first place – relinquishing responsibility for the population and declaring an end to the occupation – Israel declared Gaza a hostile power and proceeded to engage in a naval, areal and land blockade of the Gaza strip. Concurrently, and in this situation it is extremely difficult to determine what was the cause, and what was the effect…"

Wiener chooses selective history and events to justify his services as a lawyer in promoting the Hamas and Palestinians in general as victims of a recalcitrant Israel that breaks the law.

Which law is that? The one that says that murdering Jews should not count?

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Israeli Academics Among Those Who Insist the EU Force Israel to Surrender to the Hamas

The petition presents Israel as an unprovoked agent of death and destruction. No reference to any Hamas war-crime violations or rocket fire mentioned.

We, the undersigned citizens of Israel, call on the European Council, Commission and Parliament to pressure Israel to accept the terms of truce presented by Hamas (as they were published in Israeli and international media outlets).

Israel's reluctance to seriously address all political and diplomatic proposals made by Palestinian leadership, regional and international mediators, is costly in lives. It also gives rise to worrying tendencies within the Israeli public, swayed by governmental rhetoric of "no partner". This can no longer be acquiesced.

We are all appalled by the death and destruction in Gaza. Yet, this is not simply a tragedy; this is a policy. It can and it must be changed. It is in the power of political leaders and peaceful nations. We urge you to act immediately so that Israel ceases all violence against the people of Gaza, ends the siege and takes action towards a just peace.

Among the signed:
Adi Ophir, Tel Aviv University
Aharon Eviatar Ph.D. Professor Emeritus Tel Aviv University
Dr. Anat Matar, The Dept. of Philosophy, Tel Aviv University
Ariella Azoulay, Brown University
Prof. Emeritus Colman Altman, Technion-Israel Inst. of Technology, Haifa
Dr. Dafna Hirsch, The Open University of Israel
Dorit Naaman, Professor of Film and Media, Queen's University
Prof. Eli Glasner, Tel Aviv University.
Prof. Esther Levinger University of Haifa Israel
Emmanuel Farjoun Hebrew University
Dr. Felix Laub, Pensioner, Davidson Institute of Science Education, Weizmann Institute of Science
Prof. Galia Patt-Shamir, Chinese Philosophy, Tel Aviv University
Hagar Kotef, Tel Aviv University
Haggai Ram, Chair,Dep. of Middle East Studies, Ben Gurion University of the Negev
Hagit Keysar Ben Gurion University
Prof. Haim Bresheeth, SOAS, University of London
Dr. Hannah Safran, Woman to Woman – Haifa
Hila Amit, PhD Student, SOAS, University of London
Idit Elia Nathan, PhD candidate at Central St Martin's College of Art and Design, London
Ilana Hairston, Tel Aviv-Jaffa Academic College
Kobi Snitz, Tel Aviv 101.
Prof. Miriam Eliav-Feldon, Dept. of History, Tel Aviv University
Noa Levy, Adv., Deputy Chair of the Junior Faculty Union, Tel Aviv University
Prof. Nurit Peled-Elhanan, Heb. University. 2001 Laureate of EUP Sakharov Prize for Human Rights
Oded Regev, Professor Emeritus of Physics, Technion
Prof. Ofra goldstein-Gidoni, Tel Aviv University
Prof. (Emeritus) Ron Barkai, Tel Aviv University
Rachel Giora, Professor of Linguistics, Tel Aviv University
Dr. Roy Wagner, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Dr. Tamar Berger, Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design
Tommy Dreyfus, School of Education, Tel Aviv University
Yonathan (Jon) Anson, Dept. of Social Work, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

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Tel Aviv University - Shlomo Sand (Dept of History) Betrays Israel in France

Following these recent worrying events, Saturday's Paris rally was classified "high risks" by the Prefecture of Police. The government called up 2,300 policemen to halt any violence and protect the Jewish properties in the area.

Similar, but authorized, rallies took place concurrently in other French cities. Controversial historian Shlomo Sand attended the protest in Nice where he declared himself "ashamed of being Israeli" in front of a cheerful crowd.

The Parisian gathering was organized by groups and parties such as France's most important far-left movement, the New Anti-Capitalist Party, the Party of the Indigenous of the Republic, Palestine Generation and Fatah France. Its aim was to "oppose corrupt and hypocritical leaders who stand with Israel and to thwart a colonial project that combines a racist ideology with a lethal technology and whose goal is to neutralize us," according to the Facebook page of the event.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Israeli Academics Publish Vile Condemnation in Haaretz

At the height of the terrorist assault on Israel, the "Academics" publish a vile misleading statement in the Haaretz Hebrew edition. Making a ludicrous equivalence between Terror and the War Against Terror, the Israeli "Academics" would deny Israel's right to defend its citizens, with each Hamas missile fired being casus belli for the start of Operation "Protective Edge." The signed also demand that the International Community impose a one-sided, Pro-Arab, Rwanda-style resolution of the conflict that grants the return of Arab refugees and thus destroy the Jewish and Democratic State of Israel.

We, the undersigned, are united in calling for an end to Israel's obscene assault on Gaza.

The U.S. and international community have stood by and watched while Gaza burns. In a public statement, the Obama administration denounced the firing of rockets at Israel but made no mention of the massive air assault on Gaza. This shows an appalling moral obtuseness. The only mildly critical statement toward Israel it could manage was to oppose a ground invasion. This weak, ineffectual response which will do nothing to stop the killing.

The current war and especially an escalating ground invasion must be resolutely opposed by the world community. If Israel proceeds with such an onslaught, sanctions should be threatened. The Security Council must take action to call the Gaza attack what it is: the wholesale slaughter of a civilian population.

There is an international consensus on the necessary first steps to resolving the Palestinian-Israeli conflict: a return to 1967 borders, Jerusalem as the shared capital of the two peoples, and the right of refugees expelled during the Nakba to return to Israel. Any efforts to conclude peace not based on these principles will fail the test of justice and will not be long-lived. The clash of armies and militant groups will never solve the conflict. A political solution is the only way. If the parties cannot agree to this themselves then the international community must step in to force a resolution.

Among the signed:
Adi Ophir, Tel Aviv University, Israel
Anat Biletzki, Tel Aviv University, Israel
Avi Shlaim, St Antony’s College Oxford, UK
Gabriel Piterberg, University of California, Los Angeles, USA
Haggai Ram, Israel
Ilan Pappe, Exeter University, UK
Neve Gordon, Israel
Niza Yanay, Ben Gurion University, Israel
Yehouda Shenhav, Tel Aviv University, Israel

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Hebrew University - Nurit Peled-Elhanan (Dept of Education) Undermining Israeli Sovereignty

Using anti-democratic measures, Peled-Elhanan turns to the EU to with the goal of imposing her far-leftist dictates on the Israeli Public. Impervious to change, Peled-Elhanan's blind chanting of the "Settlements are the sole obstacle to peace" mantra rings hollow while Hamas war-criminals target Israeli cities, Syrians die by the hundreds of thousands, Islamic Fundamentalists ravage war-torn Iraq, and Egypt suffers crippling economic crisis and governmental instability. Peled-Elhanan has also blamed Israel for the death of her daughter a in a terrorist attack, as well as expressed sympathy and admiration for her daughter's killers.

As an Israeli longing for peace and justice, I believe Europe has to contain the settlement policy with greater determination and more concrete measures. The world increasingly understands the threat that the settlements pose to peace and stability in the region. Over time, neither Palestinians nor Israelis can survive without freedom and independence for the Palestinians. Already, the undemocratic character of the state of Israel is increasingly transforming it into an apartheid state.

As a laureate of the European Parliament's Sakharov Prize for Human Rights, and as a mother and a human being, I call on the EU to use all the diplomatic and economic tools at its disposal to help save my country from the abyss of eternal occupation and injustice.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Tel Aviv University - Aeyal Gross (Dept of Law) Issues a Legal Fatwa Against Cutting Power to Gaza

On the Social Sciences chat list, the academic debate rages over the legality of a theoretical Israeli discontinuation of the Israeli-produced electric supply to Gaza, for which Hamas and the PA owe half a billion dollars in unpaid bills. Gross posts a fatwa that sticks Israel with the continued supply of electricity under the belief that Gaza is still 'occupied' despite having been rendered Judenrein.

[from the posted link]

For the purpose of answering the question posed, the question whether the Gaza Strip constitutes territory occupied by Israel is decisive…. Israel, thus, remained in full control of the lifelines of the Gaza Strip. It is submitted that this is at least equivalent to a de facto control which, according to Art. 42 of the Hague Regulations, is constitutive for an occupation. If this argument is accepted, the cut of electricity and water supply would be a violation of Israel's duty to provide for the welfare of the population.

Second, like the group of experts [Eyal Benvenisti, Aeyal Gross, David Kretzmer, and others - Isracampus], Bothe believes that Israel does not have to formally occupy Gaza in order to have a positive obligation to provide it with water and power.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


The Tenured "Suicide Bombers" of Academia

Prof. Phyllis Chesler accuses the Left of murder, ethnic cleansing, and demanding more Jews be killed. For all those Israeli Academics who would qualify: follow here.

J'accuse: every single Western academic, each intellectual and journalist who has ever circulated and signed a Resolution against Israel and in favor of Hamas is a supporter of Islamist barbarism against Western civilization.
They are the West's equivalent of suicide (or really, homicide) bombers.

These are the professors and activists who are, essentially, anti-American in their point of view and who, like President Obama (who studied with them), want a de-militarized and diminished America. The 21st century manifestation of this sentiment in academia is the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement, whose aim is to starve the Israeli government by bullying even further already indoctrinated academics, artists, and businessmen into not working in Israel and/or into covering the news in only a pro-Hamas and pro-Palestinian way.

This educated ship of fools demands a proportionality in asymmetrical warfare that only means one thing: that not enough Jews are being killed. So far, no traditional army with men in uniform knows how to fight, according to Western rules of war, against combatants who are not in uniform, hide behind their own civilians, and hide their heaviest weaponry in schools, hospitals, and private homes; combatants who value death over life and who have made life a living hell for their own people.

Make no mistake: This bleating barnyard of sheep do not really care about Muslim deaths. They are silent as Muslims are slaughtering and butchering other Muslims all over the Middle East and the Islamic world… They only howl in rage when Jews kill Muslim terrorists in self-defense and in defense of Israeli civilians.

The Western academics are "merely" calling for the ethnic cleansing of Jews from the West Bank and Jerusalem—all the while accusing Israel of being the world's greatest ethnic cleanser.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Ben Gurion University - Little Neve Gordon (Dept of Political Science), suffering from "Tunnel" Vision, Rallies for the Hamas on Anti-Semitic Counterpunch and Pro-Jihad Al Jazeera Websites

Gordon channels blame for the militarization of schools, mosques, and hospitals away from the Hamas, who made them targets by storing and firing missiles from those sites. Gordon states that Gazans have no bombshelters and "nowhere to flee." This is not true. Millions of $$$ and tons of cement have been sunk into a tunnel network under Gaza for Hamas' cowardly exclusive protection from Israeli attack. Gordon justifies the use of the immoral and illegitimate human shield tactic as a legitimate form of resistance for thwarting a moral army and a justified war.

For Palestinians living in Gaza today, simply spending time in their own homes, frequenting a mosque, going to a hospital or to school has become a dangerous enterprise since any one of these architectural edifices can become at any moment a target. One can no longer safely assume that the existence of masses of human bodies - even the bodies of children - in civilian spaces can serve as defence of the weak against the lethal capacity of the hi-tech states.

Hence, the use of human shields is not only a violation. In contemporary asymmetric urban wars, accusing the enemy of using human shields helps validate the claim that the death of "untargeted civilians" is merely collateral damage. When all civilians are potential human shields, when each and every civilian can become a hostage of the enemy, then all enemy civilians become killable.

The residents of Gaza are bombed by cutting edge F-16 fighter jets and drones, yet they do not have bomb shelters, and they have nowhere to flee. Israel's residents are bombed mostly by makeshift rockets, many of which have been intercepted by Iron Dome missiles. The majority of the population in Israel has access to shelters and can flee out of the rocket's range.

The crux of the matter is that in the context of contemporary asymmetric warfare, the weak do not have many options. When there are no bomb shelters, people remain at home during extensive bombardment. And if, like in the case of the Palestinians in Gaza, fleeing is not an option - because all exits from the strip have been closed, or because the neighbour's house is under the exact same threat as one's own, or because one is already a refugee and does not want to become a refugee anew - staying put, which the high-tech states term "illegal human shields," constitutes a form of resistance.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


The Tenured Left has Discovered a New Cause to Silence and Censor

The caring Left protect their own when one of theirs commits a rape, however, the Tenured Left enforce a silence and censor protocol for any non-leftist opinions on the subject.

It seems Kedar was interviewed recently on Israeli radio about what can be done to stop suicide bomber mass murderers. This is clearly a difficult problem since threatening to kill them is not effective for obvious reasons. Kedar answered that such people are not deterred by anything except possibly threats to their own family. Specifically, Kedar said in the interview: "The only thing that can deter terrorists, like those who kidnapped the children and killed them, is the knowledge that their sister or their mother will be raped."

Well, you can imagine what sort of effect THAT statement had. Note that Kedar is hardly advocating that they be raped, just making an observation about what incentives, if any, would affect suicide bombers.

Now the Caring Left so aghast at Kedar's words is curiously silent when leftists deal with the subject of rape in cavalier manner. Remember that infamous MA thesis sponsored by Hebrew University far leftists that "found" that Israeli troops do not rape Arab women because the Jews are such racists? A thesis awarded a special prize by the Hebrew University and hailed as path-breaking research by the Left…
Curiously the Caring Left has also maintained its studied silence when actual rape takes place. For years everyone in academia knew about the allegations that Hebrew University's Eyal Ben Ari (sociology) had been raping his students, but because Ben Ari is a senior radical anti-Israel leftist, the Left refused to speak out because of their sense of solidarity with him. Until the Hebrew University fired him due to growing public outrage. Ben Ari, of course, was also the supervisor of that thesis accusing Jews of being racists because they do NOT rape Arabs. I guess Ben Ari just wanted to prove how unracist he was, and the Caring Left had his back.

See this: level pages/HebrewU - Eyal Ben-Ari - the non-rapist.htm and level pages/Editorial - Seth Frantzman - Eyal Ben Ari.htm

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Ben Gurion University - Benny Morris (Dept of Middle East Studies), a Sometimes New Historian and Sometimes Real One, Gets Debunked by Prof. Kramer for Reverting to his Pseudo-Historic Revisionism

As an adverse consequence to debunking Ari Shavit's accounting of the supposed Lydda "massacre," Historian Martin Kramer reaches the conclusion that Morris, the source for Shavit's "massacre" claim, has laid the foundations for Israel's detractors to prove the "born in sin" argument. The "original sin" not being expulsions but massacres, each one pre-planned and sealed up into a separate "black box of Zionism", a term presented in Shavit's book, with Lydda being the prime example. In the age of exaggeration and decontextualization by the Post-Zionists and New Historians, any disproportionate Israeli defeat of its enemies constitutes a massacre. According to this theory of disproportionality, to sustain its very existence, Israel must massacre again and again, decade after decade. Thus "Israel thus can never be legitimate; it is a perpetual war crime, on an ever-larger scale."

In this narrative, the "original sin" of Israel's birth wasn't expulsion. The Palestinians wouldn't have fled their homes had there not been repeated and planned massacres, which have since been sealed up in "black boxes." Lydda stands as the prime example.

"Disproportion speaks massacre, not 'battle.'" This equally repellent statement, by Morris, is just as defamatory of Israel as Shavit's. On Morris's principle, every occasion on which Israel exacts a numerically "disproportionate" cost in the lives of others—as it often must do, if it is to deter and defeat its enemies—constitutes evidence of massacre; to sustain its very existence, Israel must massacre again and again, decade after decade… Israel thus can never be legitimate; it is a perpetual war crime, on an ever-larger scale. So saith the "disproportion."

Shavit and Morris thus validate the argument for Israel's dismantlement. As anyone familiar with their politics knows, that is not their intent. Israel is precious to both of them, and they call themselves Zionists. But at an earlier point in their lives, they became habituated to ripping events from their context, which was the hallmark of what was once called the "new history." Their treatment of Lydda is a relapse into a past addiction, which consists of simplification, exaggeration, and decontextualization—in short, the very behavior displayed by those now addicted to hatred of Israel.

The other day, someone posted a video clip from Lod (Lydda). It shows a demonstration by Arab residents (who comprise about a quarter of the town's population) and possibly some Jews, in Palmah Square, alongside the small mosque. The demonstrators, waving Palestinian flags, are protesting against "Protective Edge," Israel's operation in Gaza. They carry a large banner with this message: "Stop the massacre in Gaza."

At the site of one presumed "massacre," yet another is presumed. This is how myths evolve into a mythology. And that is why it's so important to recognize that even in Lydda, supposed site of the "largest massacre" of 1948, we just can't be certain there was a "massacre" at all.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


The Sorbonne and Hebrew U - Esther BenBassa (Dept of Jewish Studies): The Bete Noire of the French Jewish Establishment

Esther BenBassa is a Professor of Jewish Studies at the Sorbonne in Paris. Although born in Turkey to a Sephardic family, she partly grew up in Israel and earned her baccalaureate at Tel Aviv U. After earning her PhD abroad, she taught briefly at Hebrew U. in Jerusalem. Although her parents were strong Israel supporters, after their deaths, BenBassa decided to join the Eurotrash in denouncing and demonizing Israel, particularly in France. She blames Israel for the failure of the "peace process".

BenBassa has become a celebrity in France, as yet another Jewish intellectual that blames Israel for all the Palestinian "suffering." Her trendy anti-Israel position gets her invited non-stop onto French TV, where she enunciates such exercises in Newthink oxymorons as: "I love Israel. But because I am so attached to the country, I defend the Palestinian cause."

BenBassa goes on to claim that the reason why Israel is treating the Palestinians so "badly" is because they are inflicting similar "suffering" on the Palestinians as the Jews suffered in the Holocaust. That, says she, is the real reason for anti-Semitism. Esther: Tu es betes comme tes pieds.

She claims she fights daily against racism, including anti-Semitism, the blame for which she often puts squarely on Jewish shoulders. She says the Jews obsess over the Holocaust.

So this racism-hating scholar sees nothing wrong with embracing the worst racists and misogynists in the world, the Hamas. And how dare the Jews bring up that tired old Holocaust?

BenBassa explains how she arrived at her worldview on the Jews and how they themselves are responsible for world anti-Semitism, particularly among the French. She claims the Jews made the Holocaust something sacred, almost turning it into a secular religion. In France, the Emancipation in 1791 of the Jews defined individual Jews as "French of Mosaic persuasion," rendering them Jews on the inside but not on the outside.

She feels that Holocaust consciousness in France led to a change for the worse in the Republic's attitude toward pesky ethnic minorities. "When Jacques Chirac admitted France's responsibility for the Holocaust in 1995 it was the first time the Republic gave recognition to a particular community." In other words, Jews deserve no special recognition by France for that country contributing to their annihilation by the Nazis. And if the Jews speak out, well, that's why there's anti-Semitism against them.

She demands: "It must stop. The Masada syndrome of concentrating only on Jewish suffering is fuelling the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians, which, in turn, is linked to anti-Semitism. It has to be stopped because this anti-Semitism is making life in the Diaspora much more difficult. If the Israeli-Palestinian conflict continues, anti-Semitism will grow everywhere."

It is no wonder that, with views like these, Professor Benbassa is the bete noire of the French Jewish establishment. After all, if one ascribes to her logic, if Jews embrace their anti-Semites and ignore the Holocaust, then maybe those anti-Semites will stop killing them.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Hebrew University - David Enoch (Dept of Law) Exposed as an "Academic Thug" Silencing non-Far-Leftist Opinions

In true Bolshevistic style common to the far-leftist Israeli "academics," Enoch seeks to harm the reputation of a colleague without checking any facts in a fit of far-leftist rage. Enoch makes a leftist anti-democratic fool of himself and is the laughingstock of the American academic community when the colleague denies ever having made the comments that prompted Enoch's senseless attack. Enoch's behavior, and others like him, create an atmosphere where "dissenters are afraid to voice their opinions."

Professor David Enoch of Hebrew University chose c [to denounce Prof. Bell, without providing any explanation as to why Bell's legal analysis is wrong], and concluded as follows: "I think that the legal academic community should do what it can to make it clear that there are consequences of such abuse of legal pseudo-scholarship and status in the service of gross immoralities – if nothing else, in terms of reputation." (As I was about to post this, I see Prof. Bell has responded here.)

So Prof. Enoch is basically seeking to harm Prof. Bell's reputation, without providing literally ANY documentation that Prof. Bell is wrong, much less so egregiously wrong that his work should be considered "pseudo-scholarship" and his reputation should suffer. We should instead just take Prof. Enoch's word for it because, … well it's not really clear why we should according to Enoch, except that Prof. Bell's work suits Israel's "right-wing," and therefore apparently must be legally incorrect.

I'm sure Leiter himself could tell us which logical fallacy this best represents, but I can't recall ever seeing a law professor attack another law professor in such a bullying manner, and without providing ANY indication that the attack is deserved beyond "trust me."

As an aside, as a colleague points out, bullying of a somewhat less egregious sort seems relatively common among international law scholars, where those who are outside the predominant leftist consensus are considered beyond the pale. Keep that in mind next time you see a reference to "consensus" in international law scholarship, and consider whether it means anything beyond, "dissenters are afraid to voice their opinions."

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


University of Haifa - Anti-Israel Extremist Micah Leshem (Dept of Psychology) Bullying Academics from Ariel and Bar-Ilan Universities

Leshem, utilizing his departmental specialty, applies peer pressure in an attempt to get Academics from Ariel and Bar-Ilan Universities to sign anti-Israel petition.

If anyone wishes to add their signatures they should. Also, if you know any colleagues in Ariel and Bar-Ilan Universities, perchance they did not get the message – rather strange…


For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Tel Aviv University - Israeli Academics Sign a Bash-Israel Petition Organized by Rachel Giora (Dept of Linguistics)

As Hamas missiles fall on Israeli civilians, Israeli "Academics" place a narrow-minded emphasis on Arab suffering in Gaza.





The signatories to this statement, all academics at Israeli universities, wish it to be known that they utterly deplore the aggressive military strategy being deployed by the Israeli government. The slaughter of large numbers of wholly innocent people, is placing yet more barriers of blood in the way of the negotiated agreement which is the only alternative to the occupation and endless oppression of the Palestinian people. Israel must agree to an immediate cease-fire, and start negotiating in good faith for the end of the occupation and settlements, through a just peace agreement.

Among the "Academics" in Israeli universities who have signed: [as appeared on 6/8/14]
Prof. Rachel Giora, Tel Aviv University
Prof. Emmanuel Farjoun, Hebrew University
Dr. Kobi Snitz, Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel
Dr. Anat Matar, Tel Aviv University
Prof. As’ad Ghanem, Haifa University
Prof. Anat Biletzki, Tel Aviv University
Prof. Adi Ophir, Tel Aviv University
Prof. Vered Kraus, Haifa University
Dr. Yuval Yonay, Haifa University
Prof. Gadi Algazi, Tel Aviv University
Prof. Idan Landau, Ben Gurion University
Prof. As’ad Ghanem, Haifa University
Prof. Micah Leshem, Haifa University
Dr. Ilan Saban, University of Haifa
Prof. Yehuda Shenhav, TAU
Dr. Hannah Safran, The Academic College for Society and the Arts
Prof. David Blanc, University
Dr. Haim Yacobi Bezalel, Ben Gurion University
Prof. Paul Wexler, Emeritus, Tel-Aviv University
Prof. Tamar Katriel, Haifa University
Dr. Roy Wagner, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Prof. Uri Hadar, Tel Aviv University
Prof. Shlomo Sand, Tel Aviv University
Prof. Yuri Pines, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Dr. Orly Lubin, Tel Aviv University
Dr. Halleli Pinson, Ben-Gurion University

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


University of East London - Haim Bresheeth (Dept of Israel Bashing) Updates his Petition Denouncing Israel for Defending its Citizens

Bresheeth rides anti-Israel sentiments in academia to describe a very narrow-minded view of Arab civilian suffering during Operation Protective Edge in order to bash Israel. The petition also has special section for the Israeli Tenured "Academic" Traitors organized by Rachel Giora (Tel Aviv University).

An open letter was sent on July 13, 2014 to Israel's academics, who, on the whole, remained silent in the face of the deterioration over the last few weeks, and the slaughter of the innocents in Gaza by the IDF…

We hope that this call may help to bring about a change in Israel's public debate about this illegal and immoral use of the army in Gaza, constituting war crimes, according to the UN. The list of signatories speaks for itself, we feel. This is clear evidence of the raw nerve struck by the action, and the widespread anger and frustration amongst academics and intellectuals everywhere about the Israeli continued slaughter, apparently immune to legal challenges and to pressure from all quarters. Let us hope that this list is only a begining of larger actions against the brutalities of the illegal occupation.

Since the operation began, at least 205 Palestinians have been killed (as of the morning July 16th) and over 2,000 have been wounded. Gaza hospitals are reporting a dire shortage of medicine and equipment, particularly for trauma injuries. Thousands of northern Gaza residents fled their homes on Sunday after Israel issued warnings of forthcoming air strikes. Numerous homes have been destroyed, as well as the very fragile infrastructure, severely damaged in 2008/9 and 2012, and hardly repaired since then.

If you are an Israeli academic and agree with us on the urgent need to bring an immediate end to those atrocities, and to act to end the illegal occupation in Palestine, please sign the statement at the bottom of this letter by sending Prof. Rachel Giora (Rachel Giora <>) a mail with your name, title and affiliation.

Among the Signatories:
Prof. Richard Falk, Princeton University, USA
Prof. Noam Chomsky, MIT, USA
Prof. Haim Bresheeth, SOAS, UK
Prof. Moshé Machover, KCL, UK
Prof. Yosefa Loshitzky, SOAS, UK
Prof. Hagit Borer, QMU, UK
Prof. Ronit Lentin, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
Prof. Yigal Arens, USA
Prof. Gabriel Piterberg, UCLA, USA
Prof. Ariella Azoulay, Brown University, USA
Dr. Yael Korin, UCLA, USA
Prof. Ilan Pappe, Exeter University, UK
Prof. Dorit Naaman, Queen's University, Canada
Dr. Yoad Winter, Utrecht University, The Netherlands
Prof. Daniel Boyarin, UC Berkeley, USA
Rann Bar-On, Duke University, USA

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Ben Gurion University - Neve Gordon (Dept of Political Science) Despairs from the Wall-to-Wall Israeli Support of Operation Protective Edge

In an Op-Ed on Al-Jazeera, Little Neve Gordon demands to know: How dare Israel retaliate for Hamas atrocities instead of capitulating to terrorist demands?

Finally, the left has organised several protests, fifty people here a hundred people there, and, while often this is how resistance begins, it is not clear how within the current atmosphere these sober voices will amount to anything. It is a time of deep despair for all those who envision a different and brighter future for this land.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Tel Aviv University - Aeyal Gross Upset at Israel for Defending its Citizens

Gross takes time off from promoting transvestites to denounce Israel for "war crimes." Gross also suggests a new strategy for terrorists: targeting the civilian residences of IDF battalion commanders.

Although each instance must be separately and carefully examined, the data that indicates that many of the casualties in Gaza are civilians, combined with some reports about the circumstances in which these civilians died, raises the prospect that Israel has committed forbidden actions, some of which could possibly be defined as war crimes. The quantity of these cases makes it very difficult to absolve them based on arguments of "inaccuracy" or "error."

According to the figures published to date, more than a fifth of the dead in Gaza are children, and many more are civilian noncombatants. Certain instances are particularly troubling…

As Amir Oren wrote here on Friday, the IDF is not only striking buildings used to store rockets and as launching pads, but the houses of the families of Hamas commanders. These cases are troubling and raise the question: What would Israel say about an attack on the civilian residence of an IDF battalion commander, killing the civilians living there? If such an act is illegal, then so it what is being done in Gaza.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Israeli "Academics" Against Israel Defending Itself

The petition, promoted by Micah Leshem, Rachel Giora, and Haim Bresheeth, places the fault for Arab Missile War-Crimes on Israel for searching for the murdering kidnappers of the three Jewish youths.

These are desperately bad times. The government of Israel, having provoked the firing of rockets by its rampage through the West Bank, is now using that response as the pretext for an aerial assault on Gaza which has already cost scores of lives. An atmosphere of hysteria is being deliberately provoked in Israel, and whole communities are being subject to collective punishment, a war crime. People are dying, and for what? To prevent a unity government of Fatah and Hamas?

We invite you, as fellow academics and intellectuals, to join your voices in an open and resounding protest about these war crimes by the Israeli government – your government. We urge you to stand up and be counted, to answer the call of your Gazan colleagues and make your voice heard. We hope that you will be able and willing to come together and voice your total opposition to the war crimes committed in your name!

If you are an Israeli academic and agree with us on the urgent need to bring an immediate end to those atrocities, and to act to end the illegal occupation in Palestine, please sign the statement at the bottom of this letter by sending us a mail with your name, title and affiliation.

Among the signers:
Prof. Haim Bresheeth, SOAS, UK
Prof. Moshé Machover, KCL, UK
Prof. Hagit Borer, QMU, UK
Prof. Ronit Lentin, TCD, Ireland
Prof. Yigal Arens, USA
Prof. Emmanuel Farjoun, HUJ, Israel

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Ben Gurion University - Oren Yiftachel (Dept of Geography) Supporting the Bedouin Invasion of State Lands

Yiftachel celebrates the Israeli Supreme Court verdict to send Bedouin claims to arbitration over the District Court's rejection of these claims. Yiftachel is called an "expert" by the Left despite being dismissed as a charlatan by the District Court Judge,

Prof. Oren Yiftah'el of Ben Gurion University, who had given an expert testimony at the original hearing in the District Court, said : " After years of enormous effort in research we obtained - through archives, aerial photos and the testimonies of tribes people – solid evidence backing the land rights of Bedouins in the northern Negev. This is the first time that such materials are presented at the Supreme Court. Though there is as yet no ruling, I hope that presentation of these materials would in itself make it clear to the judges that sixty years of Bedouin dispossession in general - and the Ukbis' dispossession in particular – were based on a judicial and historical falsehood. A conciliation process might lead to a reasonable outcome, and we will continue as much as possible to help the Bedouins assert their rights."

Nuri al –Ukbi +972-(0)54-5465556
Attorney Michael Sfard : +972-(0)54-4713930,
Prof. Oren Yiftah'el +972-(0)54-6775512

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


University Heads Establish BDS Counter Forum

The Committee of University Heads in Israel announced on Tuesday the establishment of a forum to counter future academic boycotts against Israel.

"An academic boycott is an unacceptable and dangerous process contrary to the spirit of research, undermining its foundations. This is an increasingly growing phenomenon with one aim - attacking the state of Israel and the research performed within its borders," said Prof. Menahem Ben Sasson, president of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and chairman of the Committee of University Heads in Israel on Tuesday.

To date, academic boycotts have surfaced primarily in the humanities disciplines, though there remains great concern among Israeli universities and officials that the phenomenon will spread to encompass the sciences.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Tel Aviv University and Van-Leer Institute - One-sided "Academic" Leftists-Only Conference Bashes the "Settlements"

Leftists at a Conference hosted at Tel Aviv University denounce the wine industry in Judea and Samaria as "winewashing."

Third, the topics today were all treated in a negative critical manner, even the upbeat wine presentation. I may be slightly subjective but as an academic researcher myself there are positive stories to be researched: educational achievements, absorption successes, industry, agriculture, science, social welfare, child psychology, medical services, religious creativity, music, drama, literature (someone did try to point this out while others were surprised) and so much more. Does all that have to be framed as a colonialization act, a crime? The workshop which included various disciplines was seemingly one-dimensionally political and took for-granted that Jewish communities in the areas administered by Israel since 1967 are a 'crime', an illicit or illegal act.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Tel Aviv University and Van-Leer Institute Host Another Leftists Only Conference at TAU

A long list of far-leftists, including David Newman, Sandy Kedar, Dani Filc, and Haim Yacobi, discuss "new perspectives" in the "settlement enterprise."

The rationale for organizing this research workshop is to explore less conventional approaches and angles that go beyond the immediate politico-diplomatic dynamics and impact of Israel's settlement policy. The underlying assumption is that the settlements' enterprise is not an exceptional phenomenon contradictory to other trends in Israeli society, but is a historical process that was shaped by and related to other long-term processes.

David Newman, Ben Gurion University, Settlement as Suburbanization: The Banality of Colonization

Comparative views on settlements
Sandi Kedar, Haifa University

The heterogeneity of settlers
Dani Filc, Ben-Gurion University

Haim Yacobi, Bezalel Academy, and Wendy Pullan, University of Cambridge, The geopolitics of neighbourhood: Jerusalem's colonial space revisited

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Israeli Academics Outraged at the Defense of Israel

Apparently, defending Israel from hate-speech is now a crime punishable by silence on American campuses. Israeli academics give their support in stifling criticism of anti-Israel activity at San Francisco State University. The signed below dismiss the condemnation of terror-funded delegitimization of Israel as 'propaganda,' and by some twisted logic, agree that combating the "occupation" will also protect Jews and Israelis from racism and prejudice.


We, the undersigned members of Jewish communities, are writing to express our outrage at Tammi Rossman-Benjamin's vicious and baseless attacks on Professor Rabab Abdulhadi and the Arab and Muslim Ethnicities and Diasporas Initiative (AMED).

Rossman-Benjamin, who has a history of attacking faculty and students who are critical of Israel, claims that actions by Abdulhadi, such as leading a delegation to Palestine that highlighted the plain reality of Israeli occupation and settler-colonialism, have been "compromising the campus climate for Jewish and Israeli students at SFSU."

Abdulhadi supports and teaches about movements for justice and histories of oppressed peoples, including work that challenges anti-Arab and anti-Muslim racism as well as the occupation of Palestine. As such, Abdulhadi's teaching, scholarship and public advocacy directly contribute to combatting racism and prejudice against all peoples, including Jews. Suggesting that such work creates an unsafe atmosphere for Jewish students is simply propaganda…

Not only are these accusations of misconduct completely unfounded, but these attacks are a reflection of politically motivated, false charges of antisemitism targeting Palestinian and Arab faculty and students around the country… By characterizing protected political speech as antisemitism they cheapen and weaken crucial civil rights protections. This is but one example of the outrageous law-fare being used to target Palestinian students and professors and their supporters.

As Jewish people well-versed in the history of antisemitism that is backed with state power, we reject Ms. Benjamin's manipulation of our history… Tammi Rossman-Benjamin, AMCHA and similar organizations do not speak for Jews when they irresponsibly slander Palestinian students and faculty.

Among the signed:
Gabriel Piterberg, Professor of History & Director of the Gustav von Grunebaum Center for Near East Studies, UCLA
Prof. Haim Bresheeth, Faculty of Arts and Humanities, School of Oriental and African Studies and Director of Camera Obscura Films
Hagit Borer, Professor & Chair, Dept of Linguistics, SLLF Queen Mary, University of London*
Ilan Pappe, Writer and Professor of History, Director of the European Centre for Palestine Studies, University of Exeter*
Kobi Snitz Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot Israel*
Neve Gordon, Professor, Israeli political scientist and author of Israel's Occupation
Orly Lubin, Tel Aviv University*
Richard Falk, Milbank Professor of International Law, Emeritus, Princeton University*
Ronit Lentin, Associate Professor, Sociology, Trinity College, Dublin. Ireland*
Simona Sharoni, Professor, Gender & Women's Studies, SUNY Plattsburgh*

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University of Haifa - Anti-Israel Extremists Micah Leshem and Avraham Oz rally to show solidarity with anti-Semite Norman Finkelstein

Prof Avraham Oz of Haifa University writes:

You may have heard that US academic Norman Finkelstein was detained a couple of days ago by the Israeli authorities at the airport upon coming to visit the occupied territories and sent back home. Now granted that Finkelstein is a controversial figure in academe: the reason for his detention and expelling from the country is based on his opinions, as expressed in his books and articles. So much for an academic establishment which made a loud worldwide noise when the University of Haifa was boycotted by a union of academic teachers: no whisper was raised by members of academia in Israel to protest the case of detaining a fellow academic for his opinions, radical as they might be.

from Micah Leshem:

The well oiled anti-academic boycott machine of the University of Haifa has swung into action to fight for the Academic Freedom of Dr. Norman Finkelstein, an American Scholar with views critical of the Israeli Establishment.

From Professor Steven Plaut

Finkelstein, described incorrectly in the news story as an "academic," something he is not and never has been, is a Neo-Nazi widely regarded as a Holocaust Denier (including by the Anti-Defamation League and the Simon Wiesenthal Center), who was fired by DePaul university last summer because he has no academic credentials at all and has yet to publish an academic paper. While making a career out of mocking and denouncing Holocaust survivors as frauds, hoaxsters, and thieves, Finkelstein has spent most of his time since being fired by DePaul in promoting Hizbollah terror.

It is of course well in charatecter for the University of Haifa's own pseudo-academic anti-Zionists to rally on behalf of a Neo-Nazi and terrorist agent… These people believe that "freedom of speech" should always be defended only for those endeavoring to orchestrate a second Holocaust of Jews, but not for anyone else.

Perhaps the Israeli authorities should deny entry into Israel not only to people like Finkelstein but also to those Israeli "academics" who serve as apologists for Neo-Nazis and for Islamofascist terrorists?

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Hebrew University - Orit Kamir (Interdisciplinary Dept) Justifying Terror

Among the leading figures endorsing Hanin's celebration of the kidnappings has been Orit Kamir. Her endorsement of Hanin Zoabi appears in Hebrew here. She proclaims that Zoabi not only has the right to support the kidnappings but Kamir explicitly says she agrees with Zoabi. Who exactly is Kamir? Her story states volumes about the collapse of academic standards in Israel.

Kamir is a radical feminist "academic" who made headlines a few years back when she was denied tenure at the law school of the Hebrew University… But in 2001 she was turned down for promotion and tenure due to a lack of serious bona fide academic publications.

Kamir decided to turn herself into a feminist martyr and started harassing the University in court. She filed a discrimination suit in an Israel labor court… After dragging along for two years, the labor court proposed a compromise, under which Kamir could continue working at the Hebrew University but without tenure, for a period of 6 years. The Hebrew University administration caved and signed. She was allowed to stay on in one of the worst incidents of affirmative action in Israeli academia.

Kamir is the new defender of Hanin Zoabi and the rights of terrorists to kidnap Jewish children.

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Hebrew University and Bezalel Academy - Eva Illouz (HebrewU Dept of Sociology and Bezalel President) Manifesto has Arab Agenda Trump 'Ahavat Israel'

As an 'enlightened' 'intellectual' Illouz dismisses 'ahavat Israel' (love of Israel) as collective narcissism and embraces 'universality' as her new religion. Illouz deconstructs 'ahavat Israel' into three forms: the Israel Lobby in the US Congress; the institutionalization of Holocaust remembrance; and Zionism.

Illouz feels compelled to tell the hard "truth" about the "evils" of Zionism, and complains about the distain to 'criticism.' However, Illouz surprisingly reaches the conclusion that there is a limit to criticism, beyond which the quibbler places him/herself outside the group. Only to conclude that the Arab plight trumps Jewish 'ahavat Israel' in a deplorable about-face.

Given that many of the members of that Jewish community do not profess strict religious dogma (and are thus dissimilar from the Muslims who issue fatwas against their intellectuals), this raises a puzzle. Why have moderately religious Jewish communities become so reluctant to perform what has characterized the ordinary task of intellectuals since Socrates: namely, to criticize and question the assumptions of their group in the name of universals? Why has it become so palpably difficult to criticize Israel or Jewish communities…

Ahavat Israel is a form of solidarity, but slightly differs from it. For one, it is an explicitly formulated injunction to love one's group, whereas ordinary solidarity is invisibly embedded in social relations. The Talmudic sage Rabbi Akiva made the injunction of loving one's neighbor into a rule, and his interpreters (Hazal, the sages) interpreted that rule as a commandment to love the close neighbor, the Jew. That interpretation became institutionalized in the 12th century by Maimonides' Mishneh Torah… I would call ahavat Israel a form of hyper-solidarity, an imperative that was all the more moral in that it invited one to consciously, actively love one's group and to protect it from self-destructive divisiveness and the threats of others.

… I would argue that the imperative of ahavat Israel intensified in the period after World War II by way of three major institutions: the structure of American politics; the memorialization of the Holocaust; and Zionism.

The Israel lobby institutionalized ahavat Israel in the space of American politics. Once it became institutionalized, it became a powerful, invisible, unspoken assumption of organized American-Jewish politics.

The second element that played an enormous role in the consolidation of Jewish solidarity in conditions of modernity was the institutionalization of the memory of the Holocaust… Such political recognition of liberal societies resonated with changes within Jewish communities after World War II, who reorganized their identity around non-religious values.

The memory of the Shoah became a source of secular identity for Jews, and was accentuated by the universalization of the Holocaust by liberal societies… Thus, the collective memory of the Shoah generated solidarity by becoming a form of, or a part of, Jewish identity.

The third and final element that turned solidarity into the prime emotional and political motif of world Jewish communities was Zionism itself. As a nationalist ideology, Zionism became somewhat anomalous: Instead of ending with the creation of the state, it only gained in strength and scope. In fact, it became an ongoing project of identification, membership and belonging for Jews around the world, both inside and outside Israel.

Critique in the Jewish world must either constantly provide proofs of love or must face accusations of anti-Semitism, anti-Zionism, various forms of ostracism, black lists, media watch agencies, organizations such as Im Tirtzu monitoring course curricula and universities, philanthropic blackmail, etc.

Some, like U.S. philosopher Michael Walzer, would argue that it is the responsibility of the critic to be heard in such a way as to remain inside the group. The best critics, Walzer claims, are those who speak in a tone that feels close and familiar to the group he criticizes; the best critics rebuke their fellows in the name of the values their group holds dear…

If the contemporary Jewish intellectual has an urgent task, then, it is to unveil the conditions under which Jewish solidarity should or should not be accepted, debunked or embraced. In the face of the ongoing, unrelenting injustices toward Palestinians and Arabs living in Israel, his/her moral duty is to let go, achingly, of that solidarity.

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Hebrew University Allows 5th Columnist Student Event on Campus

Palestinian Media Watch reports on the 'Watan' Student Movement, a self-claimed "Trojan horse" at Hebrew U, that sees all of Israel as occupied territories. Hebrew U officials grant access to 'Watan' for an event praising terrorist and suicide bombers who then proceeded to claim to have "reclaimed occupied territories in Jerusalem."

Official Palestinian Authority TV lauded Israeli Arabs of the student movement Watan ("Homeland") for a festival they held in the amphitheater at Hebrew University last month. PA TV reported that "songs dedicated to the prisoners and the Martyrs were sung," and described the event on the Hebrew University campus as "reclaiming occupied territories in Jerusalem." [Official PA TV, May 23, 2014]

PA TV reported that the Arab participants chanted "the slogan: 'The amphitheater is ours.'" The PA TV reporter added that "in fact it [the amphitheater] was theirs. They restored the Arab character of the land on which Hebrew University was built, even if only for one day."

In 2011, a member of the same Watan (Homeland) Arab student movement at Hebrew University called the Arab student organization a "cultural Trojan horse":

"The Watan movement was founded five years ago within the walls of Hebrew University, within the walls of an Israeli institution, and has proven the theory of the 'cultural Trojan horse.' It has proven that it can establish Palestinian identity within Israeli institutions." [Official PA TV, Nov. 25, 2011]

Later that year, at a demonstration organized by the Watan movement against an Israeli "Prawer Plan" for resettling several Bedouin communities in the Negev Desert, the same student also denied Israel's existence, referring to the Negev, Nazareth and "the north" as "Palestine":

"We and our people in the Negev [are] one... We need to make our voice heard on all levels, across the world, here at the University, in the Negev and in Nazareth, in the north, everywhere in Palestine, in order to emphasize that we are one arm, and that Palestine is one." [Official PA TV, Dec. 12, 2011]

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University of Haifa - Raphael Cohen-Almagor (Dept of Information Services) Peace by Capitulation to PA demands

The Palestinians aspire to have an independent state in the 1967 borders, with Arab Jerusalem as its capital and a substantial return of refugees to Israel. The Israelis wish to retain the Jewish character of Israel, being the only Jewish state in the world. Both sides wish to enjoy life of tranquillity and in security, free of violence and terror. Both sides need to make painful concessions and reach a compromise. Both parties should explicitly accept UN Security Council Resolutions 242, 338 and 1397 and then begin their full implementation. The endgame will be based on the following parameters:

Capital – Each state is free to choose its own capital; West Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, East Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine.

Prisoners – As an act of good will, part of the trust-building process, Israel will release a number of agreed upon prisoners. With time, as trust will grow between the two sides, all security prisoners will return home.

Refugees and their right of return – This is a major concern for both Palestine and Israel. For Palestinians, this issue is about their history, justice and fairness. For Israelis, this is a debated issue, where many Israelis are unwilling to claim responsibility for the Palestinian tragedy and most Israelis object to the right of return as this would mean the end of the Jewish State.

What needs to be done is to identify the population, establish the numbers, and after mapping the refugee population conduct a survey among them that would include the following options:

  •  Return to Israel;

  •  Return to the West Bank;

  •  Return to the Gaza Strip;

  •  Emigrate to third countries that would commit to absorbing a certain quota (appeal will be made to countries that receive immigration on a regular basis to participate in this settlement effort);

  •  Remain where they are.

The 1948 Palestinian refugees will be able to settle in Palestine. The rest of the world will be able to set immigration quotas for absorbing Palestinians who apply for settlement in their designated choice of country. Unification of families should be allowed in Israel on a limited quota scale annually. But massive refugee return to Israel will not be allowed. In addition, an international tribunal of reputable historians and international lawyers, including equal representatives of Israel and Palestine, will determine the level of monetary compensation. If needed, Israel and Palestine may establish an international relief fund to which humanitarian countries that wish to see the end of the conflict can contribute. Israel, Europe, the Muslim World, North America and other countries of good will (the Geneva Accord mentions Japan; we may add China, Australia and Brazil) would be able to secure the required funding. The United Nations and the World Bank may also be approached to offer assistance.

International commerce – Israel and Palestine will be free to conduct international commerce as they see fit. In order to develop trust between the two parties, some level of transparency about logs of commerce will be agreed and memorandums of understanding will be signed by the two parties.

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University of Washington - Assaf Oron (Dept of Statistics) Obsessed with Presenting Israel as an Economic "Addict" to "Occupation"

Oron cooks the books to "prove" that the "Occupation" is the source of Israel's economic growth. Making Carl Marx proud, Oron blames Israel's sustained economic growth upon the policies of "occupation" and exploitation of cheap Arab labor and rejects the effects of abandoning over 30 years of wasteful social practices and embracing capitalistic policies.

Bibi has presented Israel's recovery from the 2001-2003 crisis as evidence of his economic genius, and as his claim to gravitas in the eyes of Israel's socio-economic elites, who had up until then seen him as a superficial hack. Yet, here comes the head of the central bank's research department, who states in a formal report that in reality, Israel's economy mostly rode on George W. Bush's coattails to exit the crisis.

Emerging from the mid-1970s crisis and the late-1980s crisis required that Israel pay a political price. On the first occasion, it was returning the Sinai and (falsely) committing to Palestinian autonomy. On the second occasion the price was engaging in direct negotiations with the Palestinians, leading to some limited autonomy. But the exit from the 2001-2003 crisis was granted to us by the George W. Bush administration free of charge, as part of his crusade to reshape the Middle East, and of his generally superb skills in running things.

This unbelievable (and highly irresponsible) politico-economic gift from Bush has caused most Israelis to enter a mental bubble of smugness and disengagement from reality. It is this bubble that explains much of Israel's ridiculous military adventurism since the mid-2000s. It is this bubble that allows Bibi to boast of "saving Israel's economy" via some neoliberal magic potion. And it is this bubble, in which economists like Flug and Strawczynski attempt to "investigate," supposedly, what causes Israel's growth and recession cycles – all the while completely ignoring the occupation regime that actually underlies most of them.

If you are still confused as to what this little post's message is:

Post-1967, Israel's economy became an occupation economy first and foremost. Setting up the occupation regime gave us our biggest economic growth spurt. Since then, the occupation's woes have given us our worst crises.

Yes, there is also Israeli hi-tech, and there is also macro-economic policy. But studying Israel's macro-economy without explicitly entering the occupation regime into the picture, is – my apologies if this offends anyone – tantamount to economic malpractice.

On an overall calculation, my guess is that Israel is still somewhat ahead, economically, on the cumulative gains and losses from its occupation gamble. This is mostly at the expense of Palestinians, of course, but also increasingly at the expense of the U.S., the EU and others who have poured increasing amounts of money and effort to keep the situation in Israel-Palestine from falling completely off a cliff. That inflow of outside money has helped us retain many of the occupation's benefits… Yet, the occupation's annual balance is probably negative nowadays, and getting worse, on average, every year.

So why can't we give it up? Besides the well-known political and social reasons (fear of Palestinians in general and terror in particular, the settler Right's chokehold on national politics, plain inertia), there is also the memory of the original "high" of 1967-1973. That initial boom still lives in too many Israeli hearts and minds, equating the occupation and "greater Israel" with a sense of prosperity. That explains our collective behavior patterns, such as,

•  Pledging to give up the occupation again and again, yet not following up, and very often not even doing anything that can realistically lead to its end;

•  Denying or suppressing the occupation's existence, its nature or the magnitude of its impact upon Israeli life;

•  Blaming everyone but ourselves for its side effects.

In short, the classic behavioral patterns of an addict.

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Ben Gurion University - Duplicitous Neve Gordon (Dept of Political Science) Finds New Extremes: Silence is Paramount to Active Participation in the "occupation"

Gordon formulates a conspiracy theory in which the cult of silence by non-Far-Leftist Academics and the Academic Institutions is proof of "colluding" with the "occupation." Bragging under the guise of 'critical thinking,' Gordon admits to have been undermining Israeli sovereignty for over 25 years.

In 2006, I was among 25 professors from five Israeli universities who filed a petition with the High Court of Justice in Israel requesting that the court put a stop to the transformation of a small college, located in the occupied West Bank, into a university. We submitted the petition because we were appalled by the idea that the Israeli government would use academe to advance its colonial project in the Palestinian territories.

Israeli universities have long acted as if they were mere bystanders, simply watching the demolition but not participating in it. Sitting in classes on Hebrew University's Mount Scopus campus, studying philosophy in the midst of the first Palestinian uprising, in the late 1980s, we would often hear shots and see the clouds of tear gas rising from the valley below as the Israeli military quelled Palestinian protests in Arab East Jerusalem.

And yet the silence of Israeli universities was deafening. Yes, some professors did organize petitions and solidarity visits to the West Bank. But as an institution, not one university published a statement supporting its colleagues across the Green Line, in Palestinian territories.

Wittingly or unwittingly, Israeli universities play a central role in sustaining the occupation. They are the face of Israel's democracy that serves to hide its dark colonial side. One could call it "university washing."

Ariel University is perhaps an extreme case, since it was founded by military decree and is intended to play an active role in the suppression of another people. But the general failure of the Israeli academy to stand by Palestinian universities and against the occupation is no less colossal.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Hebrew University and Van Leer Institute - Amos Goldberg (Dept of Holocaust Studies) discovers a Moral Equivalent to the Holocaust

Goldberg promotes the 'Nakba' as the equivalent of the Holocaust in an alarming trend that starts once he joined the semi-Marxist Van Leer Institute.

Goldberg's PhD dissertation concentrated on diary writing by victims during the Holocaust. But since joining Van Leer he has devoted much of his energies and attention to the idea that Israel should give "equal recognition" to the "Nakba," the supposed "catastrophe" that befell Arabs when they failed in their attempt in 1948-9 to conduct genocidal ethnic cleansing of Jews in Israel.

"Nakba" today sums up the Palestinian narrative about the "tragedy" of the founding of Israel. Goldberg writes widely about the need to convert Israel into a Rwanda-style bi-national state. Goldberg is involved with Zochrot ("Remembering"), an ultra-anti-Israel leftist NGO seeking to removing Jewish names from towns and villages in Israel and "restoring" their Arab identities. It is basically an Erase-Israel group. In other words, Zochrot seeks to undermine Jewish sovereignty and promote the idea of the Nakba, as well as the "right of return" of Palestinian "refugees" to Israel, destroying it demographically from within… He today insists it is important to give equal footing to Arab "suffering" and to the "narrative" that asserts they underwent a catastrophe because Israel won the war against it in 1948-9. Goldberg's writings constantly compare the Holocaust with the "Nakba."

Quoting Goldberg in an abstract:

"This article develops a theoretical framework for shared and inclusive Jewish and Palestinian deliberation on the memories of the Holocaust and the Nakba. It argues that a joint Arab-Jewish public deliberation on the traumatic memories of these two events is not only possible, however challenging and disruptive it may be, but also fundamental for producing an egalitarian and inclusive ethics of bi-nationalism in Israel/Palestine… The figure of the refugee, constitutive of Palestinian and Jewish histories and identities, we suggest, serves as a herald of this binational and disruptive ethics. We conclude that 'empathic unsettlement' also has a productive and transformative potential which gives further (however partial and initial) meaning, shape and content to the ethics and democratic politics of bi-nationalism heralded by the refugee."

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Hebrew University - Nurit Peled-Elhanan's (Dept of Education) Dismisses Israeli High Schools as Zionist Indoctrination Centers

Peled-Elhanan levels these charges in an attempt to undermine the 'Zionist national narrative' at a public church function in NYC.

Nevertheless, both [Nurit Peled-Elhanan and Miko Peled] have the same goal: to expose, challenge and overcome the Zionist national narrative.

The "racist discourse" in Israeli textbooks, Peled-Elhanan concluded, "infects students with ideology" and "prepares them for one thing only: to be good soldiers."

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Tel Aviv University - Leftilliteracy at TAU: Daniel Bar-Tal (Dept of Education) Invents the Nonsense Anti-Israel Derogatory Term "Occupartheid"

Bar-Tal sees the Israeli education system as a "continuous and constant process of indoctrination" of Israeli school children. Despairing from recent polls, Bar-Tal hysterically, but correctly, reaches the conclusion that his far-leftist misconceptions will never again achieve an Israeli majority. This "moral deterioration" of Israeli Society under the influence of "occuparthied," prompts him to undermine Israeli sovereignty and ask the world to intervene in Israeli internal affairs. The response of Israeli Democracy to protect itself from the anti-democratic attacks on Israeli Society perpetrated by the Far-Left has Bar-Tal slinging ludicrous charges of a racist society and a non-democratic, immoral regime. Bar-Tal greatly inflates the numbers of his far-leftist followers to the hundreds of thousands. However, millions of Israelis know the leftilliterate Bar-Tal is wrong.

I write this letter with great concern for the future of my society and the State of Israel with the belief that the views presented here reflect the opinions of at least several hundred-thousand Jews living in Israel, who oppose the positions and the policies of the Israeli government and believe that these positions and policies are leading the country to disaster. This letter expresses my deep worry and conviction that Israel needs to be saved from the road chosen by the majority. Just because views are possessed by a majority does not mean that these views—-and the actions that result from them—-are right, moral or just.

Israeli Jews, who already practice occupartheid (defined as discrimination between populations on the basis of ethnic origin as a result of a lasting occupation that denies political and economic rights from the occupied population) will not be able to maintain this system forever and will eventually face a dilemma in which they will have to choose between two very different options: to be a democracy with a clear Jewish majority or to be a pariah, isolated state enacting formally a type of apartheid.

In this emergent situation it is imperative that none of us—-Jews, Palestinians, and other citizens of the world—-stand by passively!! Everyone must act to move the peace process back onto its tracks. This is not only a moral command: Stopping the present abysmal situation is deeply in the interest of both societies and the international community.

There is no doubt that the glorified victory of the 1967 war was the turning point in the societal consciousness of the Jewish people, a great majority of whom viewed the occupation as liberation and redemption for the nation. This view is still deeply entrenched in the dominant ethos, if we take into consideration that the Israeli Jewish population goes through continuous and constant process of indoctrination through socialization in schools, in the army, and even in media, indicating that the area between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River is the exclusive homeland of the Jews.

In addition while most of the countries of the world cherish democracy as the preferable political system and Israel self-proclaims itself as one of the strongest democracy, the reality is different. Israel is steadily moving away from the boundaries of democracy. This way finds expression in the spate of bills that seek to limit criticism of the government and the State, to restrict freedom of speech, to legalize illegal polices, to expand Jewish nature of the state over the democratic counterpart and to harm the Arab minority. Racist, nationalistic and antidemocratic rhetoric and acts have become part of the normative life of the society.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Tel Aviv University - Dahlia Scheindlin (Dept of Political Science) Burdened by Zionism

Reminiscing about her leftist indoctrination at summer camp, Scheindlin describes how "Israeli-ness" should become a Cana'anite style melting pot of all its citizens. After more than a century of building the land, the Zionist interaction with the local Arabs has not brought the naysayers any closer to agreeing to share the Zionist Dream. However, Zionism has had to evolve and defend itself from baseless charges of racism and being hijacked by the far-left, such as Scheindlin, who would destroy the Jewish State of Israel and replace it with a Rwandan-style state of all of its citizens.

But Israel, by contrast, tries to formally define itself as Jewish. Instead of allowing "Israeli-ness" to develop into a blend of its (current) majority, fusing with its minorities like in France or America, Israel would like to narrow "Israeli" identity to the Jewish aspect – through a Basic Law proposal, an amendment to the Citizenship Law, Right of Return and draft laws. Maybe the current leadership isn't interested in preserving the Jewish numeric majority, as witnessed by creeping annexation policies, so it hopes to anchor the character of the state through legislation. There are also unwritten codes, such as favoring army service for employment, or unequal resource distribution, to divide the favored from the marginalized.

Inside this first inner demarcation, there is yet another, even narrower, boundary being drawn: Zionism.

In over a century of the modern usage, the term has never meant one thing alone. Its myriad tributaries merged and parted like the waters of the world's great rivers. Like a political party in Israel.

But lately, Zionism has come to refer not to the many ways of building Israel, but to a litmus test. The test is your label: you are "Zionist" – no matter what you mean by that – or else you are post-, anti-, non-Zionist.

There's a second current meaning. For Palestinians, Zionism has equaled racism from the famous UN resolution onward – and before. For them Zionism is both the occupation from 1967 and their ongoing 65-year-old stateless wandering that began in 1948 (even the Jews wandered in Sinai for only 40 years). In the name of Zionism, Palestinians' collective historic trauma was denied (understandably making their demand for recognition of their experiences more vociferous). To this day, they live as people in bondage, subject to military rule and stunted political growth.

It is a burden.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Tel Aviv University - Carlo Strenger (Dept of Psychology) Believes that the "Occupation" is Israel's Greatest Threat

Poor Carlo Strenger cries in his beer that he and his fellow leftists are just poorly understood. Its not that they don't care about Israel, however, they care for the Arabs even more. Strenger banks the future security of Israel within the Liberal Vision of "Universal Morality."

But along with the blame game between Israel and the Palestinians, another blame game has been going on, in which Israel's right-wingers blame liberals for Israel's isolation. When you read Israel's right-wingers, you might think that Israeli liberals would rejoice in boycott. We are being accused of bad-mouthing Israel, of giving Israel's enemies ammunition and arguments that can be used by the BDS movement.

I want to ask these right-wingers a simple question. Has it ever crossed your minds that when you call us names like "anti-Israeli" or "self-hating Jews", you are missing the most obvious and simple point? Do you really think that Israeli liberals are interested in Israel's being ostracized?

It is time that you realize that we Israeli liberals care about Israel's interests exactly as much as you do. Do not lecture us that we are unrealistic about the dangers facing Israel and that we are naïve…

And yet we think that the occupation endangers Israel more than any external enemy. The difference between Israel's right-wingers and Israeli liberals is not one of naïveté vs. realism. Your vision of Israel is based on stones and bigotry and the myth that Israel doesn't need the West's friendship. Ours is based on universal morality, the firm belief that humans matter more than stones, and on the realization that Israel's long-term survival depends on a close relationship with the free world based on common values.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Sapir College & Tel Aviv-Yaffo College - Zvi Bar'el Campaigning for Another Arab State

Bar'el encourages Obama and the International Community to force Israel into recognizing an Arab State beyond the Green Line and supplies a blueprint for undermining Israeli interests. Does advocating secession of territory from under Israeli sovereignty constitute Treason?

For example, there is no logical explanation for the continued refusal by the United States to recognize an independent Palestinian state that will receive recognized international status and benefit from the rights of a country under occupation.

The old argument to the effect that recognition of a Palestinian state is a matter for an agreement between Israel and the Palestinians is no longer valid.

When Hamas declares itself a political party, even if it doesn't recognize Israel, no country, including the United States, will be able to refrain from recognizing the unified Palestinian government. Such a government would not find it difficult to bring about the reopening of the Rafah crossing on the Egyptian side, to receive financial support from Arab countries, to join all the international conventions, and to demand recognition of its territory within the 1967 borders.

That is the little justice that the international community can grant the Palestinians, after proving itself incapable of forcing Israel to desist from the occupation or at least halting the continued Israeli invasion of Palestinian territory.

… But there is no reason why [the United States] shouldn't nurture the Palestinian president and his government, invite him to meetings in the White House, send money for the development of civil services, prevent Israel from imposing economic sanctions against Palestine, and declare Palestine an ally.

The European Union, which until now has watched the negotiations as a passive observer, also has a vital role. It can offer the Palestinian state the status of a satellite state, foster formal commercial ties, encourage investors and manufacturers to operate on the West Bank and in Gaza and condition the extent of cooperation with Israel on the extent of Israeli restrictions against the Palestinian state…

Although a flourishing economy and international support will not solve the territorial dispute, recognition of the Palestinian state would present Israel with a real dilemma. Is it a part of the international community or will it become fixed in the world's consciousness as an unworthy country?

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


University of Haifa - Presenting Radical Israel Hater Micah Leshem's (Dept of Psychology) Latest Anti-Semitic Caricature: Israel Kills Arabs with Facebook

Leshem's other infamous anti-Semitic caricatures can be seen here and here.


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Hebrew University - Anti-Israel, Radical Leftist Moshe Zimmermann (Dept of History) Exploits European Champions Maccabi Tel Aviv to Claim Zionism is a Failure

Well, Herr Zimmermann is back in the news this week. He is all upset. What is he upset over? It seems that the Maccabi Tel Aviv basketball team won the European tournament and Zimmermann took this as a personal affront to his anti-Zionism.

But what upset Herr Zimmermann is that the outpouring of celebration interfered with the plans of the Radical Ultra-Left to convince Israelis they are a pack of racist Untermenschen who need to mourn their very existence.

Zimmermann denounced the celebrations (story in Hebrew here:,7340,L-4521291,00.html) as an "obscene orgy over the failure of Jewish muscularity." Huh?

Zimmermann claims to have some knowledge of sports (unlike me) and insists that the victory of the Tel Aviv team actually proves that Zionism is a failure. He proclaimed, "The vision was for Zionism to create Jews who would excel in sports. But the fact that the basketball team recruits mercenaries from America to do the work is fraud and pretense. It is the very opposite of the Zionist vision."

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Neve Gordon (Ben Gurion University) and Nurit Peled-Elhanan (Hebrew University) Participate in a Palestinian Solidarity Conference with the Aim of Delegitimizing the Jewish and Democratic State of Israel

Gordon levels charges of apartheid and segregation against the State. He denies that Israel is a democracy. Gordon labels Israeli schoolchildren racists due to their [justified] apprehension of Arab terrorists. Gordon, worried of the 'horrors' his children would suffer if they came into contact with the 'racist' Israeli pupils, founded a bilingual post-Zionist school and kindergarten in which even 4 year-olds are brain-washed into observing the 'Nakba.'

With Nurit Peled-Elhanan's consent, an interview was screened in which she whines about 'the Arab image' and maps of 'Greater Israel' that are presented in Israeli text books. Peled also complains about the infrequent use of the word "Palestinian" [an usurped word for a made up people] to describe Arabs.

Where Neve Gordon mainly wants to talk about the situation in Israel itself. In Israel we have to deal with segregation and apartheid. According to Neve Gordon is the Israeli state built on a hyper-ethnic nationalism. For Israel, it is important to maintain. Majority of the Jewish ethnic group We could say that Israel is an ethnocracy rather than a democracy. Ethnic identity is vital for Israel, therefore the population geographically spread over the area. The intention is to judaizing the area.

The population of Israel, consisting of Jewish Israelis and Palestinian Israelis (Israel calls them Arab Israelis), is ethnically separated. There are no Palestinians living in Jewish neighborhoods or neighborhoods. They are therefore segregated neighborhoods.

Of course this also segregation in schools.

This racist attitude is not accidental, according to Gordon that is reinforced by the fact that Israeli and Palestinian young people simply have no contact with each other. They do not meet, they do not play with each other; and so the idea of the "dangerous other" has been maintained. Jewish children are afraid of the Palestinians, and therefore they are racists.

Seen in Israel and the Palestinian territories, the national histories are very important, both are stories told in school. The moment when the Jews 'Independence Day' Israel commemorate to the Palestinians after all, the anniversary of the Nakba (the catastrophe - the destruction of Palestinian society in 1948). It is not easy to bring children from 4 years old this on. Teachers tackle the very pragmatically. It starts on an emotional level, the Independence they tell the children that with independence comes responsibility. Responsibility for a small child means itself can attract clothes. For the story of the Nakba, they teach the children the basic concept of losing your home, losing your friends and neighbors, your pets and toys lose. The older the children are, the more dimensions are added to the story. A moment of silence was held for the Nakba and the Holocaust. In this way, a situation is created in which there can be taken into account with the other, and the other one is different.

During the conference was being watched a movie where Nurit Peled was interviewed about her research on Israeli textbooks…

Maps of Israel showing the textbooks becoming the 'Greater Israel', where the Palestinian territories and Israel form a whole. They show 'the land of Israel, "as opposed to" the State of Israel, "resulting in generations of Israelis who do not know where the boundaries of their own country. On any map, the Green Line stated.

On refugees is said that it was allowed to remain, they do not understand why they left them. Palestinians are presented as curious people, people who want to give the public any good pieces of land, to build playgrounds and so on. The word Palestinians is used very rarely, if ever, instead they use the word Arabs, so as to refer to the other Arab countries where Palestinians can go to.

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University of Haifa - Radical Israel Hater Micah Leshem (Dept of Psychology), Best Known for his Anti-Semitic Caricatures, Shows his Own University as a Guillotine for Murdering Arabs

Leshem captions his work "The Ivory Tower of Haifa University" in Hebrew at the bottom.



IsraCampus encourages outraged readers to let their feelings be known:

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Open University – Yair Auron (Dept of Political Science) Advocating for Nakba Culpability

But unless Israelis know about and recognize the crimes we committed in 1948, and their ongoing significance in Palestinian society, and unless Palestinians recognize the ongoing significance of the Holocaust in Jewish-Israeli society, there is no chance of a true reconciliation between these two peoples.

To me, the Holocaust has a degree of sanctity. Perhaps the appropriate response to Abbas' remarks would be to recognize the catastrophe of the Nakba, even though, in my view, these are two events where comparative research actually proves how completely they differed.

Racist, antidemocratic and, to my sorrow, even fascist manifestations are common in Israel. The official policy of the State of Israel in recent years explicitly contains fascist and racist elements.

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Tel Aviv University - 300 TAU Students Make No Sense; Mourn the "Catastrophe" of Israel's Creation

The students mimic Memorial Day ceremonies and promote "testimonies" of ethnic cleansing.

Some 300 students marked Nakba Day on Sunday with a demonstration at Tel Aviv University. Arab students carried pictures of relatives and read testimonies of Palestinians who were forced from their homes and villages during Israel's War of Independence.

Louis was not concerned by the counter-protesters… "There is no doubt that there are a number of narratives to what happened in '48. That makes sense."

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Sapir College & Tel Aviv-Yaffo College - Zvi Bar'el Lambasting the 'Occupation'

Bar'el calls the 'occupation' more dangerous than 'apartheid.'

Occupation by its nature creates deep discrimination and enormous disparities between the rights of the occupier and the occupied. These don't relate only to the way the occupation shapes daily life, or to the restrictions it places on freedom of movement, freedom of expression and the legal remedies to which the occupied are entitled. Occupation thwarts or delays the realization of national aspirations for independence and sovereignty, but it doesn't conceal them. Apartheid, in contrast, destroys the basis of equality between citizens of the same state.

And this is why the left is mistaken – or more accurately, confused – when it adopts apartheid as a greater danger than the occupation itself. It's as if it were saying, "Give us an enlightened occupation, and we could live with it just fine." This trend also includes another interesting development, which holds that if we can't end the occupation, we'll create a binational state in which the government will be forced to grant the Palestinians equal political and civil rights. This is paternalism. Did anyone ask the Palestinians if they want a binational state? Have they already given up their aspirations to become a free people in their own land?

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Hebrew University - Amiram Goldblum's (Dept of Pharmaceutical Sciences) New Pet NGO is Placing Anti-Israel Ads in the Media

Goldblum and his NGO are proclaiming that "John Kerry was Right" (about Israel being 'apartheid'). Goldblum posts a similar ad on his personal Facebook page.

The new picayune anti-Israel NGO, previously reported by Isracampus, is calling itself "Equality – the Organization for the Prevention of Racism and Apartheid in Israel." From the group's registration records, it is headed and run by Amiram Goldblum, a founder of "Peace Now."

On May 7, the group ran an ad in the Israeli media under the headline (in English and Hebrew): "John Kerry was Right! Without a just two-state solution – Israel will become an apartheid state." It is not clear where the funding comes for the ad and it would not be surprising if it turns out to be from overseas anti-Israel forces.

Among the signers/endorsers of the group appearing on the ad are at least two faculty members from Ben Gurion University: Dan Filc and Naomi Shir. Curiously, Goldblum's own name does not appear on the list in the ad.

However, Goldblum signs his name to the ad that appears on his Facebook page, along with the academics Menachem Klein, Gabi Solomon, Zeev Sternhell, and Dan Tawfik.

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University of Haifa - Israel Waismel-Manor (Dept of Political Science) sees Israel as Morally Equivalent to Iran

In a manner fitting the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, Waismel-Manor slanders Israeli Orthodox Jews as power-hungry, hawkish fanatics who are unwilling to make peace and aim to change Israel's democratic nature. Waismel-Manor greatly exaggerates the influence of the Israeli religious community and whitewashes the Iranian Ayatollah leadership. Waismel-Manor misleads his readers to believing that Israel is a country of religious fanatics and Iran a country of secular moderates, all the while preaching gloom and doom in his support of BDS sanctions.

As moderate Iranians and some of the country's leaders cautiously shift toward pragmatism and the West, it seems that many Israelis are moving away from these attitudes. In its 66 years, Israel has seen its share of ideological shifts from dovish to hawkish. These were natural fluctuations driven mainly by the country's security situation and prospects for peace.

But the current shift is being accelerated by religion and demography, and is therefore qualitatively different. While the Orthodox Jewish parties are currently not part of the government, together with Mr. Bennett's Jewish Home, a right-wing religious party, they hold about 25 percent of seats in the Knesset. The Orthodox parties aspire to transform Israel into a theocracy.

Israel's shift toward orthodoxy is not merely a religious one. Since the vast majority of Orthodox Jews are also against any agreement with the Palestinians, with each passing day, the chances of reaching a peace deal diminish. Nor is time on the side of those who want to keep seeing a democratic Israel.

If Israel continues the expansion of settlements, and peace talks serve no purpose but the extension of the status quo, the real existential threat to Israel will not be Iran's nuclear program but rather a surging tide of economic sanctions.

From academic boycotts to calls for divestment on American university campuses to the unwillingness of more and more European financial institutions to invest in or partner with Israeli companies and banks that operate in the West Bank, the "B.D.S." movement is gaining momentum. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has recently called B.D.S. advocates "classical anti-Semites in modern garb."

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Hebrew University - Alexander Yakobson (Dept of History) Promotes Anti-Democratic Plan to Create a Rogue Terror-State in the Israeli Heartland

Martin Sherman lambasts Yakobson over what amounts to Treason for encouraging the creation of an Arab State within striking distance of the main population centers and industrial zones with even the most simple terror devices. Yacobson and his colonialist cronies explain the refusal to acknowledge the Jewish State as an Arab response to Israeli diktats instead of demanding the non-semantic mutual recognition necessary to serve as the basis for a peaceful co-existence. Yakobson would rather give in to the irredentist Arab claims and grant the Arabs statehood without securing an annulment of future claims than admit that the continued Arab belligerence is a result of their commitment to a phased conquest of Israel. Since Yakobson's ludicrous moonbat proposal has no chance of ever finding an Israeli majority to implement it, he resorts to anti-democratic measures which undermine Israeli sovereignty.

Some such formula can be adopted in a peace agreement. It will be reciprocal, and it won't sound like an Israeli dictat. It won't be open to the objection that by recognizing Israel as a Jewish state, the Palestinians would have to renounce their historical narrative and subscribe to the Israeli one; it is obvious that by accepting such a wording, Israel will by no means be adopting the Palestinian narrative. The term "Jewish state" itself will probably not be there, but the substance of the Israeli demand will have been met, on a reciprocal basis.

The real question is not whether the Palestinians are willing to accept some semantic formula having to do with the Jewish state, but whether they are ready to accept the Jewish state itself. This question is raised in all its gravity by the Palestinian demand for a "right of return" to Israel for the Palestinian refugees of 1948 and their descendants…

Israel can live without any semantic recognition of the Jewish state, but not with this demand… Is the Palestinians' current position their final word? The only way to put this to the test is by submitting a peace plan that would offer the Palestinians a viable state on the basis of the 1967 lines, with a right of return to the Palestinian state, but not to Israel. Because the present Israeli government will not produce such a plan, the United States should.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Hebrew University and Van Leer Institute - Amos Goldberg (Dept of Holocaust Studies) Equates the "Nakba" to the Shoah with the Goal of Creating a Binational Entity

Despite a 'non-equal' clause, Goldberg completes the ultimate hijacking of the Holocaust by the Arabs. Usurping 2000 years of Jewish stateless victimhood, Goldberg elevates the Arab refugees and "statelessness" through linguistic subversion to create an empathic, moral equation between the two events. Goldberg blames Israel with ethnic cleansing and promotes a delusional vague feel-good postnational state of some kind.

Goldberg also absolves Arab participation in the Holocaust. Strange for a Holocaust scholar, Goldberg blindly ignores the documented activities of Al-Husseini, the religious and political leader of the Mandate Arabs, in shaping the events of the Holocaust: denying Jewish Immigration from German Occupied Europe; recruiting Muslims to serve the Nazi cause; and perhaps even the suggestion of the Final Solution itself.

Our proposed binationalism, denoted by 'empathic unsettlement', allows for more ontological stability than Butler's excessive individualistic hybridity and radical alterity. Otherwise stated, our binationalism endorses a thin form of communitarianism that acknowledges the role ethnicity and nationalism play in Israel/Palestine. More precisely, our account recognizes the right to national self-determination of both national groups while insisting that this right ought not be realised in the form of an exclusive ethnic state.

Similarly, our attempt in this article has been to suggest a way to jointly think and deliberate on the two traumatic memories of the Holocaust and the Nakba without conflating them but also without completely separating them as if they have nothing to do with one another.

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The Discussion of Legitimate Limits to Abuse of Freedom of Speech by Far-Leftists Reaches the Public Sphere

The abuse of individual rights and personal freedoms by the Far-Left has prompted Martin Sherman to suggest enforcing existing laws, or to draft new ones, to make "academics" criminally culpable when advocating irresponsible policies for which the outcome is blatantly detrimental to national security or the physical safety of its citizens.

It has been a long accepted principle in the most democratic of nations that the right to free speech is neither unconditional nor unconstrained. This is especially true when such nations find themselves in a state of belligerency.

It is this potential abuse of individual rights and freedoms that may imperil collective freedoms and rights which comprises the major thrust of the ensuing discussion…

The US legal system stipulates two related offenses, "reckless endangerment" and "depraved indifference."

Without engaging in scholarly debate regarding the legalistic differences between the two, it would be true to say, in informed layman's terms, that the defining characteristic common to both is that they each entails conduct, exhibiting a clear disregard for foreseeable consequences of the act involved, which creates a substantial risk of serious physical injury to others. Significantly, the focus in these offenses is on the risk created by such conduct, not the actual injuries resulting.

Yakobson's proposal to abandon Jews to alien sovereignty of course comprises a grotesque inversion of Zionist ideals, which always strove to achieve the opposite – bringing Jews to live under Jewish sovereignty. His latest article takes this manifestly misguided myopia even further.

Yakobson is proposing implementation of a policy that has failed consistently and catastrophically for almost a quarter century, incurring the murder and maiming of thousands upon thousands of his countrymen.

But, because Israel's democratically elected government has not been sufficiently submissive to Palestinian demands in adopting such a perilous and imprudent policy, Yakobson suggests that it be promoted (read "imposed") by the US administration – whose misunderstanding and incompetence regarding the political realities in the international system in general, and the Mideast in particular, have been starkly apparent for at least a decade.

If this recommendation to have a disastrously disproven policy imposed on his own government by an inept alien entity does not constitute a clear and present danger to Israeli national security, it's difficult to think what does.

The trenchant question that remains is: How long will we, as a society, continue to tolerate, not only the articulation but the proactive propagation of harebrained, hazardous hallucinations, no matter how clearly detrimental to the national security of the state and the physical safety of its citizens, before they are accorded the public outrage and societal opprobrium they so richly deserve?

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Hebrew University - Omri Ben Yehuda (Dept of Comparative Jewish Literature) Trivializes the Holocaust

On Holocaust Remembrance Day, Ben Yehuda wishes to make room for fictitious Arab claims of Genocide in 1948.

'When we compare the Holocaust to other events, we not only abandon our posturing as the eternal victim but even more importantly enter the stand as humans, as people required to think, choose and make determinations. … When the Jew ceases to be ONLY a Jew, becoming partly a Turk, partly an Arab and even sometimes a Nazi, he himself as a Jew becomes a participant. Moreover, many researchers have noted in recent years the comparability between the traumas in a multi-cultural society, in which there is also room for the Holocaust of the Jews, such as comparing it with the Holocaust of black people in America and the Holocaust of the Arabs in 1948. The proper role of the genocide of the Jews is not to dismiss the Holocausts of other peoples but rather to cope with the connections to those Holocausts…'

If you would like to let the heads of the Hebrew University know what you think of all this, write to:

President of the Hebrew University
Prof. Menachem Ben-Sasson
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Mt. Scopus, Jerusalem 91905
Tel. 02-6584143, 02-5881905
Fax. 02-5811023

Hebrew University "Friends of" Offices:

Rector of the Hebrew University
Prof. Sarah Stroumsa
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Mt. Scopus, Jerusalem 91905
Telephone: 02-6719698, 02-5883676

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Hebrew University - The Colonialist Ideology of Zeev Sternhell (Dept of Political Science) and the Extreme Left Exposed

Dror Eydar topples Zeev Sternhell's flimsy far-leftist argument against Arab recognition of the Jewish State by staking the Jewish claim to the land of Israel based on moral, legal, historical and religious grounds.

The Palestinian's intransigence on Israel being a Jewish state has to do with one of the core questions, a question that parts in the Left have somehow ignored: Do the Jews, as a national and ethnic group, have a claim to this land, based on moral, legal, historical and religious grounds? At the very least, do they have claim on the portion of the land that would be left to us if Sternhell has his way?

As long as the Palestinians refuse to accept this demand, the conflict will endure. Any deal that is not considered final would merely be another step toward the implementation of the Palestine Liberation Organization's phased plan to destroy Israel. In other words, the delegitimization of the Jewish state would continue even after it had withdrawn to its narrow borders.

Sternhell's friends will then attack Israel as being an "apartheid" and a "racist" state. As far as they are concerned, because a fifth of the population is non-Jewish, this country is a binational state. It is just obvious. How outrageous it is that the law books overtly favor the Jewish majority.

Just look at how Sternhell defines this agreement: "For Israel's leaders, the word 'agreement' means unconditional Palestinian surrender.... The Palestinians must accept their inferiority." Unbelievable. Where did he get that from? Only a colonialist could talk like that. Only a colonialist would view the agreement as a deal where the locals accept their inferiority to the masters.

Sternhell has realized that he is part of a minority. He wants Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to renege on the pledges he made to his voters, to disavow the very values he ran on and abort the historic mission he has pursued…

Sternhell implies that Netanyahu should withdraw from the heart of our homeland, just like de Gaulle withdrew from Algeria. But this is like apples and oranges. Algeria was never French. As for the Land of Israel, well -- it has been the land of the Jewish people since time immemorial. Yes, Mr. Sternhell. This has been the home of your people for ages. Could you believe it?

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Far-Leftist 5th Columnist Israeli Academics Sign Petition Supporting the BDS Movement from Within

The petition, designed only for Israelis citizens, tries to pass off the double standard applied to Israel as "not anti-Semitic."

We, Palestinians, Jews, citizens of Israel, join the Palestinian call for a BDS campaign against Israel, inspired by the struggle of South Africans against apartheid.1 We also call on others to do the same.

We are deeply concerned about the potentially irreversible damage inflicted on Palestinians by Israel's brutal occupation, systematic oppression of its Palestinian citizens and denial of the right of return of Palestinian refugees. We have come to the conclusion that these practices will end only when their cost for Israel- its elites in particular- outweighs the benefits.

In light of attacks on BDS supporters, we emphasize that a critical stance against the occupation and apartheid, including explicit BDS actions taken by individuals and organizations, are not antisemitic [sic]. On the contrary, only resistance of this kind as part of the struggle for peace based on justice and equality will enable a common future for Arabs, Jews and all inabitants [sic] in the region.

Academics among the signatories [as of 22/4/2014]

Last Name

First Name





Tel Aviv












Tel Aviv








Ramat Hasharon




























Toronto and Tel Aviv

Canada and Palestine





For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Hebrew University - Marxist Anti-Democratic Zeev Sternhell (Dept of Political Science) Believes that Arab Recognition of the Jewish State of Israel is an Unreasonable Demand

Sternhell lays down an ultimatum to capitulate to Arab irredentist claims or suffer the humanist brand of apartheid because, according to Sternhell bizarre claim, Jews have occupied Israel since the First Aliyah. Sternhell smears even the liberal left-wing Judicial System as an "arm of Israeli rule." Since Sternhell's ridiculous and absurd ultra-Leftist views will never be a majority position, he calls upon the Western World to undermine Israeli sovereignty and meddle in Israeli internal affairs.

The demand that the Palestinians recognize a Jewish state is no coincidence; it's not to be taken lightly. It's the way to demand that the Palestinians admit their historic defeat and recognize the Jews' exclusive ownership of the country.

In the eyes of the right, the Jewish people won a decisive victory when they occupied the country in a process that began with the First Aliyah — the immigration wave from 1882 to 1903 — and continues to this day. Its two high points were the War of Independence and the Six-Day War, both part of the sequence of settlement. In that sense there is no difference between the occupation of parts of the country before and after 1949, while the Green Line has no significance except for being a temporary cease-fire line.

Therefore, for Israel's leaders, the word "agreement" means unconditional Palestinian surrender. For the Jews' exclusive right to the land to be complete and recognized, the Palestinians must accept their inferiority. This perception is anchored deep in the Israeli consciousness and is shared by the right, the center and the center-left, the towns in the country's outskirts and most residents of Greater Tel Aviv, the Labor Party and Likud. They all reject the principle of equal rights for the Arabs.

The road to South Africa has been paved and will not be blocked until the Western world presents Israel with an unequivocal choice: Stop the annexation and dismantle most of the colonies and the settler state, or be an outcast.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


University Heads Boycott Ariel U

[Professor Manuel Trajtenberg, chairman of the Committee of University Heads] delivered his speech to an incomplete forum. The Ariel University president was absent. The formal explanation given for his absence was that the Ariel University president is not a member of Committee of University Heads, so he was not invited.

That explanation, however, obviously neither holds water nor lives up to a single legal or even ethical criterion. If such is the case, then it means Trajtenberg refuses to accept Ariel University's status as a true university, despite the government's decision to upgrade the institution. Actually, it makes Trajtenberg the head of a committee that refuses to honor the government's decision. So be it.

Any reasonable individual can see that the university professor heads have conglomerated, acting as an extortionist gang and doing with academia as it pleases. Divvying up the budget among the council, an estimated 8 billion shekels ($2.3 billion), is done as if the universities were state unto themselves.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Two Leftist Academics Demand Israel "Recognize" Palestine even if the Arabs Refuse to Recognize Israel

Oded Eran (TAU, Institute for National Security) and Robbie Sabel (Hebrew U, Dept of Law) preach capitulation to Arab irredentist claims while posturing over the merits of creating a second Hamastan bordering on the Israeli heartland. Eran and Sabel allege that a self-claimed Arab State would be no better than the State of Israel as neither have fixed borders or a formally recognized capital. *This* is who led negotiations and advises the Foreign Ministry. We now know how Israeli politicians were hoodwinked into signing the failed Oslo experiment.

Notwithstanding its concerns it might be worthwhile for Israel, and maybe the US, too, to consider taking the initiative and supporting the State of Palestine's accession to the UN. True, it will be a state with no permanent borders and a self-declared capital, with major issues such as the refugees still unresolved. It will not, however, be much different from its neighbor Israel in this respect. Israel's borders with the Palestinians, both in Gaza and the West Bank, and with Lebanon and Syria are still to be permanently fixed, and its capital, Jerusalem, is not formally recognized by the international community.

Beyond exposing the hollow Palestinian threat, such a move will turn the Israeli-Palestinian conflict into just one of close to 200 international disputes on territories and borders. Jerusalem, security, refugees and mutual recognition of their national status will still have to be negotiated, but that will be carried out by two legally equal entities.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Tel Aviv University - TAU Officials OK Terrorist's Land Day Lecture on Campus

Students protest the participation of Mohammad Kana'neh, who served jail time after being convicted of working for Hezbollah, in a Hadash movement sponsored Land Day conference on campus. TAU officials believe that Terrorists are also entitled to freedom of speech. Conference participants believe they are above any criticism.

Students of rightist and centrist political groups in Tel Aviv University protested the invitation of an Arab-Israeli to partake in a Land Day conference on campus, after serving a prison sentence for contacting a foreign agent.

Ahead of the conference, expected to take place next Monday, the protesters turned to the university's management and demanded to cancel the participation of the man, Mohammad Kana'neh, former secretary general of the Abnaa el-Balad (People of the Land) organization. The event's organizers claimed the rioters attempt to silence them.

Kana'neh had served 30 months in prison after being convicted of contacting a source working for Hezbollah and transferring information to Palestinian terror activists.

"There is place for a pluralistic debate on campus, but no place for a terror-encouraging debate," the protesters noted while demanding "tighter inspection of the (Arab) movements' activities by the university."

Jaber Basal, member of the Tel Aviv University Hadash movement, said: "It is our right to partake in any conference on campus. Every person has a different view. They call some of us 'terrorists', and we also see the representatives of their political parties as criminals of war who should be persecuted in an international court… I suggest that no one teaches us what to do."

Tel Aviv University said in response: "The university maintains freedom of speech on campus, and it allows public activity initiated by the students in accordance to the rules of conduct of the State of Israel and previous court rulings, as long as the following conditions are kept: Keeping the law of the State of Israel, maintaining university regulations, procedures and property, keeping public order and the proper order of the teaching, research and work on campus. In the case in question, all of these conditions were met and thus the university approved the activity."

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Hebrew University - Amiram Goldblum (Dept of Pharmaceutical Sciences) Being Taken to Task for Running his Tendentious Anti-Israel Pseudo-Poll about "Apartheid"

Maurice Ostroff blames (somewhat maliciously) misleading questions and unethical analysis of the data for the "Apartheid" conclusion to the poll commissioned by Goldblum and his fund. Quite opposite to the poll's "conclusion," Ostroff maintains that the poll's data prove that Israelis are less racist than many Western countries or the Arab world.

Unfortunately the manner in which the poll was conducted and interpreted has achieved the diametric opposite. For example according to Haaretz, Arab MK's said that the survey verifies their sense of increasing radicalization of Israelis and the marginalization of Arab citizens to the fringes of Israeli society; hardly promoting the understanding and dialog that your fund aims to promote. Their conclusions would be acceptable if based on facts but their prejudicial views are unjustified since they result from flaws in the poll as explained below.

Worse still, rather than promoting peace, the reaction to the poll incites hatred of Israel, making peace with our neighbors more difficult. It promoted a viral international negative reaction by media who, without bothering to analyze the poll results, hastily and irresponsibly reproduced Gideon Levy's misinterpretation.

For the purpose of illustration, let's discuss the results of question 8 which asks whether respondents would object to having an Arab neighbor. In your press statement you unjustifiably infer an attitude of apartheid as you conclude that 42% of the total population does not want an Arab family as neighbors in their building.

This is not a reasonable inference as the actual results show that fully 68% of the 235 secular respondents and 66% of the 82 Russians have no objection to Arab neighbors.

The 79% of the Ultra orthodox and 62% of the Orthodox respondents that skew the results would object to any neighbors who don't observe the Sabbath, whether Arab or Jewish. Their attitudes bear no relationship to South African legislated apartheid. In any event these opinions cannot be regarded as significant as they are expressed by a very small number of respondents; only 60 Ultra orthodox and 50 religious.

2. Understanding the questions

The weakest aspect of this poll is the admission in your press statement that you asked about apartheid despite the fact that it was unclear what the respondents understood by the term. The poll should be dismissed as unreliable on this account alone.

Surely the most important requirement for any credible survey is that the respondents understand what they are being asked.

In fact it appears that even the pollsters don't understand the meaning of apartheid. Yes there are extremist tendencies in Israel that should be opposed but they bear no relationship to apartheid. I speak from personal experience… And I state categorically that the situation in Israel and the West bank bears no resemblance to South African apartheid.

In the circumstances I suggest with respect that the laudable objectives of the Israela Goldblum Fund have been seriously set back by this poll.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Pace University - Professor Ilan Safit (Dept of Philosophy) Finds an Arab Moses

Safit makes his 'discovery' in his convoluted justification of the PA's bid for Statehood that bypasses the peace negotiations and violates the Oslo Accords.

Safit is an activist with One Voice, a far-leftist pro-Palestinian propaganda organization. He recently hosted some films at a presentation at the 7th annual "Other Voices from Israel" seminar. Safit's presentation was titled New Voices, and every one of these "New Voices" was a pro-Palestinian voice… One Voice activists are all for a two state solution, even if two states means Hamastan metastasizing from Gaza to the West Bank. Their "philosophy" is to cheer on the Palestinians no matter what they do or say. Amusingly, Palestinian activists and organizers like the ISM's Ali Abunimah still condemn One Voice anyway as being "too pro-Israel."

Safit, the Learned Philm Philosopher, tries to explain his ideas [supporting the PLO's attempt to bypass peace negotiations and violate the Oslo Accords in order to get the UN to declare a Palestinian state] based on Jewish morality and lofty aims in an article he wrote in The Jewish Week… He even recruits the Bible as pro-Palestinian propaganda:

He sums things up thusly: "It was Moses' greatness to tell the people the truth: 'We will not arrive soon at the Promised Land; but we will continue on the path, and we will endure, and one day, if not we, then our children, will prevail. Isn't this message exactly the one Palestinian leaders are now telling their own people? Doesn't it describe better the current Palestinian story than it does the current Israeli one? … Standing by the values that made you into a people proves a more trying task…'"

So Safit wants Jews to acknowledge that the true Moses of the 21st century is the Palestinian Other!

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University of Exeter – Ilan Pappe Participates in a Kangaroo Tribunal Using Mobocracy to Lynch Israel

Pappe uses a litany of false or misleading facts and other untruths to prove Plan Dalet "ethnic cleansing," make illegal the justified capture of the 1967 territories, and to vilify legitimate anti-terror military actions. Any Court of "Law" that would accept testimony from Ilan Pappe, a disgraced academic and linchpin in the Tantura Hoax, must be blatantly incompetent and obviously biased.

The testimony of Israeli historian and socialist activist Ilan Pappe was an interesting and revealing account of the Zionists' leadership strategy to rid the Palestinians from their homeland since the 1940s. He testified that the expulsions were not decided on an ad hoc basis, as other historians have argued, but constituted the ethnic cleansing of Palestine, in accordance with Plan Dalet drawn up in 1947 by Israel's leaders then.

He testified that the expulsion of the Palestinians in 1948 constituted ethnic cleansing, as the Zionists movement was not concerned with the native people. He revealed that it was as early as in the 1940s when the Zionists began deliberating the fate of the indigenous people of Palestine and that they wanted to take over Palestine with as little Palestinians in it by having them leave voluntarily or be forced out.

He further revealed that from 1948 until 1949, the plan was enforced by Zionist forces to cleanse villages and towns of Palestinians by encircling the villages/towns from three flanks to intimidate the residents into leaving by leaving one flank open. Some 530 villages were wiped out physically. Under the partition plan, 56% of the land [much of which the Negev desert - Isracampus] was to be handed to Israel wherein the 2/3 of the population was Palestinians. In the end, 93% of the land came under the control of Israel [after being attacked by 7 Arab armies - Isracampus] and 750,000 Palestinians were left out as refugees in neighbouring countries, in Gaza and West Bank. After the 1967 war, Gaza and West Bank were occupied.

He added that having taken over most of Palestine territories, the Zionist policy changed from expelling to destroying the Palestinians. Hence, the Sabra & Shatilla massacre was an attempt to destroy Palestinians in Lebanon.

He told the tribunal that the use of military action against Palestinians in Gaza and West Bank was considered genocidal against people who cannot defend themselves. Military operations such as Summer Rains, Autumn Clouds, and Cast Lead were just to kill the Palestinians and destroy the economy, culture and their spirit.

In cross-examination by Amicus Curiae Jason Kay, Prof Pappe agreed that his view of history is a minority view…

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Tel Aviv University - Carlo Strenger (Dept of Psychology) Wants Arab Cantons (That Can Then Secede?)

The consequences for Israel are clear. Like in Switzerland, the U.S. and Germany, the central government’s responsibility and authority should be cut back to the domains that can only be dealt with nationally, like the military, nation-wide transportation and ecological management. The rest should be delegated to smaller units.

The cultural differences in Israel are bigger than in Switzerland and probably the U.S. too, and the animosity between different groups here has led to the point where national religious, Haredi, Liberal and Arab citizens are afraid they can no longer live here. Moving towards a form of cantonal autonomy for Israel’s various groups could bring us all the relief that we can live and let live without stepping on each other’s toes.

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Ben Gurion University - Neve Gordon (Dept of Political Science) Participates in Misleading Anti-Israel Propaganda Documentary

The documentary 'Peace, Propaganda and the Promised Land' is a single-sided Arab viewpoint on the conflict that uses false premises and misleading assertions to place the sole blame for the lack of peace in the Middle East on the Israeli Government. Gordon and his fellows try to present the 'peace loving' Arab fallach farmers as being misunderstood simple folk that are being demonized by intimidating Jewish Organizations. Gordon and the others justify the use of violence these 'peace loving' people. However, Gordon and the documentary ignore the roles of terrorist organizations, suicide bombings, and the Arab Leadership in propagating the conflict.

Prof. Neve Gordon: When one lives under oppression, and there is no other way out, and he's being violated every day by violent means, then sometimes the only way out of that situation is through violence. Particularly if the one who is violating your rights, and taking away your freedom is ruthless. And uses systematic methods of violence to oppress you. Like torture.

Prof. Neve Gordon: That's not the kind of image that the media wants to create because then all these images of Jews and Arabs working together, of Palestinians wanting peace, would create a kind of dissonance. It would contradict the message that the media has been giving us for years and years. Then how do you explain it? You can't explain it.

Prof. Neve Gordon: Their struggle in many ways is a just struggle. And they're struggling for a state. We in Israel have a state, the American people have a state, why shouldn't the Palestinian people have a state?

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Tel Aviv University - Aeyal Gross (Dept of Law) Continues to Lead the Anti-Semitic Heterophobes

Gross receives international acclaim as a leader within the 'pinkwashing' criticism movement of Israeli "apartheid."

The cynical use of queer rights as a publicity strategy to create a positive, humane image for Israel is not new, nor is it exclusive to New Zealand. In 2011 the Jewish lesbian writer Sarah Schulman published an op-ed in the New York Times criticising Israel’s ‘strategy to conceal the continuing violations of Palestinians’ human rights behind an image of modernity signified by Israeli gay life’. Other prominent queer Jews have echoed Schulman’s criticism of pinkwashing, including Judith Butler and Aeyal Gross.

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Haaretz Questions What Constitutes Legitimate Expression

Haaretz Newspaper, The Radical Left-Wing Mouthpiece, has started to question what "constitutes legitimate expression." Haaretz runs Amiel Ungar's op-ed questioning where 'Critical Thinking' stops and where abiding the enemy and treason begins. Exposed are the methods of the Israeli Far-Left for framing and controlling the 'legitimate' political debate by 'outlawing' opinions with which it can not compete. As a minority opinion, the Israeli Far-Left has been warned to curb its abuse of the subjective processes of politicized selection and rewards.

High school civics teacher Adam Verete, who used his position of authority to impose his extreme left-wing views on his students, and made a student who courageously challenged his views an object of ridicule, was reinstated. Popular music icon Ariel Zilber's lifetime achievement award (given by Israel's national performing artists' association) was downgraded … for uttering politically incorrect views that were no more inflammatory than those uttered by prize winners identified with the Israeli left.

As both stories were in the spotlight in Israel simultaneously, it naturally raised the issue why freedom of expression was upheld for Verete the leftist teacher and denied Zilber the rightist musician. … The debate over the limits of free speech in Israel is not an honest one but merely a continuation of the political struggle by other means.

Israel's political left wants to frame the political debate by dictating what constitutes legitimate expression and what constitutes "racism" or "incitement." In this way it can monopolize the debate and exclude opinions that it disagrees with. One means of doing so is to punish the proponents of "incorrect" viewpoints. In December 2013, for example, we witnessed the grotesque spectacle of Haifa University retracting an honorary doctorate from Nobel laureate Professor Israel Aumann because it found his political views discordant.

But why wait for a person with incorrect views to make a name for himself and then blackball him? A better tactic is to adopt a Bolshevik prophylactic approach that will prevent entire categories of undesirables from achieving influence and renown. This was the thrust of Amir Oren's warning that the top ranks of the Shin Bet security service were becoming infested with religious Zionists the most dangerous carriers of incorrect thinking…

One can understand the anguish of the left in seeing the representatives of religious Zionism advance to major positions in the IDF and the Shin Bet because these positions presage future corporate and political leadership roles. But if the left is worried that there are too many knitted skullcaps in the Shin Bet, it must beef up its own share of potential applicants.

If Oren and his friends want to impose what Huntington called the "subjective model", where correct political viewpoints would trump qualifications, they should ponder the consequences not only for the Shin Bet but for the Israeli left as well.

Israel's political and demographic trends in Israel are far from encouraging for the left, and as a minority it has more to lose from a politicized selection and rewards process. For example, the makeup of Israel's Supreme Court or the Political Science Department at Beersheva University would look a lot different if they had to reflect dominant political opinions rather than presumed objectivity. By denying Zilber and Aumann honors and seeking to block the career advancement of religious Zionists, the left is inviting a backlash and an overdose of its own medicine.

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Hebrew University - Daniel Blatman (Dept of History) Calls Israel a "Racist Cancer" and Calls for a Boycott of Israel

If I were an American Jew, I’d worry about Israel’s racist cancer
Amid the awareness that Israel is sliding toward an apartheid regime, the silence of Jews worldwide is deafening.

If I were an American Jew who held Israel dear, I would view the crisis afflicting the greatest Jewish dream in modern times with despair.

When sitting down to Shabbat dinner with my adult children, I would hear that Israel no longer represents the values on which they were raised: human dignity, equal rights, a pluralistic society, and the obligation to fight for the weak and the persecuted. In the eyes of America’s future economic and political leaders, Israel no longer has a place in the family of enlightened nations. It has become the South Africa of the 21st century.

If I were an American Jew, I would conclude that this was a time of emergency. It’s not the Iranian threat that endangers Israel’s survival, it’s the moral and ethical collapse of its society.

But if the vision of an open, egalitarian and peace-loving Israel is important to Jews around the world, they can’t leave the chances of fulfilling it in the hands of the Israelis alone. The racist cancer, after 47 years of occupation and domination of another people, has spread deep into Israeli society.

World Jewry must help Israel be cured of it. It must speak out and act. It must come out openly and sever any economic, cultural or political tie with any person or organization that promotes turning Israel into a racist apartheid state, whether a settler, a rabbi who preaches violence, or a politician who promotes racist legislation.

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Ben Gurion University - SLAPP Suit Neve Gordon (Dept of Political Science) Joins Those Insisting that Critics of the BDS Movement be Silenced

Israel-Hating Gordon, who filed a fascist SLAPP suit against a professor who dared to criticize his public political writings and behavior, feels intimidated by the efforts to curtail the hijacking of the public discourse on Israel by the BDS movement.

Whether one is for or against Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) as a means to change the current situation in Palestine-Israel, it is important to recognize that boycotts are internationally affirmed and constitutionally protected forms of political expression. As non-violent instruments to effect political change, boycotts cannot be outlawed without trampling on a constitutionally protected right to political speech. Those who support boycotts ought not to become subject to retaliation, surveillance, or censorship when they choose to express their political viewpoint, no matter how offensive that may be to those who disagree.

We are now witnessing accelerating efforts to curtail speech, to exercise censorship, and to carry out retaliatory action against individuals on the basis of their political views or associations, notably support for BDS.

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University of Haifa - Israel-Hater Micah Leshem (Dept of Psychology) Joins the Ku Klux Klan!!

Demands that crosses be burnt on the lawns of any Jews who move into Acre and into Arab neighborhoods of Haifa, where they do not belong!

Posting on Segel-Plus, March 6, 2014, Micah Leshem <> wrote:

Well certainly it seems that this was a terrible criminal offence. However, in the general blackout of the Jewish media on what is happening in the Arab community (eg (sic) we are told almost nothing about the daily acts and incidents of harm and destruction to Palestinians civilians in the occupied territories) and we know little of what happens even close to our homes – eg (sic) how many of us know that a Yeshiva suddenly appeared in the middle of the Arab neighbourhood of Ein Hayam? Not a single Jewish family lives there, yet slap bang in its center - a Yeshiva. How did that come about? And similarly, how come right in the tenements of Acco where Arab families live, suddenly apartments were rented to Avrechim – not families, but Avrechim - how did that come about? And what did we hear about their contribution to the Yom Kippur riots in Acco – very little (the town was closed off by police and Magav next day. I had to sneak in and talk to people and met press folk who were kept at bay as well). Similar tactics are being attempted in Halissa, as some of us know, no thanks to the media.

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Hebrew University - Amiram Goldblum (Dept of Pharmaceutical Sciences) Organizes a Petition to Suppress Academic Freedom

As the basis to revoke Bar Ilan's Academic Freedom, the petition implies, in bold letters by Goldblum, that the University is producing more of the same "incitement" that produced Yigal Amir. Goldblum's petition gets supported by the usual group of Radical Leftwing Academics.

However, the ad published by Bar-Ilan says something else: The Book …. PROVES how Israeli Human Rights Organizations fuel the culture of terror and confrontation in Israel... PROVES, no less. Nothing left for a discussion and debate. Bar Ilan thus adopted the slandering position of the book, so that the claim of Hershkovits in support of free speech has no basis and is ridiculous

Freedom of speech is a main cornerstone of democracy. We condemn the Bar Ilan style of that publication that blocks free speech and debate. Bar Ilan has well known reasons to learn from past experience and should thus be more sensitive and exercise the utmost efforts to teach its students to respect democratic values.

We the undersigned condemn the blocking of free speech in that ad of Bar Ilan, we declare our pride in Israeli Human Rights organizations and reject all attempts, by Bar Ilan or by others, to harm them.

Among the signed:
[Daniel Bar-Tal]
דניאל בר-טל
[Avraham Oz]
פרופ' אברהם עוז
[David Bar-Gal]
פרופ דוד בר-גל
[Hannah Safran]
חנה ספרן
[Alon Liel]
אלון ליאל
[Sadra Ezrachi]
פרופ' סדרה אזרחי
[Oren Yiftachel]
אורן יפחתאל
frances raday [sic]
[Amiram Goldblum]
עמירם גולדבלום

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Hebrew University - Dimitry Shumsky (Dept of History) - Promotes the
Bi-National State to Replace Evil Ungrateful Israel

Apparently, Shumsky lives in his own Never Never Land composed of historical theories and analogies of life for Jews where the real existential threat to Jews plays no role. Shumsky is, most interestingly, an Ashkenazic Jew whose family came from the Soviet Union, which adds particular cynicism to his phony historical analysis of why Israel, the Jewish state, needs replacing by a binational state. The Jewish state gave a homeland to his family, Jews from Russia. Shumsky is clearly no Anatoly Sharansky, who sat in a Soviet prison for the right to live in Israel.

His recent article in Ha'Aretz calls Israel to task for bothering the poor Turks by interdicting the Mavi Marmara on its way to Gaza. He declares how much Israel and the Jews owe Turkey today for the Ottomans providing a refuge from Christian persecution as far back as 1492. Of course if Erdogan had been in power back then…

Shumsky makes it clear that he doesn't want the Jewish state … at all. To that end, he promotes the binational state which might explain his being an apologist for Turkey and other allies of the "Palestinians."

"Let both Jewish Israelis and Palestinian-Arab Israelis launch a movement to fight for the definition of Israel as a state of both nationalities…"

Ah, but talking about a Federation sounds so nice and all Kumbaya touchy-feely, especially at places filled with Jewish Diaspora adolescents such as at the University of Texas Hillel, where Shumsky lectured on his revolutionary ideas for "peace" (some might call capitulation).

Shumsky would have us believe the Arabs were dealt a raw deal when Israel was created:

"Luckily for Zionism, a sovereign Arab state did not arise in place of the Ottoman Empire. Instead the Arab territories were severed by the Western powers into separate countries in a process that strengthened tribe loyalties and deepened the cultural alienation among different Arab populations, creating or shaping new Arab national identities based on local territory."

He continues, "In this context, it's understandable that the Palestinians -- who did not reject the justified Israeli demands that Arab countries compensate Jewish refugees -- do not accept the comparison between Jewish refugees from Arab lands and Palestinian refugees from the Land of Israel/ Palestine." (Like the Arabs have seriously offered to compensate Jews for lost property in Iraq, in Egypt, in Lebanon, etc.).

SO there are kosher refugees in need of reparations, meaning Arabs, and unkosher refugees deserving nothing, meaning Jews.

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The Israeli Radical Left Demands Academic Freedom Suppression to Defend (Leftist) Academic Freedom

Amiram Goldblum (Hebrew U), the anti-democratic prof, organizes a petition to suppress Academic Freedom at Bar Ilan University, and gets mocked by the Israeli Maariv daily newspaper. Goldblum is joined by his academic fellows in the Radical Leftwing Suppression of Free Speech: Daniel Bar-Tal from TAU; Avraham Oz and Hannah Safran from Haifa U; Oren Yiftachel from BGU, and Frances Raday from Hebrew U. Will Goldblum file a new SLAPP suit against Maariv?

It sounds like a Purim gag, and if only it were.

A petition was organized to denounce Bar Ilan University for allowing Black to speak on campus and demanding that the event surrounding the publication of Black's book be cancelled. The petition was organized by Peace Now co-founder Amiram Goldblum, a far-leftist professor of pharmaceutical studies at the Hebrew University… Goldblum is behind many of the attempts to paint Israel as an apartheid regime and has called for international pressure to suppress Israeli sovereignty and coerce the country to accept the diktats of the tiny ultra-leftist minority.

The new petition initiated by Goldblum demanding that Black be prevented from speaking, with its Orwellian title of "Support Free Speech," can be read here in Hebrew and English: Yes it is there in black and white - the petition demands that freedom of speech be suppressed for Black in order to support freedom of speech. Ben Dror Yemini in Maariv this past weekend devotes part of his column to mocking Goldblum and his fellow petitioners:

It is also amusing to see the list of tenured radicals who signed the petition to suppress academic freedom at Bar Ilan University. The list includes many academics who have ever demanded that critics of the Radical Left be silenced and suppressed. It is worth going through the list of signers one by one.

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Hebrew University and Bezalel Academy - Intellectual Weakness and Moral Impoverishment of Eva Illouz (HebrewU Dept of Sociology and Bezalel President)

Illouz's flawed slavery analogy is just too flawed, even for leftists.

But her deeply flawed ["occupation" is "slavery"] argument—which, to judge by the number of times her essay has been forwarded to me since its publication this weekend, is enjoying its share of attention—deserves a sharp rebuttal let this morally repugnant analogy bloom any further. It's easy enough to debunk on historical grounds, and I hope some prominent historian of slavery soon does; in the meantime, however, I wish to point out not the intellectual weakness of Illouz's analogy but its absolute moral impoverishment.

But decrying Israel's needless arrests, wanton violence, or hard-hearted policies—all of which I've done, in print or in person—oughtn't to preclude one from observing that even Palestinian leftists are marching against negotiations with the Jewish state, or that in the midst of said negotiations the Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, welcomed the convicted murderers Israel had released as a gesture of good will by celebrating them as heroes and saying not a peep about peace, or that a fair survey of the barriers to reconciliation erected over the course of the last two decades would assign a healthy dose of blame on both sides of the conflict. To assume otherwise is Manichean or, worse

If their [the Arab] existence is closely determined by anyone's decision, it's that of the governments they had freely elected. And when they fall victim to will and power, it's not always the will and the power of the Israelis: … 16 percent of all Palestinian civilian deaths were caused "by Palestinian groups or individuals," often as a result of infighting between various factions vying for power.

These observations, naturally, only complicate the black-and-white beauty of Illouz's slavery analogy, and as such go unnoticed. And that is an insult not only to those of us who struggle to keep our thinking on this complex issue grounded and free of fevered dogma… If there is indeed a dichotomy in the Jewish community, let it be between those of us who thumb the almanac of historical evils searching for some feint trace of likelihood with which to kindle our outrage and those of us who know better.

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Hebrew University - University Heads Allow Students to Bring 'Apartheid Week' to Hebrew U Campus

Students put up photo exhibit defaming IDF as an 'occupation army,' and call for 'Palestine' to be 'liberated' with the approval of Hebrew U's Regents.

Adi Golan, the head of the university's Ta Lavi pro-Likud student group, told Arutz Sheva that Arab students were behind the defamatory exhibit, which is located in a central hallway frequented daily by the university's regents. The Arab students put up photos depicting the IDF negatively with inciteful texts, reports Golan. The texts define IDF soldiers as "hunters of freedom," call Israel "Palestine," and the IDF an "occupying army." … Sections of the Arab text declare that "Palestine will be liberated."

Ta Lavi submitted a complaint to the board of regents, which responded by saying that the issue is being looked into.

A voice uniquely qualified for disproving accusations of apartheid against Israel was sounded last September by Reverend Kenneth Meshoe, a member of the Parliament of South Africa and founder of the African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP). Meshoe argued that "anyone who knows what apartheid really is and still makes such a claim [about Israel] should be told to their faces that they are lying."

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Hebrew University and Bezalel Academy - Eva Illouz (HebrewU Dept of Sociology and Bezalel President) Gets Caught Rewriting History Again

Ben-Dror Yemini, the Maariv Editor, rejects Illouz's claim of Arab Slavery and defines it as an attempt by Illouz to demonize Israel. He corrects Illouz's feeble attempts to distort the truth. Illouz seems to have mis-read data, quoted untruthful and long-since retracted stories, and misrepresented irrelevant data to such an extent that Yemini questions her common sense and analytical abilities.

The word "demonization" is commonly tossed around in the global debate on Israel. Demonization is not synonymous with criticism. Demonization, as its name implies, is the attempt to depict Israel as a monster -- a state established on the basis of crimes against humanity, racism, apartheid and fascism. We were recently subject to a fascinating example of demonization in a piece by professor Eva Illouz published in Ha'aretz ("47 years a slave," Feb. 7, 2014.) Illouz's argument, put briefly, is that the Israeli occupation of the West Bank requires a new definition: slavery, no less.

To the matter at hand: The West Bank is home to between 1.4-2.4 million people (demographers are split on the matter.) In what world does the demolition of 173 buildings lead to the conclusion of a systematic policy of house demolitions? Are philosophers and sociologists exempt from common sense? Every government, even in Sweden, prohibits illegal construction. Moreover, the Palestinian Authority is currently constructing an entire city, Rawabi, with thousands of houses. How does this relate to systematic house demolitions and what does "slavery" have to do with it?

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Professor Alan Dershowitz Bashes the Bigoted Anti-Semitic BDS Movement

Marez's benighted response is more than simply bigoted, it is mendacious.

His association is not simply starting with Israel, it is stopping with Israel… This too is the paradigm of bigotry: starting and ending with one ethnic or religious group and applying a different standard to every other group.

He too had to start and stop somewhere. So he singled out the Jews. Was this anti-Semitic? The answer to the question, is the singling out of the nation state of the Jewish people for an academic boycott an act of anti-Semitism, the answer is, if the shoe fits...

Here not only does the shoe fit, but like Cinderella's slipper, the bigoted shoe in this case fits only one group: academic institutions in the nation state of the Jewish people.

There are those who claim that the BDS movement against Israel cannot be anti-Semitic, because it is directed at a country and not at individuals… That defense won't work. Treating the Jew among nations precisely the way classic anti-Semites have treated the Jewish people is simply a new adaptation of the oldest of prejudices.

Let those who want to boycott nations apply the simple test of morality: the worst first. Let them apply another moral test: focusing first on those countries in which dissent is not tolerated and in which there is no internal recourse against violations of human rights.

Applying these tests to Israel would put the nation state of the Jewish people at the very bottom of countries deserving to be boycotted. But by ignoring the worst and condemning a nation that is near the very top in terms of human rights, academic freedom and the rule of law, the bigotry of the condemners becomes obvious.

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The Lack of Pluralism at Israeli Universities is an Existential Threat to the Economy and Society.

Many Israeli students are brainwashed with radical Marxist, anti-entrepreneurship dogma by their professors, producing useless diplomas and under-skilled graduates in the economic reality of the Israeli job market.

Things are much worse in Israel. Universities help shape a radical view where entrepreneurship is frowned upon. The ethos they espouse is diametrically opposed to the Zionist vision that touted hard work as the linchpin of a merit-based society. Liberal arts programs focus on "redistributing wealth" rather than on pursuing a successful career, as if wealth just descends from the heavens and simply needs to be distributed "fairly" (whatever that means).

What's worse is that students are told that profit is a product of exploitation and therefore any transaction is a zero-sum game. But that is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Israelis students come out of university determined not to be suckers; they make sure their clients and business partners will forever be at a disadvantage. Human capital is Israel's most important asset. But in academia, the social sciences and humanities are dominated by a group of postmodern neo-Marxist zealots who shun anyone who is not like them, anyone who does not adhere to their radical economic and political principles or subscribe to their anti-capitalist ideology. They have devoided higher education of any critical thought that is grounded in reality. (Remember that dissertation that accused Israeli soldiers of racism because they wouldn't rape Palestinian women?)

Hundreds of thousands of young Israelis enter universities because they want to get a better job, only to be systematically brainwashed on dogmatic principles. They graduate from universities without the proper skills, having been denied useful information or analytical tools for what lies ahead. It is then that they realize that their hard-earned diplomas have no real value on the job market…

The lack of real pluralism in Israeli universities poses an existential threat to our economy and society. Wouldn't the massive subsidies that help students obtain useless degrees -- which have no vocational value and create an inflation of hundreds of pseudo-academics -- be better spent on vocational training and real know-how?

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Hebrew University - Moshe Amirav (Dept of Urban Studies) Wants to Appease the PLO by Dividing Jerusalem Since that Sure Worked Well Before 1967

For years Amirav has been spewing the usual Leftist gloom and doom about the demographic specter of old and how Israel has failed to unify Jerusalem.

There are three national targets which all Israeli governments have been trying to achieve in Jerusalem since 1967: Demographic, territorial and political. The national effort has failed and the targets have not been achieved.

The political scenario is the most difficult: The annual Palestinian growth rate is 3.5% today, compared to a growth rate of only 1.5% among the Jewish residents. Within 10 years, Jerusalem will have a Palestinian majority.

In fact, in as early as the next elections they will have the possibility of becoming the ruling party in Jerusalem and crowning a mayor of their own. An organized vote will give them a majority in the city council, and a Palestinian mayor will anyway be elected… Our conclusion, which has become even stronger, was: Without dividing Jerusalem – we are about to lose it!

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Sapir College (Hebrew U and Tel Aviv-Yaffo College) - Stalinist Ofer Cassif Still Building Gulags

Addressing an International Conference of Communist Parties, Cassif promotes the Arab Water Hoax as part of his trashing the State of Israel as an imperialist, capitalist, and colonialist blight on the face of the Earth. Also rejects the implementation of Israeli Civil Law in the Negev and encourages the Bedouin land-grabs there in the name of Marxism.

If I may quote comrade Rosa Luxemburg, it seems that particularly nowadays the world as a whole faces two options only: socialism or barbarism. When capitalism runs amok and destructively tries to invade wherever and however it can; when imperialist powers (primarily USA and EU) are systematically in the offense, when the people's rights to democracy and social justice, control of natural resources and wellbeing are under vicious attack by imperialism, capitalism, chauvinism and xenophobia – it's our obligation, not solely right, to join forces and fight back our common enemies, namely capitalists and their allies…

The situation in Israel proper as well as in the Palestinian Occupied Territories is grave. As far as the occupation is concerned, Israel colonization of the territories is not only going on under the auspices of USA and its financial and political support, but actually only getting deeper and crueler. Natural resources like water and land are regularly robbed by Israeli Zionist authorities for the sake of Jewish settlers; Palestinians' freedom of movement, worship and assembly are strictly limited; peaceful demonstrators and non-violent protesters are often arrested, beaten, and occasionally even shot; and trees, fields and other assets owned by Palestinians are burnt and damaged on a daily basis by Jewish settlers, while Israeli soldiers and other officials ignore that fascist vandalism…

The most deprived population in Israel is the Arab Palestinian Bedouin of Al Naqab. Not only that that population is the poorest, with the least access to healthcare, education and other social services, but a great part of its communities live in historic villages which the governments of Israel consistently refuse to recognize and supply with elementary goods such as running water and electricity. Furthermore, just a few weeks ago the Israeli parliament (the Knesset) enacted the infamous Prawer Law whose realization is going to confiscate 800,000 dunums of land in Al Naqab and expel over 50,000 Bedouins from their native land and residence. This inhumane plan will also lead to the demolition of 35 historic Arab villages that the governments of Israel continuously refuse to recognize, and will confine 30% of Arab Bedouins in Al Naqab to 1% of the land.

As Marxist-Leninists, we know that reality should be analyzed as a totality. Indeed, the abovementioned elements are dialectically interrelated and together constitute one whole: a totality of capitalism interwoven with Zionist colonialism and racism. In the case of Israeli governments and ruling classes, Zionism and politics of fear are regularly used in order to divide the working class and the exploited strata as a whole and rule them by means of panic and intimidation. Thus, instead of directing their rage against their exploiters and oppressors, Israeli masses (especially the Jewish ones) are encouraged by those ruling forces to aim their anger and frustration at Arabs, refugees and other "outsiders".

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Hebrew University and Bezalel Academy - Eva Illouz (HebrewU Dept of Sociology and Bezalel President) - Israel Treats Arabs like Slaves

Illouz, who introduced the leftist litmus test for student applicants at Bezalel, claims Arabs are like black slaves in the US before emancipation. Later in the text she qualifies the claim as an imperfect analogy only to use it to bash Israel again. She likens the "Occupation" to American Slavery through ideologies of domination and demonstrates the presence of an Israeli domination ideology through the Ashkenazi-Mizrachi cultural wars of the past. In a tirade of ultra-Leftist distorted factoids, Illuoz selectively takes from Israel's war on terror to build her case for slavery and "cherry picks" quotes from Jewish theological theory to provide "evidence" of a widespread Jewish supremacist population. Illouz vilifies the Right as being moral-less while patting herself and her fellow ultra-Leftists on the back for being morally superior. Within her "morally superiority", she "emancipates" Israel's Enemies to drive the Jews into the sea.

If Israel is indeed singled out among the many nations that have a bad record in human rights, it is because of the personal sense of shame and embarrassment that a large number of Jews in the Western world feel toward a state that, by its policies and ethos, does not represent them anymore… Supreme irony of history: Israel has splintered the Jewish people around two radically different moral visions of Jews and humanity.
I will call one group the "security as morality" group. For this group, Israel is twice morally beyond reproach. … Surveying history, the "security as morality" group observes that might has regularly been right, and that Israel is no less entitled to its violent policies than America or other countries have been to their own…

The second group of Jews derives its positions from universal standards of justice, and from the observation that Israel is fast moving away from the pluralistic, multiethnic, pacific democracies of the world. Israel stopped being a valid source of identification for these Jews not because they are self-hating, but because many of them have been actively involved, in deed or thought, in the liberalization of their respective societies…

Israel makes an unacceptable demand: it requests from Jews loyalty to its policies, claims to have a moral and political status superior to that of its neighbors, yet consistently violates the human rights of Palestinians, Arabs, and liberal Judaism; uses violence; violates international law; and practices state-sanctioned discrimination toward non-Jews. For liberal Jews, Israel bullies like a Goliath, yet persists in wanting to be admired as a David.

But the military metaphor with which Israelis have made sense of their relationship to Palestinians hides a disturbing fact: what started as a national and military conflict has morphed into a form of domination of Palestinians that now increasingly borders on conditions of slavery. If we understand slavery as a condition of existence and not as ownership and trade of human bodies, the domination that Israel has exercised over Palestinians turns out to have created the matrix of domination that I call a "condition of slavery."

The violence exercised by the military does not stop there. During Operation Cast Lead in 2008-09, the IDF used Gazan civilians as "human shields," a practice prohibited by Israeli and international law and conventionally viewed as barbarian. Using others as human shields consists of taking civilians as hostages, using them for Israeli military purposes, threatening their families with injury if they don't cooperate with the Israel Defense Forces' attempt to obtain information.

We can say conservatively and impressionistically that 70 percent of the Palestinian population live with a permanent sense of dishonor, conduct their lives without predictability and continuity, live in fear of Jewish terror and of the violence of the Israeli military power, and are afraid to have no work, shelter or family… These conditions can only be named by their proper name: conditions of slavery.

The reason for this is that Israel has its own proslavery lobby, which is now in the corridors of power, shapes Israel's policy and has successfully managed to make the occupation appear to be a containable casualty of war and nation-building. The settlers' discourse – which only 20 years ago was marginal in Israeli society –has become mainstream, and one can only be struck by its resemblance to the 19th-century American proslavery ideology.

An example of Jewish supremacy can be seen in the book "The King's Torah" ("Torat Hamelech"), written by the head rabbi of Yeshivat Od Yosef Chai. According to the book, Jews are superior to non-Jews, with Gentiles being close to animals because they did not accept the Seven Laws of Noah. In an amended world, killing a non-Jew who does not accept the commandments of Noah will become necessary… In a review of the book, the highly respected historian Yehuda Bauer suggests that the book is not a marginal phenomenon of a handful of extremists.

Israel is dangerously sailing away from the moral vocabulary of most countries of the civilized world. The fact that many readers will think that my sources are unreliable because they come from organizations that defend human rights proves this point. Israel no longer speaks the ordinary moral language of enlightened nations. But in refusing to speak that language, it is de facto dooming itself to isolation. Israel will not indefinitely have the cake of "democracy" and eat it in the occupation.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Shenkar College and Tel Aviv University - Yuli Tamir (Shenkar College President & TAU Dept of Education) Continues to Slander the teacher Israel Shiran

In an example of uber-leftist hypocrisy and more than a decade after she had him unjustly fired, Tamir accused Shiran of Yigal Amir style incitement during a national radio interview to justify the usurping of his freedom of speech. Shiran has had his lawyers demand a retraction from Tamir and pay a huge sum as compensation.

One would be hard pressed to find a clearer illustration of uber-leftist hypocrisy. The same "professor" who initiated the campaign to get Shiran fired for expressing an opinion OUTSIDE of the classroom is also leading the campaign to defend the right of a communist to indoctrinate his students IN the classroom. All in the name of academic freedom.

Yuli was called to task for all this in a radio show this week, where she was interviewed by Yoaz Handel, a right of center journalist. Sister Yuli tried to explain the difference in her behavior in the two cases. In the case of Shiran, she explained, Shiran was clearly involved in "borderline incitement" when he wrote his letter to the Ministry of Government, the exact same sort of incitement that caused Yigal Amir to murder Yitzhak Rabin. (Yes, leftist theology in Israel continues to claim that freedom of speech being exercised by non-leftists produced the Rabin murder!)

In Yuli's words, Shiran crossed the delicate line between expressing an opinion and engaging in incitement that carries a clear and present danger of violence. Yuli: "When there is a clear and present danger of violence, the right of freedom of speech must be halted." She also accused Shiran of being a follower of Meir Kahane. He is not. I suspect however that Yuli is a follower of Stalin.

Shiran responded by having his lawyer send Yuli Tamir a letter threatening to file against her an immediate defamation suit. Given his successful track record in court, I certainly hope Rabbi Shiran will follow through with it.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Oxford - Israel-Hating ex-Israeli Avi Shlaim Slings some Anti-Semitic Slime

Attacking Defense Minister Yaalon's comments on Kerry's questionable tactics, Shlaim expects Israel to shrivel up and go away because the Arabs want us to. Or because Kerry tells us so, even when it seems like Kerry is the one playing fast and loose with the facts. Where is Shlaim's outrage at racist Arab demands for a Judenrein state?

[Shlaim] suggests that the special relationship between the United States and Israel

"is a one-way street, with America doing all the diplomatic heavy lifting while Israel limits its role to obstruction and whining — repaying Uncle Sam's generosity with ingratitude and scorn...America gives Israel money, arms and advice. Israel takes the money, it takes the arms, and it rudely rejects the advice."

and later, goes overboard, with no manners, writing

"The Kerry-hating Mr. Yaalon and his hawk-infested Likud party"

"Infested"? Like in vermin?

So, if I write that Shlaim rhymes with slime, am I rude?

"There is no rational argument, however, that Israel's occupation of the West Bank serves America's national interest. On the contrary, as General David Petraeus told a Senate committee in 2010, the occupation foments anti-American sentiment throughout the Islamic world and hinders the development of America's partnership with Arab governments. A resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is therefore a major, if not vital American interest.

Mr. Kerry is to be commended for the energy and commitment that he has displayed in pursuit of peace in the Middle East and for the 11 trips he has made to the region in his first year in office. But his peace mission was doomed to failure from the start. The Kerry-hating Mr. Yaalon and his hawk-infested Likud party are committed to the geopolitical status quo on the West Bank at almost any price. Their real aim is to terminate the peace talks and blame the Palestinians.

In a normal country a defense minister who played fast and loose with such a crucial bilateral relationship would have been thrown out on his ear. But Israel is not a normal country."

The fundamental problem with American support for Israel is its unconditional nature. Consequently, Israel does not have to pay a price for acting unilaterally in a multilateral world, for its flagrant violations of international law, and for its systematic abuse of Palestinian human rights."

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Ontario College - BH Yael (Dept of Art) Uses her Biased Racism to Produce Bigoted Films with which to Attack Israel

As an ISM operative, Yael participated in the radical Israel Apartheid Week on Canadian Campuses in which she screened her "academic" films.

B.H. Yael was one of the original organizers of the despicable attempt by anti-Israel activists in Canada to malign the Toronto International Film Festival for its Tel Aviv spotlight in 2009. She spoke during Israeli Apartheid Week on her campus and other Canadian campuses alongside the serial ISM liars Anna Baltzer and Ali Abunimah, both of whom have called violence against Israelis an acceptable means of protest. Yael screened a film praising ISM rioters in the West Bank and showing alleged atrocities by Israel against the Arabs by Israel. She openly acknowledges her films are biased and upset Jewish audiences:

B.H. Yael's mother was an Iraqi Jewess who escaped Iraq (where today there are no Jews at all; not so long ago Baghdad was 40% Jewish). B.H. Yael claims she embraced her mother's background as an "Arab Jew," whatever that is. B. H. Yael wants her listeners and viewers to think that European Ashkenazic Jews brought with them a European colonialism racist mentality to persecute the "Arab Jews" and, even more so, the "Palestinians."

Yael's concept of the "Arab Jew," persecuted in Israel, was created by another ex-pat Israeli woman leftist Ella Shoehat from New York University and has been promoted by the self-loathing Coalition of Women of Peace in Israel, a leftist NGO dominated by communism, radical feminism, and, above all, lesbianism. B. H. Yael fits the cult's profile…

"Because I was brought up by my Mum, I felt much closer to that history, to the Iraqi Jewish narrative and the consideration of how Mizrahi or Arab Jews experienced racism in Israel. I have been thinking a lot about the politics of Israel, vis-à-vis Palestine, in the last number of years: about Indigenous issues in relation to Palestinians, about what happened to Jews in Europe, and the subsequent impact on Arab Jews in predominantly Muslim countries, and about the export of European racism by Ashkenazi (European) Jews as instituted in the state of Israel and in the Territories they occupy."

One of her chef d'oeuvres is the film Deir Yassin Remembered, the perennial Arab propaganda tale of how what would become Palestinian Arabs were "massacred" by Jewish terrorists during the War of Independence in 1948. Deir Yassin was a battle, not a massacre. The real massacres were those against Jews by Arabs. They do not interest Bad Hairdo!

Here is how B. H. Yael sums up her "Palestine Trilogy":

"With profound depth and grace these three, thematically related videos tell the tragic story of Palestine and dispel many myths. Deir Yassin Remembered deals with the past by focusing on a well-documented incident of the Nakba (Catastrophe, the Palestinian term for the takeover of "their" land in 1948) – the destruction of the thriving community of Deir Yassin. Even in the Desert, another film, explores the contemporary ramifications of the Israeli occupation – the displacements, checkpoints, surveillance, walls. And the final segment, A Hot, Sand Filled World is a visual/auditory poem signifying, perhaps, hope for the future. What makes the whole experience particularly moving is that the reasonable, non-confrontational voices throughout are those of peace and social justice activists from every side – Israeli, Palestinian, and international." Needless to say, she's a supporter of BDS.

B. H. Yael is more than willing to use her skills as a filmmaker to lie and manipulate audiences for such people to end the existence of Israel. It's a great way to build a career as an academic filmmaker. You do not even have to get a good hairdo to do so...

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


The McCarthyism that Israel's Radical Left wants us to Forget

The list of attacks on Freedom of Speech perpetrated by the radical Left goes on and on.

For the past couple of weeks the Radical Left in Israel has been screaming about the "right" of communist teacher Adam Verete, employed as a civics teacher in a northern Israeli high school, to turn his classroom into an anti-Israel indoctrination center. He used his classroom time to urge his students to refuse to serve in the Israeli military. In other words, the Left insists the communist teacher has the "right" to advocate law breaking in his classroom, all in the name of freedom of speech…

The leading far Leftists defending the right of Verete to indoctrinate in the classroom include Yuli Tamir, who once led the campaign to fire a different teacher (and rabbi), Yisrael Shiran, because Shiran wrote a letter OUTSIDE HIS CLASSROOM with which Tamir disagreed… He was dismissed for this "crime" at the initiative of Tamir, but later sued the Ministry of Education for unrightful dismissal and won a large damages award.

Other defenders of the communist teacher include those Israeli "intellectuals" and "academics" who insisted that the Nobel Prize-holding Prof. Yisrael Aumann be proclaimed a pariah undeserving of an honorary PhD because he holds opinions disliked by the Left… And a great many of these leftists were among those who demanded that the freedom of speech of non-leftists be suppressed after the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin based on their "theory" holding that non-leftists exercising freedom of speech produce murder. It goes without saying that not a single leftist in Israel has ever protested the selective denial of free speech rights to "Kahanists."

… [O]ne of the most outrageous examples of the anti-democratic assault by the Left has been ignored in recent years and overlooked in the debate over freedom of speech in recent days. It involves the case of Prof. Nahum Rakover.

Rakover is retired professor of law from Bar Ilan and Tel Aviv Universities and now serves as president of a small college in Israel… He is an expert in Jewish law. In the early 1990s he held a side position as deputy legal advisor for the government of Israel, this in the days of the Rabin-Peres government and the initiation of Oslo appeasement.

Rakover was invited in to say what Jewish Law and the Torah think of gay marriage. Rakover answered truthfully that the Torah considers it an abomination and that granting a spouse ticket to a gay partner is no different from giving it to someone practicing bestiality with his dog.

That sent the PC camp into ionospheric orbit. The Left launched a merciless venomous ad hominem assault against Rakover, demanding his dismissal from his civil service post… The real issue is whether Rakover or the Torah have the right to hold an unfashionable opinion about anything. The Israeli Left unanimously said no!

Within days, Professor Itzhak Galnoor, a Hebrew university leftist from political science, who had earlier been a Peace Now leader, attacked Rakover. Galnoor, today part of the semi-Marxist Van Leer Institute, has long advocated the position that any criticism of the Radical anti-Israel Left or questioning of its motives amounts to "McCarthyism" and should be suppressed. See this. … Galnoor opened up internal persecution of Rakover in the civil service and led the campaign to get him dismissed from his position. Demands for the dismissal of Rakover also filled the leftist press… Citing the Torah became in effect a hate crime in PC Israel.

But the radical Left's selective devotion to freedom of speech, where everyone has the right to agree with the radical Left but no one has the right to disagree with it, continues to run amok.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Tel Aviv University - Adi Ophir (Dept of Philosophy) and Ariella Azoulay (Brown University - Dept of Comparative Literature) get Trashed for Authoring Sloppy and Shoddy Work

Even a hardcore progressive finds the book "The One-State Condition: Occupation and Democracy in Israel/Palestine" by Ophir and Azoulay a flight of fancy that is just too much to digest. The reviewer finds a long string of critical facts that have been conveniently omitted from the book to fraudulently lend credence to Ophir and Azoulay's belittling and demonizing tone in the book. Furthermore, he cites faulty, utopian, and delusional logic in Ophir and Azoulay's analysis of the peace process and their application of possible solutions to the Israeli-Arab conflict.

The authors have a mocking tone throughout, loading their text with sardonic quotation marks that invariably denigrate Israeli understandings of such phenomena as "terrorism" or "democracy" but never modify Palestinian phraseology such as "armed struggle" or "resistance."

Critical facts are sometimes omitted. The nearly 1,000 Israeli deaths during the second Intifada (overwhelmingly of non-combatant civilians within Israel's pre-'67 boundaries) are neither mentioned nor considered by the authors as they analyze current circumstances. Other events are peculiarly framed.

Incredibly, while Ophir and Azoulay cite Operation Grapes of Wrath, they omit mention of the terrorist attacks in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

The authors never take into account the dynamic nature of Israeli politics and society; the fragile, unwieldy makeup of coalition governments makes bold actions difficult, with an electorate quick to punish established parties and promote new ones…

While Ophir and Azoulay are itching to illuminate the possibility of a one-state future, they devote only one paragraph to assert rather than explain how Palestinian refugees might be absorbed into Israel and the Green Line eliminated (they cite the joint activism of Israelis and Palestinians against the separation barrier and Jewish settlements as if this proves their case for modern binationalism). Their book thus claims there to be an alternative to a two-state solution without taking the opportunity to convince anyone of a one-state reality.

Nothing is said about the legitimate interests of Israeli Jews, or about Israel's serving as a bulwark against persecution for a historically hounded, stateless people. The authors allude positively to "Zionism pre-1947" as "an environment rich with political imagination that invented new possibilities for Jewish existence," before "The freedom to imagine... was cut down as the 'statist' stream of Zionism took over..." — as if Jewish helplessness during the Holocaust and ongoing Arab enmity had nothing to do with this process.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Hebrew University - Marxist Anti-Democratic Zeev Sternhell (Dept of Political Science) Defends the BDS Anti-Semites

Just because they hate Jews, that is no reason to call them anti-Semites!

Refusal to cooperate with the occupation is reflected in the economic and cultural boycott against the Israeli settlers' colony. Among the vast majority of European public opinion the boycott is seen as a justified instrument of pressure to liberate the Palestinians. This opinion is shared by people from the entire political spectrum, including those who despise anti-Semitism and support Israeli wholeheartedly.

Among the educated public in Europe, Israeli culture and science enjoy a unique status that is not shared by any other small or medium-sized country. Israeli scientists, writers and artists have thus far been able to counterbalance the religious-nationalist fanaticism that is spreading here, and they are the ones who are preventing the attempts at an overall boycott. But for the most part they despise Israeli colonialism, which is symbolized today more than anything else by Ariel "University."

Israeli intellectuals are Zionism's best ambassadors, but they represent Israeli society, not the colonialist reality. They believe that trampling the rights of the Palestinians in the name of our exclusive right to the country and by dint of a divine decree is an ineradicable stain on Jewish history. Anyone who becomes entrenched in these views will end up bringing about the international ostracism of all of Israel, and if that happens, it won't be anti-Semitism.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Shenkar College and Tel Aviv University - Ben-Dror Yemini reports in the Israeli national press on Yuli Tamir's (Shenkar College President & TAU Dept of Education) Lead Role in the Persecution of Israel Shiran by the Ministry of Education

Yemini also accuses Haaretz of heading the Leftist's charge against freedom of speech, indoctrination in the educational setting, and the demonization of Israel in general.

An Israeli newspaper recently called for the firing of a lecturer whose opinions were opposed to its own. That very same newspaper, Haaretz, is now conducting a campaign against the right of a school administration to investigate a complaint filed by one of its students. This newspaper, infected by racism, contributes more than any other entity to the demonization of Israel.

And the facts? Yuck. The students have no idea, for example, that in the 1940's, population transfer was the norm. They have no idea of the Arab leadership's continuous proclamations of intent to destroy the fledgling state of Israel at the time. They have not a clue about the pogroms and persecution that Jews suffered in Arab lands.

The protests over the Verta issue are not being held in order to broaden the knowledge of the students or protect free speech, because the protests are selective. A decade ago, a witch hunt of at least double the intensity was launched against another teacher, Israel Shiran, for his reservations about teaching Rabin's legacy. Yuli Tamir was Minister of Education and the verbal barbs emanating from that office against Shiran were frightening. "You are Satan's defender…this blasted inciter, will not be allowed into any school, even as a sanitation worker."

He was fired, but appealed and was reinstated. They kept after him for years and he once again turned to the courts and won the case. This was persecution. This was McCarthyism.

And this newspaper, that called for blackballing a professor, lectures the rest of us about ethics and morality, while branding others with McCarthyism. Unbelievable.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Shenkar College and Tel Aviv University - Yuli Tamir (Shenkar College President & TAU Dept of Education) Joins the Campaign to Defend Communist Indoctrination of Pupils in the Classroom

Yuli Tamir, who as Minister of Education fired a teacher for expressing an opinion she disliked (Yisrael Shiran), joins the campaign to defend the right of a communist teacher to indoctrinate his students in the classroom. She demands that teachers promote what she considers to be "liberal and critical views." And Those Only! She made more sense back when she was defending clitoridectomies.

The controversy surrounding the remarks by Kiryat Tivon high-school teacher Adam Verete attests to the changes that have occurred in Israeli society over the last few years, and just how far the line that marks what one can and cannot say has shifted.

In recent decades public discourse has moved far beyond the right's positions. In other words, those same public stances that fluctuate on the spectrum between the critical, democratic and humane camp to the nationalistic camp where harming another, whether "the enemy," foreigner or refugee, is fair game and criticism is what's forbidden.

…I am ashamed over the persecution going on against teachers who express liberal or critical views, not because I feel estranged from the Israeli education system and its values but because I feel a great sense of belonging to that system and want to see it, as well as Israeli society as a whole, preserve freedom of expression.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


University of Haifa - The Tenured Ultra-Left at Haifa U gets Clobbered in Court

The case to sue the University of Haifa by Ilan Saban (Dept of Law), As'ad Ghanem (Dept of Political Science), and Yuval Yonay (Dept of Sociology) for violating their 'freedom of speech' to support terrorists during war-time gets tossed out of court and the Tenured Ultra-leftists are saddled with the court fees.

The prohibition on holding [pro-Hamas] campus protests [at the height of the Pillar of Clouds anti-terror incursion] enraged some members of the Ultra-Left. Three radical faculty members at the University of Haifa joined six students (five of them Arabs) and the far-leftist Association on Civil Rights in Israel, and together submitted a petition to the Haifa District Court against the University. They demanded that the court proclaim the University regulations that allow the President and Administration to regulate and even prohibit campus political rallies to be unreasonably disproportional, unconstitutional, and a violation of freedom of speech.

The three members of the faculty were led by Dr. Ilan Saban, an ultra-Leftist instructor in the University's School of Law. This is the same school of law that is so often in the news for things like coercing its students into providing free legal counsel to convicted terrorists, and for prohibiting the singing of the Israeli national anthem, Hatikva. Saban is one of the people who led the campaign to DEFEND the decision to proclaim Prof. Robert Aumann unworthy of getting an honorary degree because Aumann holds non-leftist views…

In the law suit against the University, this same Saban was joined by Asad Ghanem, a radical anti-Israel Arab nationalist instructor in political scientist, and by Yuval Yonay, a Marxist anti-Israel sociologist with expertise on "Queer Studies," which is what he himself calls it.

On January 19, 2014, the Haifa District Court issued its verdict in the case (verdict 51057-11-12, available only in Hebrew). The judge tossed out the entire petition with obvious disdain. She argued that there was nothing anti-democratic in the University's regulations about campus protests and there was no violation of freedom of speech. There was no infringement of student rights. There was nothing unreasonable or disproportionate. In other words, the petitioners are full of baloney.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


The Israeli Far-Left continues to Jihad against Freedom of Speech

Hebrew University - Dimitry Shumsky (Dept of History) is the next in a string of attacks on Freedom of Speech in which criticism of the far Left is no less than a threat to the fabric of Israeli Society itself. Shumsky seethingly proclaims any criticism of the fringe-left is tantamount to supporting the "occupation".

Finally Shumsky chimes in his own two cents in Haaretz. His is an intriguing argument. According to Shumsky (no relation to Chomsky), people like Ariel Rubinstein are part of the mechanism of "occupation oppression" when they criticize the "occupation." Really! He writes there: "One of the most efficient ways to perpetuate the occupation and in so doing endanger the existence of Israel and Zionism altogether is to convert internal Israeli opposition to the occupation into an integral part of the occupation itself." Huh?

His evidence is that Rubinstein opposes the operation of Ariel University in the West Bank but also supports the freedom of speech for Prof. Aumann. As you can see, Shumsky's contorted argument is reminiscent of the "pinkwashing" charges against Israel, which hold that tolerance towards homosexuals in Israel is all part of a Zionist conspiracy to oppress "Palestinians." The logic of Shumsky's piece exceeds anything since that notorious MA thesis at the Hebrew University supervised by Eyal Ben-Ari (yes, the convicted sexual predator professor), which found that the fact that Israeli troops never rape Arab women is proof that the Jews are so racist. Shumsky, by the way, has a long track record of supporting the bi-national Rwanda-style "one state solution," in which Israel will cease to exist altogether. His presence on the faculty of the Hebrew University is quite instructive about the academic standards in effect there.

The radical Left in Israel, including the tenured fifth column, continues to promote the idea that freedom of speech should be restricted to those who agree with the radical Left. And them alone.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Ben Gurion University - Oren Yiftachel (Dept of Geography)   Sees Judaism and Zionism as Racist Threats to Society and Democracy

In a particularly vile far-leftist rant, Yiftachel makes excuses for Arab terror. He uses invented words, such as "ethnogratic" [sic] and "Judaizing", to bash the Jewish State of Israel. Yiftachel misleadingly portrays the State as stealing and colonizing land, which for the most part had been barren and in almost all cases Israel has the better claim historically and under International Law than Arabs. Yiftachel claims the ongoing "Judaization" is responsible for population transfer, dispossession of land, apartheid, racism within Israeli society, and other various forms of "discriminatory" legislation. Stopping "Judaization" thus is Yiftachel's delusional panacea to creating an idyllic far-leftist utopia free from strife.

In her soul-searching, riveting article, Prof. Eva Illouz argues that this ostensible regime of separation stems primarily from the distorted importation here of ethno-religious principles that dictated the isolationist, self-defensive Jewish existence in the Diaspora. … She appears to have fallen into what I have termed the classic "ethnogratic" [sic] trap: attributing inordinate importance to what is occurring within the Jewish "bubble."

If we lift our eyes a little above the roofs of the synagogues, yeshivas and rabbis' hats, and examine the formation of society in Israel from a comparative perspective, we will understand that the religious explanation, despite its importance, blinds us from seeing the primary cause of the separation regime: the process of the country's takeover − namely, its ongoing "Judaization." This process, which is imposing a Jewish identity on a land that was largely Palestinian-Arab in its recent past, "necessitates" Jewish expansion accompanied by coerced religious, ethnic, cultural, political and, most crucial, geographic separation…
 The "Judaization factor" ceaselessly generates new legislation and policy initiatives which produce new types of polarization and conflict, such as the annexation of the Little Triangle of Arab communities – the Arab towns of Baka al-Garbiyeh, Taibeh and Tira – to a Palestinian state ‏(whose establishment Israel is preventing‏); the Nakba and the Boycott Laws; the proposed Prawer Law, the idea of conditioning citizenship on loyalty vows; the adoption of discriminatory family unification laws and the existence of selection committees in hundreds of suburban communities.

The Jews can be said, in effect, to have been "expelled to their homeland." … the Jews in Palestine/Israel spawned a process which can be defined as "colonization of refugees."

However, for the native inhabitants of this country − the Palestinians − the process of the Jewish takeover looked quite similar to other ethnic takeovers, which almost always assume the form of appropriation, settlement, expulsion and political subordination of the local population to settlers who come from afar. This being so, the Palestinians, too – like most of the colonized peoples – oppose the process with all their might, sometimes violently, and generate a constant threat to it. This dialectic intensifies the Jewish use of tactics of territorial expansion, amid an almost total separation from the retreating local residents.

The process reached a violent peak in the Israeli War of Independence ‏(the Nakba‏), when two-thirds of the Palestinians were forced out and hundreds of their villages destroyed, and have remained refugees to this day. However, contrary to democratic reasoning – which would have tried to stabilize ethnic relations after the crisis of 1948 – Israel did not stop but went on with the ethnic colonization, initially within the Green Line and afterward in the territories conquered in 1967. At the same time, Israel has so far prevented forcibly the establishment of a Palestinian state, which could provide an answer, partial but significant, to the question of the refugees and Palestinian sovereignty.

This process is creating an apartheid regime in the territories, which is increasingly creeping gradually into Israel and threatening the character of the entire regime.

What next? As I've shown, the greatest obstacle to the emergence of a sustainable democratic society in Israel is the momentum of ethno-colonialist takeover and the forced separation it necessarily entails. It is important to point out that the termination of the Judaization process does not mean the dissolution of the Jewish-Israeli national project, but quite the contrary: ending Judaization will place it on legitimate, sustainable foundations − without appropriation, suppression and expansion at the expense of others.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


University of the Witwatersrand - Israel-hating, Marxist Expatriate, Bush Sociologist Ran Greenstein (Dept of Sociology) Deconstructs the 1929 Arab Riots

Greenstein reviews a book on the 1929 Arab Riots by Hillel Cohen that describes how the 1929 Riots, a central tenet of the Zionist Movement in which many hundreds of Jews were killed or maimed in an unprovoked manner. Greenstein blames the Zionists for distorting and manipulating the events and claims the 1929 Arab Riots weren't really all as bad as the Zionist made them to be. Greenstein, promoting his own Marxist far-leftist agenda, promotes marginal liberal anti-Zionistic parts of the book that were not paid "much attention" to by Cohen.

In the Israeli-Jewish collective memory, 1929 provides the ultimate proof that there is 'no partner' for a political agreement with Palestinians, who would stab any Jew – regardless of his/her personal history or political affiliation – in the back, if given half a chance. The notion that all Arabs wish to throw Jews into the proverbial sea has its origins in that year. But, as Cohen demonstrates in the book, this is the impact not so much of the real, historical, events of 1929, but the way in which they have been reconstructed and represented in subsequent political and cultural discourses.

In a sense, all historical events are mediated through politics and culture. They never reach us in a pure form. This is true, of course, for 1929 as well, though its crucial role in shaping the course of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict means that the degree of political manipulation, use and abuse, has been larger than usual. Cohen does not wish to debunk the main story line from a Zionist perspective – the attack on and massacre of innocent civilians – but rather to contextualize it, sort out narrative discrepancies and queries, and provide an explanation, where possible, for its specific course and effects.

Cohen recognizes that there were forces opposing these trends but does not pay much attention to them, for understandable reasons: they were weak to start with and were further marginalized by the events. Nevertheless, their story is important and deserves a more thorough exposure. The bi-nationalist association Brit Shalom was shaken by the events in a way that became typical to Jewish liberals in the history of the conflict: some of them moved to the mainstream while others became radicalised.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


University of Haifa - Ami Ayalon (Head of the Steering Committee), the Ultra-Leftist, Abandons the Jordan Valley too

Ayalon demands that the State capitulate to Arab demands and forfeit Israel's legitimate claims to the lands beyond the Green Line as a gesture of good faith. As if releasing convicted terrorists, an action which flies in the face of justice, wasn't enough.

Knesset Member Miri Regev's bill to apply the Israeli law to the Jordan Valley, which was approved last week by the Ministerial Committee on Legislation, turns them into hostages. Those settlers, some of whom arrived at the Jordan Valley 30 and 40 years ago, who gave the best years of their lives and their life's work as the State's emissaries, who are ageing and whose children no longer live close to them, will be trapped in a place where they see no future – neither personal nor national.

But that is not enough. The State of Israel's mission hangs over it all: To serve as a democratic state which is the national home of the Jewish people. For that purpose we must ensure that the State has a clear Jewish majority, and that is only possible if we create a reality of two states. The government must declare that it has no and will have no sovereignty claims east of the security fence. Such a declaration will increase the faith of the international community and Arab countries in the sincerity of Israel's intentions to reach an agreement with the Palestinians, and will reduce the international, diplomatic and economic isolation we are heading towards right now.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Tel Aviv University - Anat Biletzky (Dept of Philosophy) Joins Treasonous Anti-Zionists in Support of Ex-MK Azmi Bishara while Suspected of Aiding the Enemy in Wartime

Azmi Bishara, in hiding after being wanted on charges of money laundering, spying and assisting the Hezbollah terror organization during wartime, received public support from Anat Biletzky and other disloyal Anti-Zionists.

The ad below reads "Azmi Bishara - We Are Brethren".

Well, the ad identifies his "brothers" as

Anat Biletzki
Lola Horowitz
Chaim Hanegbi
Mikado Warshawski
Eran Turbiner
Yael Lotan
Rami Livneh
Debbie Lerman
Chava Lerman
Tzachi Mitznamcher
Leah Tsemel
Sammi Shalom Shitreet

Anyone with a bit of knowledge of Israel's far-left, and radical anti-Zionist Left is aware of the long list of crimes these people have committed in the moral sense against Israel and some, in the actual criminal-sitting-in-jail sense, not to mention defending terrorists.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


University of Haifa - Faculty Protest Leftist Thought Police within the Steering Committee

One fourth of the faculty members at the University of Haifa protest the Steering Committee's decision to deny awarding an honorary doctorate to Prof. Aumann.

More than 100 faculty members at the University of Haifa, including those closely identified with the left, are protesting the university's decision to deny an honorary doctorate to a Nobel Prize-winning economist because his political views were considered too far to the right.

"We the undersigned, members of the academic faculty of the University of Haifa representing all positions on the political spectrum, agree that the disqualification of Prof. Yisrael Aumann as a candidate for receiving an honorary doctorate from the University is embarrassing and has done enormous damage to the university's image and public standing. We believe that the university's Executive Committee exceeded its authority when it deemed it proper to explain this invalidation and to justify it retroactively by citing Prof. Aumann's political opinions…" said the statement protesting the university's decision.

Sources at the university said Aumann's political views were explicitly discussed in the meeting about his candidacy for the honorary doctorate. An executive committee member said his remarks about Arabs made it difficult for committee members to grant him the honorary doctorate…

Widely considered Israel's most left-wing university, the University of Haifa regularly finds itself in the sights of right-wing groups like Im Tirtzu. But this time its own staff is criticizing the decision. One of the 160 signatories is Gad Barzilai, the law school dean described by the conservative website Frontpage Mag as "a radical active in leftist 'human rights' groups."

The statement expressed a need to set clear criteria for the awarding of honorary doctorates and to delineate the values of the university.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Tel Aviv University - Anat Matar (Dept of Philosophy) Chants her Mantra: Release the Terrorists! (so they can kindly come and murder us)

Matar attacks IDF soldiers as vile murderers of women and children. She blindly blames the Governments of Israel, the Security Forces, and Police for whitewashing all Arab deaths.

The hypocrisy that characterizes the public discourse on the issue of the release of Palestinian prisoners is getting worse. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reprimands Mahmoud Abbas for his celebration of the prisoners' release, saying that "murderers are not heroes," and no eyebrows are raised. All the speakers interviewed on radio broadcasts – including those who support prisoner release, such as Meretz MKs and analysts considered moderate – writhe in discomfort facing the release of people imprisoned decades ago, giving no thought to the fact that in their very own neighborhoods, murderers no less vile than the Palestinians walk free. According to data provided by the B'Tselem human rights agency, since the assault on Gaza five years ago, about 100 minors and women have been killed in the occupied territories by Israeli security forces. Who are the murderers of these people? We do not know, and we shall never know.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


The anti-Israel Tenured Far Left still trying to create the State of Bedouinstan in the Negev

Oren Yiftachel (Ben Gurion University, Dept of Geography) and Alexander (Sandy) Kedar (University of Haifa, Dept of Law) refute long-standing State Policy regarding the Bedouins and sling claims of dispossession at the State of Israel. Yiftachel et al find "proof" of Bedouin ownership of Negev lands. Is this another Tantura Hoax in the making?

The state is ignoring the history of Bedouin land and settlement. It claims the Bedouin had an opportunity to register their lands until April 1921, as required under the British Mewat Land Ordinance (the so-called "dead land" ordinance), but failed to do so, becoming trespassers. Is this claim credible? Our research refutes it.

The attempt to nationalize the land has been based on what we call "the dead Negev doctrine," which was drawn up as a response to Bedouin claims by a team from the Justice Ministry led by attorney Plia Albeck. (She became known later for her key part in legally facilitating Jewish settlement in the West Bank.) This doctrine states that until the British Mandate era, the Bedouin were nomads with no permanent localities or agriculture, so the land in the area was effectively 'dead.'

The state claimed that the lack of registration in 1921 rendered the land "dead" forever, regardless of its being settled or cultivated. In other words, the state dispossessed the Bedouin retroactively using a doctrine similar to the one Europeans used to take control over land in Africa, Asia and Australia. Owing to the Bedouins' political and legal weakness, the "dead Negev doctrine" was never really challenged, enabling the creation of powerful legal precedents dispossessing the Bedouin, which are difficult to overcome in the Israeli legal system.

Yet our research, which includes the following three key points, shows that the claims on which the doctrine is based are false.

Purchase by Jewish organizations: The purchase of large tracts of land from the Bedouin by Jews during the Mandate period provides further clear evidence of ownership by the sellers. The Jewish National Fund and other organizations bought more than 100,000 dunams of land, rendering the claim of the former, which denies Bedouin ownership today, particularly hypocritical.

Coincidentally, the land for Kibbutz Mishmar Hanegev and the land of the Al-Turi tribe (who live in the unrecognized village of Al-Araqib) were purchased in the same region and in the same year – 1926. The purchase of the kibbutz was recognized, while the village of Al-Araqib, accused of trespassing, was destroyed more than 50 times. The inequality speaks for itself.

Therefore, the Prawer bill, which is based on the assumption that the Bedouin have no legal right of ownership over their land, should be buried, and the use of the distorted "dead Negev doctrine" should be stopped. But the main question here is not a legal one, but one of ethics, history and geography: Is it appropriate for the state to dispossess an indigenous population from its traditional holdings by means of legal acrobatics?

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


University of Haifa - Anti-Israel fanatic Micah Leshem (Dept of Psychology) Spells Out his Agenda on Segel Plus

How Auman's [sic] Ideas will work.

We have an Honourable candidate who advocates ethnically pure railway lines and bus routes connecting the Bedouin villages in the Negev to each other, crisscrossing the Jewish transportation system…

Who is a Jew, who is an Arab.

Next, will Knesset decide also "Who Is An Arab" as it has settled the "Who Is A Jew" issue? Or shall we leave both for the Palestinian Parliament? If each decides for themselves, might the Palestine Parliament decide that all of Magreb and Middle Eastern origin are Arab? The southern half of Tel Aviv, and all the Development Towns will then be connected to the Arab transportation system and become part of the Palestinian State…

Minor Problems

Having read Ra'anan's posting of Aumans' [sic] Scientific scenario for evolving hostilities with the Palestinian State which was adopted by our Prime Minister and President Obama (maybe), we are left with Zahal having to contend with Arab Train mounted Mortar fire into Jewish transportation nexi, stones thrown from Arab buses where they cross above Jewish ones - a veritable Nightmare Intefada [sic]. Why Auman [sic] worries they will import ballistic missiles in the guise of agricultural goods from Iran is not clear – it seems somewhat contradictory (but maybe that is part of his Nobel-certified scientific model, it is beyond me)…

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Tel Aviv University - Daniel Bar-Tal (Dept of Education) conducts a "poll" that shows that Israelis want the Palestinian "narrative" taught in Israeli schools

Yet another pseudo-poll from the Israeli Far Left

According to Prof. Bar-Tal, "it was surprising to discover that, at present, the majority of the public thinks that the school system should present the Palestinian narrative of the conflict, in contradiction to the country's leaders. In recent years, the Education Ministry has rejected textbooks that tried to present both narratives, and every time some right-wing politician thought that Jewish schoolchildren were exposed to a different narrative, he or she would raise a hue and a cry, to the extent that one couldn't utter the word "nakba" ["disaster" in Arabic, referring to the establishment of Israel.]"

"It would seem that the public is more open to the Palestinian narrative that some of its political leaders," Bar-Tal concluded.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


The Grand Unified Theory of Stupidity at University of Haifa

One professor's take on the decision making process at the University of Haifa.

Subject: Re: [Segel-plus] Aumann responds to Haifa University

When I found myself reading the words of folks such as Bennet and Eldad and nodding in agreement, it dawned on me just how foolish the decision to deny Aumann's Honorary Doctorate is.

If it was foolish for just one reason, "nu meile". But here, a few independent factors converged, rendering this fiasco The Grand Unified Theory of Stupidity: the decision itself, the way it was published, the fact that (of all Israeli universities) it HAD to be "davka" UoH making this decision, and – the icing on the cake -- the backdrop of the academic boycott we're struggling against.

Don't we have enough problems as it is? Do we have to make matters so much worse for ourselves? What a shame...

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


The Ivory Cartel Gets Clobbered

Israel's seven universities plus the "Open University" petitioned the Supreme Court against recognizing Ariel as a university and Court rules against the cartel.

The High Court of Justice on Tuesday rejected a petition by seven universities against the decision to upgrade Ariel University Center into a full-fledged university. The ruling removes the last barrier to the upgrade of the institution, located in the West Bank settlement of Ariel.

The court said it saw no grounds for intervening in the decision made by the Council for Higher. Education in Judea and Samaria (CHE-JS), as it found no flaws in the approval process.

A petition against the decision was then filed in the High Court by all eight existing Israeli universities – the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Tel Aviv University, the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, the Weizmann Institute of Science, the University of Haifa, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, the Open University and Bar-Ilan University. The latter asked that its name be withdrawn from the petition shortly afterward.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Tel Aviv University - Aviad Kleinberg (Dept of History) Makes Excuses for the BDS Terrorists

Kleinberg refuses to see that judging Israel by a double standard is an expression of anti-Semitism.

It should be noted that we have so far enjoyed this exemption much more than we are willing to admit. For different reasons, Western governments have turned a blind eye to the Israeli violation of human rights, including what they define as blatant violation of the international law (for example, Israel's settlement policy). They usually settle for weak condemnations while expressing pious concern over the future of the "conflict."

This turning of a blind eye will likely be over soon. Western governments cannot ignore public opinion – or trends, if you like – for long… This public is not anti-Semitic, and doesn't particularly "love Arabs" either (in fact, it may be quite the opposite). It does understand one thing: That in the Israeli occupation territories, the "norm" is systematically denying the population's civil and human rights. The people of the "advanced" countries read this in a thousand reports and articles and watch it on a daily basis in news reports in their countries. This is not propaganda; it's not a problem of information either; it's the reality. This reality, which we have gotten used to so much that we fail to see it anymore, bothers them.

An "advanced" country doesn't control another people, doesn't leave an entire population under military occupation for nearly 50 years, and doesn't discriminate in any way against its subjects who are deprived of rights. An advanced country doesn't have subjects. This boycott, and those which will follow, means that the public in the bloc of advanced countries is demanding that we decide what kind of a society we are. It scares me to think that we've already decided.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


University of the Witwatersrand - Israel-hating, Marxist Expatriate, Bush Sociologist Ran Greenstein (Dept of Sociology) Jumps on the "Israel is Apartheid" Bandwagon Pogrom

How can we define and understand the essence of the struggle against political oppression in Israel/Palestine? On the face of it the answer is simple: the target is the Israeli regime and its practices. But, is there a common principle in whose name the struggle is being waged? …

The Cuban campaign was waged from within, mobilizing peasants in support of armed fighters against government forces. The militants came from the outside initially, but their constituency was the majority in the country…

The case of Palestine was different. It was not only armed militants and leaders who were in exile but the bulk of their popular constituency. This was not a temporary situation but rather a semi-permanent one, the only case in modern history of people fighting to liberate their country from colonial conquest, forced to operate from beyond its borders. Palestinian strategists usually acknowledged these unique conditions but operated as if these could be overcome with revolutionary rhetoric combined with external support. But reality inexorably asserted itself, and gradually the focus shifted to a conventional anti-colonial struggle against the 1967 occupation, especially after the 1973 October war. This did not mean an automatic change of model; a gap opened between the resilience of the original conceptualization and the practical adaptation of strategy. It was necessitated by the failure of the armed resistance organizations to make inroads into Israeli-controlled territory, and their defeats first in Jordan and then in Lebanon. Their removal to Arab countries away from the Israel/Palestine arena finally doomed the prospects for change directed from outside the country.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


University of Haifa - Nobel Prize Winner Prof Aumann Responds with Stinging Sarcasm to HaifaU's Left-Wing Boycott

Prof. Aryeh Eldad, Head of the Professors for a Strong Israel, asserts the decision exposes the true anti-Zionistic face of Haifa U.

Speaking to Channel 1's program Roim Olam, Aumann joked : "I've prayed and aspired to getting an honorary doctorate from Haifa University for my whole life."

"I'm very disappointed," he added, sarcastically.

Former Member of Knesset and professor Aryeh Eldad, head of the Professors for a Strong Israel forum, responded to Haifa University's decision with a warning that the university is hurting itself, not Aumann… It is "excellent" that Haifa University allowed its decision to be made public, Eldad continued. "It reveals the university's true face, which varies between five shades of anti-Israelism and anti-Zionism, between simply recognizing the Arab right to the land of Israel and establishing legal clinics for terrorists as an exercise for law students," he said.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Ben Gurion University - BGU's "Israel is Committing Symbolic Genocide" Sociologist (Dept of Sociology) - 'Peace Process' delusion worse than Apartheid

Grinberg claims that Israel's participating in any peace process that does not involve total capitulation to Arab demands makes Israel worse than an apartheid regime.

The result of the 'Peace Process' delusion has been worse than South African apartheid; more accurately, it was the realization of South African Whites' frustrated plans: the division and fragmentation of the Palestinians into several separate and segregated areas under various regimes of control and oppression. This was the objective of the failed Bantustan Plan of the South African apartheid regime. Fearing that Israel was pushing him into accepting Palestinian Bantustans, Arafat declared that he would resist the plan, but without international support, his struggle failed. Israel has managed to effectively divide the Palestinians into five different discrimination regimes: the Arab citizens of Israel; the residents of East Jerusalem; the inhabitants of the West Bank; the inhabitants of the Gaza Strip; and the Palestinian refugees who are outside Israel's control. Each of these groups is controlled in a different manner, so that its political struggle has taken a different shape. The Palestinians are thus unable to unite, and it is eminently clear that without massive international support, they can never break free from Israel's iron grip. Violence on its own can only lead to another round of pointless bloodshed.

It is important to understand that this is not about the Palestinians not having a Mandela to lead them; Israeli prisons are home to a number of nationally recognized and respected Palestinian leaders. Rather, it is about Israel having no de Klerk to liberate them, and to negotiate towards putting an end to a regime of Jewish privileges. And without de Klerk, even Mandela would have died in obscurity.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Tel Aviv University - Anat Matar, Anat Biletzki, and Rachel Giora Sign Petition to Permit Cameri Actors to Culturally Boycott Ariel

We, the undersigned, call upon you to respect the conscientious objection of the actresses playing in Anat Gov's "Best Friends" (Hahaverot Hachi Tovot) who do not want to perform in the settlement of Ariel. There can be no artistic merit in a theatrical performance in which the actresses are forced to appear against their will, in violation of their consciences, and under a direct threat to their livelihood.

Among the signed:
Prof. Yehuda and Nurit Nini [Tel Aviv University, Dept of Jewish Studies]
Prof. Yitzhak (Yanni) Nevo [Ben Gurion University, Dept of Philosophy]
Yona Pinson, Prof. [Tel Aviv University, Dept of Arts]
Kobi Snitz [Weizmann Institute of Science - Dept of Neurobiology]
Rachel Giora [Tel Aviv University - Dept of Linguistics]
Anat Biletzki [Tel Aviv University - Dept of Philosophy]
Ofer Neiman [Hebrew University - Dept. of Computer Science]
Anat Matar [Tel Aviv University - Dept of Philosophy]

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


University of Haifa - MK Ayelet Shaked Wonders Where is the Freedom of Expression at HaifaU

MK Ayelet Shaked (Jewish Home) sent a letter Monday to the office of Ami Ayalon, Chairman of the Executive Committee of Haifa University, and Minister of Education Shai Piron (Yesh Atid), appealing the controversial decision not to grant an honorary doctorate to Professor Yisrael Aumann.

Ayalon and other board members decided Sunday to decline the grant of an honorary doctorate to the laureate, on the grounds that his "political views are not in line with University values."

She also quoted the words of noted Professor Dr. Haim Shane, who sharply condemned the move earlier this week. "While the State of Israel is fighting on the world's stage against mixing politics and science, the University of Haifa has joined worst enemies of Israeli academia and gave them a boost [...] the decision of the Executive Committee cuts off the very values on which the University was founded."

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Mixing Science and Politics at University of Haifa is Reminiscent of Humanity's Darkest Days

The Executive Committee's disqualification of Aumann oozed politics. A post-Zionist Israeli university has rejected an internationally recognized scientist just because he is Zionist. Aumann's biggest sin is that he believes, in accordance with game theory, that the left-wing's obsession with concessions is illogical and totally dangerous. After several years' experience, one no longer has to be a distinguished professor to understand that capitulation, withdrawal and concessions do nothing to advance peace. On the contrary, they push peace further away. Honorary doctorates are given for scientific merit, not political opinions, and that is very important to understand. Academic disqualification based on political beliefs is reminiscent of humanity's darkest days.

While Israel is struggling on every international stage against mixing science and politics, the University of Haifa is jumping in, throwing its support behind Israeli academia's most ardent adversaries. If Aumann is disqualified at the University of Haifa for his nationalist opinions, it is no wonder that universities in Britain reject Israeli scientists just because, in their eyes, the Haifa campus is located in occupied Palestine. The Executive Committee's decision cuts off the very branches supporting the university. Overseas, they don't distinguish between Israeli universities. As far as they're concerned, all of Israeli academia is contaminated.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Questions over how decisions are made at the University of Haifa

"There's no doubt that this makes no difference to Nobel prize winner Professor Yisrael [Robert] Aumann. But this unacceptable phenomenon raises questions about the way decision-making was done in the past, at present and in the future."

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Ben Gurion University - David Newman (Dean of Social Sciences) Gets Caught Subverting Wikipedia to Attack his Enemies

Newman, the busy beaver used the Wikipedia editor handle "Newmanthfc".  He  created his own Wikipedia entry and shamelessly promoted himself; vandalized the 'Im Tirtzu' Wikipedia entry; attacked and delegitimized Steinberg's NGO Monitor; got into editing wars to remove sections that were critical of Newman and got banned from editing. Whines about being criticized by IsraCampus, too. This behavior, all performed in the 3rd person, is reminiscent of similar antics by Amiram Goldblum. Did Newman's willful vandalization 'spur' Goldblum to do the same?

The vast majority of Newman's edits involve self-promotion, particularly regarding his academic career and ideological causes. Despite a warning from an administrator that "You have an obvious conflict of interest with this, suggesting that you are not the best person to write the article," he created his own Wikipedia article. Unsurprisingly, initially it read like a "self-written bio, no sources, in style of a resume." He presented himself as "A noted peace activist in Israel and international expert on borders", and lavished praise on his own work celebrating what he claims is activity to counter UK academic boycotts of Israel, and referencing his own academic writings in a number of Wikipedia articles.

He has also vandalized the articles of ideological opponents and academic rivals, copying content that appears repeatedly in his Jerusalem Post column. Newman has focused this activity on the Israeli political advocacy organization Im Tirzu, as well as Gerald Steinberg, a political science professor at Bar Ilan University and head of NGO Monitor.

Newman's editing of his personal Wikipedia entry, as well as NGO Monitor's, resulted in an edit war, in which Newman blatantly violated Wikipedia rules, and he was sanctioned with a 48-hour ban. However, he continues to refer to himself in the third-person in his edit summaries (short descriptions of edits that appear in the history pages of articles), suggesting that he is seeking to obscure the clear conflict of interest. This is reminiscent, albeit on a smaller scale, of the Wikipedia behavior of another Israeli professor, Amiram Goldblum.

The edits included Newman's removal of any factual material that criticized Newman, even though it was sourced to reliable online publications, as per Wikipedia standards and rules. He also added unreferenced editorial comments in order to support his cause.

Newman's edits have targeted Im Tirzu repeatedly, and these appear in his Jerusalem Post column as well. For instance, on January 8, 2011, Newman vandalized the Im Tirzu entry, labeling the organization as "ultra right wing anti-Zionist" and claiming that "Its objectives are to impose constraints on the freedom of speech and opinion within the Israeli academic community, through the use of threats against the faculty which do not share their extremist views."

He has also attacked NGO Monitor, an organization headed by academic rival Gerald Steinberg, from Bar Ilan University… Newman sought to delegitimize NGO Monitor by labeling the think tank as "an extreme right wing NGO"…

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Hebrew University - Amiram Goldblum (Dept of Pharmaceutical Sciences), in his pidgin English, proclaims the "NGO Monitor" watchdog as the bitterest enemy of peace, human rights, and small puppies

In statements using his personal Facebook account, Goldblum attacks NGO Monitor as an "enemy of Israeli human rights" and stoops to vicious ad hominem attacks in an attempt to divert the topic and to obscure to his losing arguments. Goldblum also claims Israeli "apartheid" and throws in a Nazi slur in reference to the Settlers, evoking gas-chambers imagery.

Goldblum feels entitled to run the country according to his Bolshevik diktats due to his personal contributions to the defense of Israel, as well as those of his family, and of the "Zionist" Left in general. If he built it - he can also undermine it, without having to suffer any criticisms either. There's "democracy" for you.

Amiram Goldblum · Top Commenter · האוניברסיטה העברית ירושלים
Former MK WIlf joined the major enemy of Israeli Human Rights and of Peace Organizations, NGO Monitor…
Reply • 1 • Like • Follow Post • December 11 at 7:30pm

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Ben Gurion University - Neve Gordon (Dept of Political Science) Dreams of Disarming Israel of Nukes so it can be nuked without fear of retaliation

On jihadist, pro-terror Al Jazeera, Gordon elaborates on how Israel should be made to dump their alleged stockpile of nuclear weapons and place Israel's security in the hands of others. Gordon's latest flight of fancy comes at a time where PA leaders are advocating using nuclear weapons and the Iranian regime wants Israel "wiped off the map." For Neve Gordon, as always, blaming Israel is the solution to every problem and Israel is the problem to every solution.

So why are politicians and mainstream media outlets concentrating on Iran and its decision to embark on a nuclear programme instead of adopting a more ambitious framework that considers the steps needed to make the Middle East a zone free of nuclear weapons and all other weapons of mass destruction? To be sure, I am against Iran developing a nuclear weapon, but I am also opposed to Israel having a nuclear arsenal, which at 200 warheads, would be larger than the arsenal of Britain.

Israel, too, must take initiative to demonstrate that it is seriously interested in a regional zone free of weapons of mass destruction. The experts propose a series of steps: Israel should begin by ending any further production of plutonium and highly enriched uranium, declaring the size of its stocks of these materials, and placing portions of its fissile material stocks under IAEA safeguards for elimination. By the time a Middle East zone comes into force, Israel would need to have eliminated all of its nuclear weapons and placed all of its fissile materials under international safeguards - as South Africa did when it gave up its nuclear weapons in the early 1990s.

To keep everyone honest, the IPFM proposes that discussions be launched among the members of a possible Middle East free zone committee, on the design of regional verification arrangements strong enough so that all countries in the region can have confidence in the absence of secret nuclear weapon programmes, and that countries are complying with the Chemical and Biological Weapons Conventions. This regional inspection system would be in parallel to the international verification systems associated respectively with the NPT and the Chemical Weapons Convention. There is currently no international system to verify the Biological Weapons Convention.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


University of Haifa - Academic Bolshevism in Red Haifa

Haaretz reports that the University of Haifa has decided not to grant an honorary doctoral degree to Nobel Prize winning economist Robert Aumann because the University disapproves of Aumann's political opinions. He is decidedly non-Left.

A few months ago the same University of Haifa had no problem granting an honorary PhD degree to Shulamit Aloni, and has granted similar degrees to other far leftists.

The University of Haifa has been in the news recently for the naked politicization of some of its academic units. The university's law school was the focus of a blistering report by the Im Tirtzu Zionist student organization exposing the fact that some of its law clinics were coercing students into providing legal aid to convicted terrorists and are also collaborating with anti-Israel radical NGOs such as Adalah. The law school had earlier prohibited the singing of the national anthem Hatikva at its graduation ceremonies. Other university universities are similarly… The University also continues to allow the anti-Semitic "ALEF LIST" chat list to operate under university auspices and to proliferate anti-Jewish and anti-Israel hate propaganda (see Watch.htm for details)… All of this has been in the name of "pluralism and diversity."

It turns out that Prof. Aumann is not covered by the University's devotion to pluralism and diversity.

Want to tell the University heads what you think of all this? Write to

Mr. Amos Shapira
University of Haifa
Mt Carmel, 31905 Haifa Israel
Tel: 972-4-8240101
Fax: 972-4-8288110


Prof. David Faraggi
University of Haifa
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Ben Gurion University - Isracampus expresses its sorrow at the passing of Dani Censor Z"L

Isracampus would like to express its sorrow at the passing of Dani Censor Z"L from BGU, who was a tireless warrior against the tenured Fifth Column at BGU and in Israel in general. He was active in attempting to shut down the flawed Department of Government and Politics department at BGU.

Sites that show some of Dan Censor's work:

Dan Censor catalogued and saved for posterity all relevant documentation from the trial of Teddy Katz and Tantura Hoax, a thesis, mentored by Ilan Pappe at Haifa University. [Hebrew]

Dan Censor publicly supported the Counsel for Higher Education's attempt at fixing the problems at the Political Science Dept at BGU, including the option of closing the department. [Hebrew]

Dan Censor criticizes the Department of Government and Politics, calling them ''useful idiots' for destroying their own environment. [English] level pages/BGU - BGU faculty against the Sci Pol Dept.htm

Dan Censor, bucking the Leftist trend in Israeli Academia, announces the start of a new watch group to monitor the seditious behavior of the anti-Israel anti-Zionist traitorous extreme Leftist in Israeli Academics and their electronic publications. [English]
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Dan Censor dismisses all of Zahava Gal-On's criticism of the Likud's involvement in the Counsel of Higher Education's attempt to fix the problems at the Political Science Dept at BGU as Gal-On's 'pre-election farting.' [English]

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George Mason University - Orli Fridman Continues the Jihad of her Mentor Oren Yiftachel against the Jewish State

Fridman is a prime example of anti-Israel cloning produced by the Israeli Academic Left. She also provides Yiftachel another international stage from which to sling anti-Israel propaganda.

Fridman serves as an example of how Israel's universities can produce the most deceptive of anti-Israel academics who would seek the dismantling of the Jewish state. The hidden agenda of IFCCS is to dismantle Israel to create a Muslim-dominated 'Palestine' and perhaps draw in international military intervention to do so.

Before her current stint she was a research associate for Professor Oren Yiftachel, the ultimate arch-hater of Israel, whom she also invites as guest lecturer in her current programs. Yiftachel has been described as "one of the worst anti-Israel academic extremists" and he has built an entire career upon churning out bash-Israel propaganda branding the Jewish state a "racist apartheid entity," dubbing it with his invented nonsense word "an ethnocracy," and he has justified the firing of Hamas rockets into Israel.

She reiterates Arab and Muslim propaganda that has changed history so much and she relies on writings of the most anti-Israel of Israeli "academics", like Baruch Kimmerling and Oren Yifchatel, for what she chooses to believe. Her lectures declare the Palestinian Arabs as the "indigenous" people of what is today Israel, suggesting that the Jews are "colonizers". This runs smack dead into changing the facts. There has always been a Jewish presence in the Holy Land for 5,000 years, the Jews certainly predate the Arab population and the bulk of Arabs living in the Holy Land emigrated to the area en masse as the same time as many Jews did during the 1930's and 40's through the Zionist movement that purchased legally land in the "disputed" area. What was declared Israel by the United Nations in 1948 had a larger Jewish population than the so-called Arab areas. Jews were certainly not "colonizers" of a imaginary Arab country called "Palestine" but were in fact victims of British colonialism the same as the Arabs. The "collective memories" of the Arabs are mainly fabricated.

[Quoting Fridman on Israel's 60th anniversary of the War of Independence] "Like other independence celebrations of settler-colonial states, this anniversary marked not only the consolidation and recognition of a particular nation-state (Israel), but also the history of an indigenous community's displacement (the Palestinians)… Consequently, the event being marked in May of 2008 was not only the celebration of Israel's independence but also the commemoration of the Palestinian Nakbah (catastrophe in Arabic). The creation of the state of Israel featured the displacement of over 750,000 indigenous Palestinian inhabitants of historic Palestine and the simultaneous destruction of over five hundred of their villages. While both the eradication of six million Jews from Europe and the ethnic cleansing of a majority of Palestine's indigenous Arab inhabitants are historical facts separated by time and space, the narratives surrounding these events, their legitimacy as historical collective memories, and the appeal to themas discursive resources are strongly entangled."

It should be noted the term "ethnic cleansing" was a propaganda term used extensively by the Saudis in the Serbia-Albanian Kosovar dispute in worldwide media as they were helping Muslims to chop off the heads of Serbian Christians. Despite the repetition of the Big Lie of 750,000 forced Arab "refugees" after Israel was born, the actual figure was 420,000, most of whom left on their own. Israel also repatriated about 120,000 Arab refugees after its war of Independence in 1948 from 1952-1982 bringing any legitimate "refugee" total down significantly. The Palestinians count second and third generation "refugees" as among their totals adding to their "collective memories."

It is noteworthy that Fridman uses as course material a "toolkit" created by the anti-Israel anarchist group Zochrot to teach the "Nakba narrative" in Hebrew about how Israel's existence is a calamity. She also uses documents furnished by Israeli draft dodgers from Breaking the Silence, an active International Solidarity Movement subversive group.

Fridman demands international intervention against Israel as was done by NATO against Serbia. The apple does not fall far from the Yifchatel tree. She was part of a lecture series she did in collaboration with Yifchatel in Europe and the two have cooperated on lecture programs and research to de-legitimize Israel for years.

Once again, Israeli academia produced another clown at Israeli taxpayer expense to promote the destruction of Eretz Yisrael as a Jewish state. Is there no common sense?

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The Albatross that Israel's Leftist Academia has Become

Clinging to their irrelevant political beliefs and unable to produce a majority-elected government, yet unwilling to give up positions of power, the Left would rather destroy Israel than give up their powers of obstruction.

From one angle, Israel has emerged out of the shadows of the left. Under conservative governments, it has modernized and innovated. The Israel of the startup probably would not exist if the kibbutz was still a viable proposition. From another angle, Israel is a conservative country in the grip of an unelected left.

The unelected left has become Israel's albatross, irrelevant but immovable, incapable of adapting and incapable of giving up power. Its leaders have trouble winning elections, but they pervade academia, the media, the judiciary and even the ranks of the top military brass. And they are making it clear that they would rather destroy the country than lose control over it.

A divided Israel has not been able to break away from the peace process. And it is unable to stop Iran. Netanyahu's dilemma is not just that he has to convince Obama or dance around him, but that he has to figure out a way to do the same thing for the country's domestic left whose parliamentary presence is limited, but whose actual obstructive powers are huge. And the left will insist on waiting until the very last second while claiming that Netanyahu is manufacturing a crisis for political advantage until it's almost too late.

Israel's left ran out of ideas long ago and runs instead on the recycled effluvia of the European left. It has adopted the conviction of the international left that Israel is always to blame. Except it replaces Israel with its favorite right-wing villains and is surprised every time it is confronted with the fact that the international left doesn't bother making any fine distinctions between settlers in Ariel and Kochav Yair and between the good Israeli soldiers who will only serve within the Green Line and the bad Israeli soldiers who will serve beyond the Green Line.

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Emmanuel Farjoun (Hebrew University) and Kobi Snitz (Weizmann Institute) Join Other Israelis and "Academics" in a Call for Boycott of the Oral History Conference at Hebrew U

Farjoun calls for the boycott of his own university. Farjoun and Snitz sign their name to a misleading petition that misrepresents a Unified Jerusalem as "occupied territory" according to "international law"; misquotes the Fourth Geneva Convention to try to prove their point; utilizes creative lawfare to come up with "grave violations" of the Geneva Conventions; and accuses the university of apartheid.

We are a group of Palestinian, Israeli, and other oral historians and academics from Europe, South Africa, and North America calling on you to boycott the June 2014 'International Conference on Oral History' organised by the Oral History Division of the Avraham Harman Institute of Contemporary Jewry, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. While all Israeli universities are deeply complicit in the occupation, settler-colonialism, and apartheid, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem is particularly noteworthy, as we explain below.

Specifically, the land on which some of its Mount Scopus campus buildings and facilities were expanded was acquired as a result of Israel's 1968 illegal confiscation of 3345 dunums of Palestinian land. [1] This confiscated land in East Jerusalem is occupied territory according to international law. Israel's unilateral annexation of occupied East Jerusalem into the State of Israel, and the application of Israeli domestic law to it, are violations of the Fourth Geneva Convention, and have been repeatedly denounced as null and void by the international community, including by the UN Security Council (Resolution 252, 21 May 1968). Moving Israeli staff and students to work and live on occupied Palestinian land places the Hebrew University in grave violation of the Fourth Geneva Conventions.

The conference is an attempt to improve the image and reputation of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in the West and to cover up for the fact that the university is closely associated with Israeli annexation and 'Separation/Apartheid Wall' policies—policies that were strongly condemned on 9 July 2004 by the International Court of Justice in The Hague.[6]

Until Israel fully complies with international laws and conventions, we sincerely hope that international academics will not participate in endorsing their violations and the basic human rights of Palestinians – even if inadvertently. We call on our colleagues to treat Israel exactly the same way that most of the world treated racist South Africa – or indeed any other state that legislates and practices apartheid: as a pariah state… We, therefore, urge you to boycott the Hebrew University of Jerusalem oral history conference and to call on your colleagues to refuse to participate in it; to refuse to cross the Palestinian picket line.

Among the signed:
43. Professor Oren Ben-Dor, Southampton University, England
54. Professor Hagit Borer, Queen Mary, University of London, England
59. Professor Haim Bresheeth, SOAS, University of London, England
87. Dr. Uri Davis, AL-QUDS University, Jerusalem, Palestine
113. Professor (emeritus), Emmanuel Farjoun, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
166. Shir Hever, Independent Economist/Researcher, Palestine-Israel
213. Professor Ronit Lentin, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland
220. Professor (emeritus) Moshé Machover, Kings College, University of London, England
269. Professor Ilan Pappe, Exeter University, England
278. Professor Gabriel Piterberg, University of California, Los Angeles, USA
332. Dr. Kobi Snitz, Weizmann Institute, Israel

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Tel Aviv University - Ben-Dror Yemini, Ma'ariv Editor, Bashes Aeyal Gross (Dept of Law) over his Participation in the Bedouin Blood Libel

With the help of Haaretz newspaper, Islamofascism and anti-Semitic Leftists combine to incite charges of apartheid and transfer against Israel for enforcing the rule of law on Bedouin land grab practices.

In the background a campaign has being going on for a long time, crafted by Haaretz. There have been a lot of baseless claims, but I will make do with just two that were published this week. Oudeh Basharat claimed that Israel was robbing the Bedouins of land in Umm al-Hiran, and immediately called this apartheid. One day later, Prof. Eyal Gross claimed that Bedouins were being evicted from their homes in order to build a Jewish town. When a lie is repeated a thousand times, it becomes fact.

The words transfer and apartheid appeared in the campaign, in order to finger the culprit. This, of course, is the Zionist enterprise. This is what it did in 1948. This is what it is doing in the territories. This is what it is doing to the Bedouins. This is how incitement is created. This is how demonization is done. Haaretz readers have no inkling that Bedouin began to live in Umm al-Hiran only after the initiative to establish Hiran. Is it unreasonable to demand that a law professor know the facts before writing a report?

It's not that Jews are doing to the Bedouins what anti-Semites did to the Jews. Just the opposite. It is the "rights groups" and Rabbis for Human Rights, and it's Haaretz that are continuing the old, despised tradition of libels. In the past it was against the Jews. Now it's against the State of Israel.

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Hebrew University - Zeev Sternhell (Dept of Political Science) wants the Arab-Israeli conflict solved the same way as the "deal" with Iran, meaning capitulation to Islamic Fascism and Terrorism

Netanyahu is convinced, and rightly so, that the Iranians will try to deceive and cheat. He knows this because that’s what he would do in their situation. After all, that is what his government is doing daily in the occupied territories, better than anything else it does…  For Netanyahu, lies and deception are a foundation of international relations, an expression of political astuteness and of a capacity to get things done.

… What was established [in Geneva] was new ways of thinking and doing that could be applied to the efforts to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict… A concerted effort by the P5+1 powers can bring both sides to the table and force them to start talking seriously. It will be hard to play games with these nations…

If it turns out that the political process that was embarked on in Geneva is successful, and strict supervision shows that Iran is complying with the agreement and that it was halted in its pursuit of a military nuclear option, the Geneva framework will become the only option in resolving the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

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Indiana University - Shaul Magid's (Dept of Jewish Studies) Dilution of the Jewish Faith and Backing of the Irredentist Terror Supporting Arabs

Despite what might seem a background in a love and promotion of the history of Judaism, Magid sees traditional Judaism, at least in America, as archaic and out of date. As a member of the far-leftist anti-Israel splinter group Americans for Peace Now, he talks of "post-ethnic Judaism."

Magid's "theological" opinions are that the Palestinians are victimized by us archaic-thinking Jews, the ones who actually practice Judaism. "Renewal Jews" develop a model of worship that includes "progressive" (Marxist?) American political activism and environmentalism. And lots of good dope.

Magid laments that some of his fellow hippie olim in Israel … yet support Israel's right to exist as a Jewish state:

"In my experience, while still in the US (in the 1970s and early 1980s) many of these newly religious people maintained a commitment to leftist ideas, including peaceful coexistence with the Palestinians… At that time, American counter-cultural Jews had not met the settlers (whose movement was just getting under way in Israel); nor had they been introduced to the romantic Zionism of Rav Kook that was being forged in various yeshivot and religious kibbutzim… The Jewish version of this outlook was easy prey for an emerging settler spirituality that institutionalized a 'divine connection to the land' that had little tolerance for coexistence if it meant sharing said land. While these American counter culturalists sympathized with the subaltern in principle, as they became more integrated into this new Zionist romanticism of the settler movement, the divine connection to the land began to take precedence."

Magid also insists that Israel's support of the settlers is based on a phony hasbara (public relations) for American consumption. He uses leftist buzz words like "the other" when referring to the Palestinians and never mentions the very way Arabs and Muslims treat their "Others." His hippy-dippy New Age Renewal Judaism incorporates liturgies of Christian, Islamic and Buddhist practices in synagogue prayer, while supporting the Jew killers among the Palestinians or, at minimum, simply ignoring them. And, oh, yes, he accuses Israel of apartheid, even though it's the only state in the Middle East that doesn't practice apartheid.

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University of Haifa - Conflict of Interests between Haifa U and Adalah, the Arab rights NGO associated with the Beleaguered Legal Clinics

Haifa U bans waving the Arab flag at the demonstration against the Bedouin settlement plan. Adalah, with whom some of the Leftist faculty at Haifa U cheer on and collaborate (including many at the Law School), is pushing to have the Arab national flags waved at the demonstration as 'freedom of speech.' Adalah must want to show solidarity with the denial of Israeli sovereignty over the Negev that waving a Palestinian flag implies.

The University of Haifa banned Arab students from waving Palestinian flags during protests that took place earlier this week against the Begin-Prawer plan, causing reactions from NGOs for and against the decision.

Fady Khoury, a lawyer for Adalah, an Arab legal rights group, told The Jerusalem Post that the university is violating the principle of freedom of speech and should not act as a filter or interfere in the substance of expression.

Regarding the issue of banning the Palestinian flags, Im Tirtzu sides with the university since one must distinguish between freedom of expression or academic freedom and Arabs creating "an atmosphere of fear." It is an abuse of freedom of speech, he said.

Alon Schwarzer, the campus coordinator for Im Tirtzu, told the Post… "Students are scared to say things in class and are worried about their grades if they go to complain."

University of Haifa spokesman, Ilan Yavelberg, told the Post that all of these groups are creating provocations in order to get into the news.

"Haifa University will not allow provocations from any party, which causes damage to the life on campus and violations to the public order," said a statement sent to the Post.

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University of Haifa - Im Tirtzu Publishes their Executive Summary over the Disturbing Political Activity at the University of Haifa Law Clinics

Im Tirtzu's new report reveals a disturbing political character to the activities of Haifa University's Legal Clinics. Some of the clinics have actually morphed into branches of radical anti-Zionist organizations, as shown by the extensive and multifaceted ties of the legal clinics with these organizations. These ties in turn reflect the unsettling fact that many employees of the clinics are actually key members of such organizations.

The legal clinics are trying to camouflage and conceal their controversial agenda in order to to avoid a critical and incisive discussion of their activities. At the same time, participating students have been victimized by having to be accosted with chauvinistic anti-Israel propaganda. Needless to say, such anti-Israeli propaganda only wears away at the fabric of Israeli society.

A sample case is the Prisoners' Rights Clinic, the most active among the clinics in terms of the number of legal proceedings in which it engages. The following are examples of cases undertaken by this clinic:

o  Walid Dakka, a terrorist convicted of having participated in the kidnapping and murder of Israeli soldier Moshe Tamam, z''l.
o  Sallach Said, a terrorist who participated in a shooting attack in the course of which Israeli soldier Yair Turgeman, z''l, was killed.
o  Karim Yunes, a terrorist convicted of the murder of Israeli soldier Avraham Bromberg, z''l.
o  Raed Sallahut, a terrorist convicted of attempted murder, aiding the enemy during wartime, and shooting at a police station.
o  Fouad Soltani, a terrorist convicted of spying on behalf of Hezbollah.
o  Ahmed Elheib, a terrorist convicted of spying on behalf of Hezbollah.

It is becoming increasingly apparent that the Clinics have been transformed from a social educational project into a destructive and biased mechanism for political indoctrination. The clinics mislead the students and do not provide a credible image with respect to their activities.

Ultimately, the Clinics represent an academia that is devoid of discussion, pluralism and ideological alternatives.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


University of Haifa - Tsafrir Goldberg (Dept of Education) Concocts Experiment that Shows how Alternative Teaching Methods Coerce Jewish Pupils into Accepting Responsibility for the 1948 Arab Refugees.

Goldberg believes it is the job of high school "peace education" to indoctrinate children in the need for Israel to capitulate to the demands of the Arab aggressors and enemies. Stalinist schools in the USSR also ran programs in "peace education" in the 1950s.

Goldberg's "research" is designed to make Jewish students succumb to the Arab irredentist claims about Jews being responsible for the 1948 Arab refugee problem. This "research" focuses on the need to brainwash Jewish children in the Arab Big Lie! Goldberg sells out the Jewish pupils and the Israeli Narrative from fear of "raising antagonism" with Arab students. However, he finds these alternative methods of indoctrination quite successful for promoting agreement, or rather capitulation to Arab yarns, in the field of "Peace Education." In fact, it is this subordination of Jewish responsibility to the Arab refugee problem that frequently forms the only basis for continued dialog between the Arab and Jewish pupils in the study. In view of Goldberg's personal views on the Arab-Israeli conflict, could this be another study for which the conclusions were written before the study took place?

In the wake of the book recall [reported earlier on Isracampus], one of its authors − Dr. Tsafrir Goldberg, from the teacher education department at Haifa University − decided to try and explore the impact of instructional methods (the traditional one of the Education Ministry versus two alternative approaches) on the national identification of Jewish and Arab students; on the extent of tolerance of each side; and on their ability to reach agreements.

The study was recently completed, and the conclusions are quite clear: identification is not harmed when students learn the narrative of the other side, and teaching according to the principles of the Education Ministry has a negative influence on the degree of interest in encountering the other and understanding his point of view.

The study looked at some 180 Jewish and Arab students aged 16-18 from 10 schools around the country. The teenagers were divided into three groups, which learned about the beginning of the War of Independence and the birth of the Palestinian refugee problem through a variety of approaches to teaching history, with a control group that was not exposed to any of those approaches. Before and after class, the students answered detailed questionnaires that ascertained identification with their national group, openness to contradictory narratives of the conflict, and their perceptions regarding the historical topic in question. Later on they split into binational
pairs, and were asked to discuss two questions: Which side is responsible for the refugee problem, and can it be resolved?

The discussions were recorded, transcribed, and analyzed quantitatively (for example, the rate of cases in which the students reached an agreement [as defined by Goldberg to be capitulation to Arab demands of Israeli responsibility for the 1948 Arab refugees - Isracampus]) and qualitatively (such as manifestations of dominance and even taking over the conversation).

The first approach the study tested was the traditional method of teaching history, as formed by Education Ministry directives. This is a fairly authoritative approach, which purports to pass on to the next generation "the events as they were." This is an illusion, of course, but the factual description, which is ostensibly neutral, makes challenging it difficult − and, moreover, blurs the fact that we are talking about historical interpretation…

The other two approaches the study tested took an empathetic approach − which is based on a textbook that includes Jewish-Israeli and Palestinian narratives − and a critical approach − which relies on a skeptical examination of historical sources, identified and contrasting, in a manner reminiscent of the core curriculum in the history department of any academic institution.

As far as is known, this is the first study of its kind to examine the impact of different methods of teaching the history of the Jewish-Arab conflict on national identity and relations between the two nationalities.

By contrast, real differences were found in connection with the teenagers' degree of interest in getting to know the other side: Interest in the other showed a decline after a class conducted in the traditional-authoritative method, as opposed to an increase was noted after a class employing the empathetic approach (and, to a lesser extent, also the critical approach). The impact was greater among the study's Arab participants than their fellow Jewish students.

Significant differences were also found when the teens were divided into pairs and asked to discuss the refugee problem. From a purely quantitative standpoint, it turned out that students who learned in keeping with the traditional approach decidedly reached a lower rate of agreement [i.e. capitulation - Isracampus] between them, compared to ones who learned according to the empathetic approach and the critical approach (for example, 38.5 percent, 53.3 percent and 75 percent, respectively, agreed on the responsibility for the refugee problem). Less definitive differences also surfaced in quantitative analysis of the conversations: those held by students who learned according to the alternative methods tended to be more equitable.

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Tel Aviv University - Aeyal Gross (Dept of Law) and the Vegan Jihad

Transgendered Jihad is not Sufficient! Just when you think Aeyal Gross could not get any wackier.

It should be stressed that there is no contradiction between concern for animals and concern for human life. Quite the contrary, opposition to the suppression of human beings easily dovetails with opposition to the suppression of animals; in both cases, one is expressing an overall sensitivity to the oppression and suffering of the Other and to the exploitation of the weak.

More and more restaurants and coffee shops are catering to the needs of vegetarians and vegans; moreover, the local media are showcasing this development. While this trend must be welcomed, one must not ignore the gap that exists between increased support for veganism and the ever-growing indifference in Israeli society to the oppression and exploitation inherent in Israel's occupation of Palestinian territory…

When veganism becomes a tool to improve the IDF's image, or that of Israel as a whole – which is what Megged suggests – and when attempts are being made to cover up the fact that the IDF operates an occupation mechanism that denies people their basic human rights, veganism is being appropriated for propaganda purposes.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


University of Haifa - Tsafrir Goldberg's (Dept of Education) Campaign to Teach Israeli Students that Israel's Existence is a Nakba and that Israel Conducted Ethnic Cleansing

Goldberg complains about censorship after the Israeli Dept of Education catches his attempt to sneak claims of Nakba and ethnic cleansing into Israeli high school textbooks. Goldberg uses biased sources with which to make these claims. In Goldberg's opinion, these claims are "not extreme."

"Collecting the books from the shops is an unnecessary [form of] censorship," said Dr. Tsafrir Goldberg, who wrote the controversial chapter on the war. "The process of approving the text was completed in serious fashion from both the pedagogic and the historic points of view. The fact that the education minister changed does not mean that it is possible to bypass this procedure."

On September 22, Haaretz reported that the textbook, which is meant for 11th and 12th-grades, for the first time presented the Palestinian claim that there had been ethnic cleansing in 1948.

"Presenting Israel's claims as being equal to those of Arab propagandists is exactly like presenting the claims of the Nazis alongside those of the Jews," one of them said.

Among other things, the Shazar Center was asked to exchange the original Palestinian text that appears in the book, written by Walid Khalidi, for another that is closer to reality, said Goldberg, who finished making the changes recently.

Another demand was that the term "ethnic cleansing" be redacted. Goldberg says that he changed the phrase and spoke instead of an organized policy of expulsion… "The state has the right to determine the contents of textbooks but this is not supposed to be done by the education minister," Goldberg said.


The textbook, "Nationalism: Building a State in the Middle East," was published several weeks ago. It contains a passage stating "the Palestinians and the Arab states contended that most of the [Palestinian] refugees were civilians who were attacked and expelled from their homes by the armed Jewish forces, which instituted a policy of ethnic cleansing, contrary to the proclamations of peace in the Declaration of Independence."

The book presents the Palestinian and the Jewish-Israeli points of view side by side…In summarizing the two versions, the chapter says: "Later historical research has raised a complex picture in which alongside the abandonment of cities there were also incidents of organized expulsion, such as in Lod and Ramle," and that "the flight from the villages frequently occurred following attacks on them by Jewish forces."

The chapter gives three notable sources in its description of events, including Yohanan Cohen, who was a company commander in the War of Independence and later served as a member of Knesset. Cohen recounts that "not only was the flight of the Arabs directed and carried out at the initiative of the Arab leadership, but also the leadership of the Jewish community tried more than once to stop it and prevent it." The second point of view is from the Palestinian historian Walid Khalidi, who wrote that 13 operations, carried out, he contended, in the context of so-called Plan Dalet [Pand D] were a historic opportunity for the Jews to cleanse the country of Arabs, and to deny the Arab presence simply by wiping it out. The third source, Benny Morris of Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, said Plan Dalet gave certain commanders of the prestate Jewish Haganah a free hand to empty strategically key areas of their inhabitants, adding that each unit interpreted and carried out the instructions as it understood them and in accordance with local circumstances. There was no decision, he said, to expel the Arabs from the territory of the Jewish State.

Tsafrir Goldberg, who was responsible for the chapter on the Palestinian refugees, said yesterday: "… I believe one of the ways to develop historical thought is to confront the student with conflicting points of view." He said he did not present the contentions regarding ethnic cleansing as fact but rather as a Palestinian version of events. "It is not extreme," he added, "in my view, to know that someone thinks differently than you do."

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


Tel Aviv University - Yehouda Shenhav's (Dept of Sociology)  Racist Residues Taint his Theories over the Arab - Israeli Conflict.

Shenhav's self-admitted troubled childhood, strife with Mizrachim – Ashkenazim cultural conflicts, makes him lay all the blame for Zionism, the Arab problem, and culture conflicts on Ashkenazim.

This theoretical and philosophical position has implications regarding our discussion today i.e. the connection between the Mizrahi and Palestinian questions. I would like to propose that if the positions of the Mizrahim toward the Arabs are more militant, this is at least partially the result of years of European Zionist ideology which regards Arab culture with contempt. Having internalised this ideology, the Mizrahim learned to reject their own Eastern, or Arab roots in order to get closer to the centre of the Israeli collective. Rejection of their Arab roots is expressed in at least two ways. The Mizrahim, whose identity is split between their Jewish religion and their Arab cultural roots, may choose to stress their religious identity at the expense of their cultural identity. The religious path offers the Mizrahim a way to enter Israeli society while rejecting their connection to Arab culture. Another form of rejection is to adopt an Israeli identity and to deny the relevance of their Mizrahi identity.

Here I would like to look, through the Mizrahi issue, at the complex question of Palestinian nationalism. The Israeli left, which for the most part remains Zionist, Ashkenazi, and secular, has developed a standpoint that on one hand recognizes the Palestinian question in all its complexity, and on the other hand denies the social and ethnic issues of the Mizrahi question…

I can speak for hours about ambivalence surrounding my identity, creating dilemmas in my childhood between my Israeli identity and my Mizrahi – Arab identity. When I brought friends home my mother made it clear to me who were my good friends and who were my bad friends. It was not in anything she said directly. But when I brought home an Ashkenazi friend I received compliments, and when I brought home a Mizrahi friend my mother made a face. After a while you get the message and begin to adopt Ashkenazi ways of thinking.

Regarding the Mizrahi issue, which is connected to the Palestinian issue, it is important to understand how memory works. The Mizrahim, as opposed to the Palestinians, have a very ambivalent attitude towards Zionist nationalism. And Zionist nationalism has a very ambivalent attitude towards the Mizrahim. There is tension between processes of inclusion and exclusion in relations between Jewish nationalism and Mizrahim. It is as if we are told, "You are one of us, but a distant relative." That is to say you are almost like the Ashkenazim - but not exactly. As opposed to the Palestinians, you are a part of the collective. However within the Zionist nationalist movement you are marginal and have become ethicised.

For more details and to see the full original article, go here


University of Haifa - Calls to have Haifa U Spokesman Ilan Yavelburg Dismissed over Defamatory Statement

Yavelburg overstepped his mandate by defaming students as "extremist". Instead of redressing the problem of representing terrorists, the university and its spokesperson have decided to malign the messenger.

Ilan Yavelburg needs to issue an immediate apology to the "Im Tirtzu" student organization or to resign or be dismissed from his position as University spokesperson.

According to the media, Yavelburg is issuing defamatory statements against the Im Tirtzu Zionist student organization, calling it an "extremist political organization." Im Tirtzu is a Zionist student organization, which of course makes it an extremist group in the minds of the Far-Leftist anti-Zionists, including the anti-Israel tenured extremists in Israel. For them, any Zionist group of any sort is "extremist." One can agree with Im Tirtzu's opinions or disagree, but it is not Yavelburg's mandate to defame students at the university as "extremists." Let us note that he never attacked as "extremist" the Arab student union for producing a calendar with photos of Nasrallah and Bin Laden, nor for countless other provocations.

Im Tirtzu issued a critical report about the activities of the law clinics at the University of Haifa. One clinic in particular, the one supposedly concerned with "prisoner rights," is a highly politicized institution engaged in advocacy and indoctrination, as evidenced by the set of "prisoners" it decided to adopt. (Biased politicization if not exactly a rarity in the rest of the law school.) Instead of redressing the problem, the university and its spokesperson have decided to malign the messenger.

If it is Yavelburg's position that all Zionist students are extremists, then let him resign and seek employment at Bir Zeit "university." If it is the belief of the university officials that Yavelburg's anti-Zionist defamation of Im Tirtzu is also the university position, then let them have the integrity to communicate this to all university donors and to the Knesset educational committee.

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The Cover-Up of "Clinic-gate" at Haifa U Begins
University of Haifa under pressure over Legal Aid to Terrorists

Hysterical response from Haifa U spokesman, Ilan Yavelburg, who denounced the Student Movement 'Im Tirtzu' as an "extremist political organization," kicks off the beginning of a slanderous offensive to divert attention from the legal assistance given to terrorists at Haifa U's student legal clinics.

A day after the Im Tirtzu movement published a report decrying what it termed the politicized nature of Haifa University's legal clinics, reactions began flooding in from the university, terror victims and Knesset members.

Ilan Yavelburg, a spokesman for the university, described the report as "manipulative and biased" and deemed Im Tirtzu an "extremist political organization."

Haifa University's legal clinics are apolitical, he said, adding: "Im Tirtzu are the ones who are crudely injecting politics into the academy for the sake of their own publicity. ... It is no accident that Im Tirtzu chose to ignore this wide range of activity and to spotlight, in an intentional and biased way, just one narrow issue among many..."

Reacting to Im Tirzu's report, Almagor, the terror victims' organization, sent a letter to the president of Haifa University on Monday. ... "In Haifa, there is a population of terror victims and bereaved families who in the past joined our legal battle to prosecute terrorists who hurt us, and we did not see the University of Haifa offer us its services, which it offers, ironically and unfortunately, to some of these terrorists."
"This is another scandal at the University of Haifa, which under the cover of academic freedom harms the freedom of choice of students and imposes on them a post-Zionist agenda," MK Yariv Levin (Likud) told Maariv newspaper on Sunday.

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University of Haifa - Terror Victims Association Demands HaifaU Law Clinic Representation

Haifa University should help victims of terrorism just as it assist terrorists, the head of the Almagor terror victims association, Meir Indor, said on Sunday.

Indor was reacting to a report by the Im Tirtzu organization, which found that the legal clinics at Haifa University devote most of their resources to helping non-Jews, with a special preference for Muslim-Arab terrorists.

"In the wake of the academic assistance of terrorists, we turn to Haifa University and demand that they set up a clinic for victims of terrorism," Indor told Arutz Sheva.

He stressed that "every victim of terrorism has the option of demanding, in the name of justice, that the law be followed. Therefore, a clinic such as this can help prevent the release of terrorists and be a real help when we turn to the High Court of Justice. Haifa University, you are helping the terrorists? If so, help the victims of terrorism as well.”

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University of Haifa - Legal Support for Terrorism at the University of Haifa

Gad Barzilai (Dean of the Law School) justifies the representation of Arab terrorists by HaifaU law students as defending the "weakened populations" in Israel.

In recent days the University of Haifa in northern Israel … has come under intensive criticism because the "legal clinics" operated by its School of Law here are assigning law students the task of counseling and defending convicted Arab terrorists and mass murderers of Jews. The President of the University recently issued a statement defending the activities of these "clinics." The Dean of the Law School together with the head of the "clinics" went on the attack and denounced those who criticize the practice of the "clinics" to counsel and defend the terrorists.

The Dean, Prof. Gad Barzilai, is a radical active in leftist "human rights" groups and involved in academic