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The Shmootz Corner

Previous Shmootz Corner Quotes

Israel's left is living in a bubble
The left likes to withdraw into itself, to hold internal discussions, to engage in internal quarrels, and shows contempt and disregard towards the voice of "Masuda from Sderot." But the thing is that in one day of elections, the vote of Masuda from Sderot equals the vote of the president of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. It's the same opportunity, it's the same envelop only the vote is different.
Eitan Haber (Ynet 18/3/2015)


"How are the so-called right wing groups limiting debate by engaging in debate?" (talkback 'McQueen' in the Jerusalem Post in response to a screed about "Academic Lynching" written by David Newman (BGU, Dean, Social Sciences and Humanities Dept), December 6, 2011, in which he challenges the right to criticize tenured extremists at BGU


Neve Gordon (Ben Gurion University, Dept of Political Science) organizes regular one-sided anti-Israel "academic" conferences at BGU, in which no non-leftist and no Zionist may speak! When asked in interview why that is, Gordon responds:
"The whole notion of 'balanced' is now being used as a weapon against the left. If there's a conference on Darwin we do not need to invite creationists. For a Holocaust conference we should not be inviting Holocaust deniers although one could claim that in the name of balance we would have to. Why, one might ask, should we invite people who are against human rights?"
In other words, all Zionists and non-leftists are opposed to human rights. Demands for pluralism are a bludgeon to suppress the Left! Real pluralism and democracy is where only Leftists may speak!

The entire interview is at

(The same interview also claims that 7 rightwingers were to be invited to speak at the latest BGU "human rights" conference, however, the dog ate the list and the phone numbers)


Tel Aviv University - Anat Biletzki (Dept of Philosophy):
"Even if the Palestinians relinquish their demands for a Right of Return, even then I will NOT abandon the demand for a Palestinian Right of Return."

-- cited by Ben Dror Yemini in Maariv Jan 28 2011


"Freedom of speech has been stolen from wizened students by the police and the prosecution, because they believe it is deserved only by radical and post-Zionist academicians, who call on Arabs to refrain from renting to Jews in their neighborhoods," [MKs Yaakov Katz and Uri Ariel (National Union)] said in a statement.,7340,L-4007188,00.html


Yael Korin, in a 2006 Youtube video, said: "What we need to remember is that Israel was born in sin. In 1948 the al-Naqba was a war of ethnic cleansing, of grabbing land by force, and cleansing it from its inhabitants, the Palestinians."


"The state is using the Shin Bet in order to assassinate political activists."

Professor Yehouda Shenhav, Tel Aviv University (Dept of Sociology):
Israel National (Internet) May 12, 2010


'Holding such a Zionist narrative serves as an obstacle to peace since it promotes negative emotions, mistrust, de-legitimization and negative stereotypes of Arabs and Palestinians.'

Professor Daniel Bar-Tal, Tel Aviv University (Dept of Educational Psychology):
Article Press Release Columbia University (Internet) April 6, 2009


"If the Nazi programme for the final solution of the Jewish problem had been complete, for sure there would be peace today in Palestine."

Baruch Kimmerling, late Professor of Sociology at the Hebrew University:
Guardian Unlimited (Internet) October 5, 2002