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Editorial Article

University of Exeter - Ilan Pappe exports his Hatred and Lies from the Moor

By Lee Kaplan,

Never missing a beat (or a publicity moment) when it comes to anti-Israel activity, ex-pat Israeli propagandist, political science “professor” (we use the academic description loosely) Ilan Pappe, battles against Israel’s survival from his little ivory tower in the UK. There he wrote an article recently in the anti-Semitic tabloid Electronic Intifada, produced by International Solidarity Movement and Al Awda, in praise of the Norwegians canceling a contract with Elbit, a major supplier of security systems from Israel. It seems that a company that protects Israeli citizens from suicide bombers and terrorist attacks is not the kind of company the Norse wish to keep, and Pappe cannot contain his glee.

According to Pappe,

“…today of all days, those of us who happened to be here on the ground saw a light, a very powerful light, illuminating for a very short moment, the horizon of a different reality of peace and reconciliation (sic). And it was all due to the decision of the Norwegian government to withdraw its investments in the Israeli hi-tech company Elbit (due to the latter's involvement in the construction and maintenance of the apartheid wall). We have to keep a proportional view on this: only one section of Elbit, Elbit Systems, was affected. But the significance is not about who was targeted, but rather who took the decision: the Norwegian ministry of finance through its ethical council. No less important was the manner in which it was taken: the minister herself announced the move in a press conference. This is what transformed for a short while the media scene in the Zionist state.”

Excuse us here at Isracampus, but the Security Fence has reduced suicide bombings and terrorist attacks inside Israel by 95%--that’s a lot of Israeli lives.  Maybe that is why Pappe is so upset at it?

As for Palestinians, they were killed by those attacks too. Misusing the term “apartheid” by the anti-Israel forces is only a diversion from the real goals of the Palestinians-the resumption of massive violence against Jews and Israel. Palestinians living in the Palestinian Authority are not Israeli citizens and do not want to be, so there is no “apartheid.”  The University of Exeter is a far worse example of apartheid than is Israel. It discriminates against the non-British!

The constant hammering in the muddled media of the misapplied term “apartheid” is designed to demonize Israel, to force her drop her self-defense.

Apparently this works well in Norway and among its apologists. Pappe praises of Norway’s Finance Minister, Kristin Halvorsen, for her decision to divest this way from Israel.  Said Pappe, “It is the first official act of this kind by a Western government. This is reminiscent of the first day when governments heeded the pressures of their societies in the West to act against apartheid South Africa. We were all moved, and rightly so, when brave trade unions took such decisions against Israel; we were all very hopeful when the International Court of Justice ruled against the wall…”

Pappe praises Halvorsen thus:

“For the time being all we can say is a huge thank you to a brave politician that will enter the pages of history as someone who paved the way to a better future for everyone in Israel and Palestine,” he writes.

The Norse mentality has produced other ministers like Halvorsen, notably one named Vidkun Quisling, who collaborated willingly with the Nazis. Pappe would no doubt approve of him as well.

Apparently, nothing has changed.

Pappe was recently onboard the Gaza flotilla boats launched by the ISM, where he sailed to Gaza in direct support of Hamas. The charter of Hamas calls not only for destruction of Israel, but for the murder of all world Jewry. Pappe figures he will be safe on the moors in Exeter.  In praising the Norwegian action, Pappe added:

“This is a clear message for all the good people in the West looking for ways of helping the Palestinians in their moment of nadir. They want to march and sail peacefully to Gaza, they wish to facilitate more meetings between Israelis and Palestinians and are adamant despite all the hurdles to volunteer in the occupied territories. These are all noble actions but changing the public opinion in the West, is what people in the West can do best. And if one government has already shifted significantly the name and the rules of the game -- be it in a very minor decision that may still be revised under the tidal Zionist reaction, others will surely follow.”

“Zionist” reaction, Ilan? It’s those pesky Jews desiring a homeland when the entire world, including the Valhalla crowd is screaming for their capitulation to terrorists like Hamas!

Pappe supports Hamas, while the “good people of West” alas do not. Only the fringe loonies do so. The Gaza flotilla’s purpose was to reopen shipping lanes used by the Iranians to smuggle weapons to Hamas, such as missiles that are fired on Israel’s civilian community of Sderot.

We recommend the coining of new English words to enhance the vernacular. From now on, people should use the description of “a halvorsen” to describe someone whose actions only encourage terrorism against Jews and the West and who opposes their self-defense. At the same time, “a pappe” would be a self-hating promoter of terrorism against his own people while falsely claiming to strive for “peace.”

Pappe has maintained a media presence for years while posing as a pseudo-scholar. Most notable of his accomplishments was his participation in the supervision of a thesis that invented a fabricated massacre of Palestinians by Jews in the 1948 War of Independence. The MA student under Pappe who wrote what Pappe demanded admitted it was all a lie during his later libel trial. Teddy Katz was sued by the Alexandroni Brigade that fought in the village of Tantura  where the “massacre” allegedly occurred. The PLO paid $6,000 US to Katz to submit the false thesis. Despite this, to this day Pappe insists the massacre really occurred, even though eyewitness testimony by some of the Arabs there denied it.  Pappe’s MO is to fabricate pseudo-history for an agenda.

The following are quotes by Pappe that show his scholarly worth:

“If you look at Israeli textbooks, curricula, media, and political discourse you see how this chapter in Jewish history - the chapter of expulsion, colonization, massacres, rape, and the burning of villages - is totally absent. It is not there. It is replaced by a chapter of heroism, glorious campaigns and amazing stories of moral courage and superiority unheard of in any other histories of people's liberation in the 20th century.” (Of course, the atrocities described did not occur and a tiny nation of Holocaust survivors defeating five Arab armies calling to drive them into the sea isn’t heroic?).


“Indeed the struggle is about ideology, not about facts. Who knows what facts are? We try to convince as many people as we can that our interpretation of the facts is the correct one, and we do it because of ideological reasons, not because we are truth-seekers.” (A wonderful philosophy for an “academic” and “educator” rephrasing the propaganda policy of Edward Said and Yasser Arafat that “facts don’t matter, only emotions (opinions) matter. Write your own history.” The Arab ideology is based on totalitarian ideals and Sharia Law. Apparently Pappe sees nothing wrong to condemn people to live under such ideology).


“…my [pro-Palestinian] bias is apparent despite the desire of my peers that I stick to facts and the 'truth' when reconstructing past realities. I view any such construction as vain and presumptuous. This book is written by one who admits compassion for the colonized not the colonizer; who sympathizes with the occupied not the occupiers.... Mine is a subjective approach....”(From A History of Modern Palestine, Pappe’s book. Pappe would be right at home in the Muslim world where the sun still revolves around the Earth and Jesus was a Muslim prophet).


“I use Palestinian sources for the Intifada: they seem to me to be more reliable, I admit." March 30, 2004 (Sure. Like their academics who claim Jews never lived in the Holy Land, that the Temple never existed despite archeological proof, that Jews steal Arab body parts for the black market or put contraceptives into their water to prevent births, or spread poison candy of their children to eat).

Pappe learned well from his jihadi, Stalinist, and Neturei Karta friends, and is well trained in the art of lying. Here is an example: “[T]he Jewish state was built on the ruins of the indigenous people of Palestine, whose livelihood, houses, culture and land had been systematically destroyed.” (The Zionist movement legally purchased its land. Israel was set up by the United Nations and Ben Gurion and the Zionist leadership insisted the Arabs had to be respected for what was theirs.)

Here is a sample of some other Pappisms:

“[T]here is what I call the 'Nakba Denial….I think there is a similar ‘Holocaust Denial’ on the Palestinian side…..” (Pappe sees the founding of Israel as a catastrophe comparable to the Holocaust. For an Israeli to do so is unspeakable).


“I condemned the uprooting of the Palestinians and the violence inflicted on them, as well as the de-Arabization of Jews who came from Arab countries to Israel, the imposition of military rule on Palestinians in Israel before 1967 and the de-facto Apartheid policies put in place after 1967. I also cry out against the callous Israeli occupation of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. I do it not only as human being, but also as Jew, who feels appalled that such crimes can be committed by Jews after the holocaust. I studied history to find out why it happened and gave answers through analyzing Zionist ideology, the historical colonialist context in which Zionism emerged and so on. . .” March 30, 2004. (Pappe identifies with his Jewishness about as much as a ham sandwich thinks it’s kosher. His audience is among the Arabs abroad and Jews who prefer communist ideology to Judaism).


“One utopia envisaged by an Austro-Hungarian Jew, Theodore Herzel, ruined Palestine and its people.” September 27, 2004. (Israel has the highest standard of living for its Arab citizens of Arabs anywhere else in the world.)

Ruined Palestine? The country was a desert with Arabs living in villages made of mud and straw. The Zionists brought them hospitals, universities, jobs and made the desert bloom. What has the University of Exeter ever done for the Arabs besides urge them to war?

In a speech at the Unitarian Universalist Church in San Francisco, Pappe said:

Israel was given a free hand" [by the US to take any action it wanted in the West Bank and Gaza ] bringing about "the worst atrocities committed against the Palestinian people" October, 30, 2005. (Suicide bombings against Jews do not count. Pappe always talks of alleged atrocities done by Israel, like the Tantura “Massacre”).

Pappe openly supports terrorism, including suicide bombings against Israelis, while accusing Israel of his phony atrocities:

“I fully support it (the second intifada) and regard it as a popular movement determined to stop a peace process which would have destroyed Palestine once and for all.”

He has spoken out against a two state solution preferring only one-state Rwanda like extermination of the Jews in an Arab-dominated Palestine encapsulating Israel:

“The two-state solution nowadays is not the end of the occupation but continuing it in a different way.” Sept 16 2002. On January 31, 2005 Pappe spoke at Columbia University’s panel entitled “One State or Two: Alternative Proposals for Middle East Peace.” He favored the Rwanda solution.

There are numerous quotes by Pappe in favor of boycotting Israel and even boycotting his fellow Israeli academics and Israeli universities:

He has said that as far as military and financial support to Israel goes, “any possible measure of decreasing such aid is most welcome.” Regarding his fellow Israelis, he has said: “Shielded by this particular support for academia, and other cultural media, the Israeli army and security services can go on, and will go on, demolishing houses, expelling families, abusing citizens and killing, almost every day, children and women without being accountable regionally and globally for their crimes. Calling for a boycott of your own state and academia is not an easy decision for a member of that academia.” Poor baby.

Pappe even explicitly supported the boycott imposed upon Haifa and Bar-Ilan universities by the British Association of University Teachers (AUT) for their "symbolizing aspects of the occupation." – Ha’aretz April 27, 2005. He also stated,

“I believe that unless external pressure is brought to bear on Israeli institutions involved in the occupation, including universities, the barbaric occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip will continue."

The following comments were made by Pappe as Israel deported 8,000 of her citizens from their homes in Gaza to make peace:

“We, [Ilan Pappe, Uri Davis, Tamar Yaron] believe Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz are considering to utilize provocation for vicious attacks in the near future on the approximately one and a half million Palestinian inhabitants of the Gaza Strip: a possible combination of intensified state terror and mass killing.” July 15, 2005. So even expelling Jews is part of an Israeli conspiracy to mistreat Palestinians!

And Pappe loves to use the Arab tactic of comparing Jews to Nazis:

“They [my two sons] will do all they can to prevent the Nazi venom from slipping through the veins of its own and ultimate victims who came and colonized Palestine, uprooted its population and occupied and brutalized many of them.” March 30, 2004.

Pappe believes that Israel must “bring an end to more than a century of colonization, occupation and dispossession of Palestinians . . . 37 years of endless brutal and callous oppression of the people of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip and . . . 57 years of colonization and dispossession of the Palestinians as a whole. . .”  April 20, 2005

We say: End the colonization of Exeter by anti-Semitic Israel bashing self-hating Jews!


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