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Editorial Article

Ben Gurion University - Tenured Enemy of Freedom of Speech Neve Gordon (Dept of Political Science) sets up a Web Site that Claims to Mock Isracampus

By Steven Plaut

Haaretz ( reports that Ben Gurion University’s worst Anti-Semite Neve Gordon has set up his own little web site called that is an attempt to mock Isracampus. The web site purports to invite radical leftists to sign up to be added to black lists of anti-Israel extremists. Gordon claims his web site will allow leftist academics to search the archives of Isracampus and other watchdog groups to see if they are listed and find what is said about them there. But we tried out Gordon’s site and it did not do any of things Gordon claims it does. It does not even locate any article written about Neve Gordon himself, showing what an effective search tool it is!

Meanwhile Gordon lists the owners and initiators of the webs “blacklist” site he runs here:

Well, we checked that list of names. Aside from Gordon himself, none of the people in that list except Yinon Cohen is even an academic. There are a few students and theater people, none of whom are focuses of interest for Isracampus. As for Yinon Cohen, a far-leftist sociologist, he is indeed a radical anti-Israel extremist. See these:


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