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University of Haifa

“Affirmative Action” at the University of Haifa: Supervisor of the Tantora Massacre Fabrication Affair promoted to Full Professor

The University of Haifa just decided to promote Prof. Kais Firro to the rank of full professor, despite the fact that Firro has very few academic publications to his record. Firro is best known for having been the formal thesis advisor to the anti-Israel extremist Teddy Katz, in which the thesis fabricated an imaginary “massacre” of Arabs in the village of Tantora by the Alexandroni battalion of the Palmach during Israel’s War of Independence. Katz later admitted in court that the allegation was a fabrication. For details, see this: While the malicious Ilan Pappe, back then on the faculty of the University of Haifa in political science, has generally been assumed to be the driving force behind the fabrication, Kais Firro officially supervised and approved the thesis and gave it a grade of 97. The University later revoked Katz’ degree and refused to recognize the thesis.

Firro is a radical anti-Israel Druse, who has published anti-Israel propaganda in the Journal of Palestine Studies, a PLO-run journal, including an article entitled “Druse and the Nakba.” His “academic” publication record consists of two books about the Druse and two books about Lebanon. He has a very small number of articles appearing in academic journals, although has quite a few that appear in anti-Israel propaganda magazines like the Journal of Palestine Studies.














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