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University of Haifa

University of Haifa - Radical Israel hater Micah Leshem (Dept of Psychology) Produces Anti-Semitic Cartoon

Leshem pens anti-Semitic cartoon for an Italian Pro-Arab website which depicts PM Netanyahu, an IDF soldier, and two Orthodox settlers participating in a particularly gruesome blood libel. IsraCampus refuses to reproduce this vile, malicious, defamatory cartoon on its front page. Readers unsatisfied with only the description above are invited to click here or here to see for themselves.

IsraCampus encourages outraged readers to let their feelings be known:

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Category: Opposizione israeliana
Published on Thursday, 18 July 2013 08:22
Written by Micah Leshem
24 June 2013



University of Haifa - Ron Kuzar (Dept of English Literature) Supports Micah Leshem's Anti-Semitic Cartoon

Posting on Segel-Plus, April 23, 2014, Ron Kuzar wrote:

I like the caricature and I am a left-winger.

I guess there is no news in that.

I would like to explain, though, why it is not at all antisemitic.

In antisemitic caricatures of Jews, the figure of the religious Jew with kippa and peot is taken to represent the whole Jewish people. It is often an older man, and it is often demonized by adding to it a big nose, long nails, horns, a tail, etc.

In this caricature there is a division of functions. From left to right, you have the representative of noar hagvaot, the military, the government, and... I am not sure, perhaps the silent minority. The youth on the left is not demonized per se. I don't see how else you would represent a young semi-hippie ultra orthodox boy.

The idea that all sections of Israeli society, including the "unmarked member" are slaughtering the Paestinian [sic] (people) is perhaps an exaggeration. But that's what cartoons are about.

Ron Kuzar




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