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Hebrew University

Hebrew University - Mister Apartheid, Amiram Goldblum (Dept of Pharmaceutical Sciences), Takes to Social Media to Continue his International Call to Undermine Israeli Sovereignty

Goldblum Undermining Israeli Sovereignty with Impunity
Goldblum exploits the French Parliament decision to impose a Palestinian Terror-State in the Israeli Heartland in order to continue the promotion of his proposal for imposing an International Final Solution to the Jewish problem.
Amiram Goldblum
December 3 at 2:29am
Vive la France ! We hope that the decision by the Assemblee Nationale would spread over Europe and the EU parliament as the spirit of the French revolution spread against the tyranny of the Monarchs and the Clergy 200 years ago ! Great victory for the decision to recognize Palestine side by side with Israel. It increases the optimism for a UN security Council resolution on this issue without US veto. I agree with with the statement by the Israeli government, "A solution to the conflict will only be found through direct negotiations between the two parties and not through unilateral actions". Correct ! The negotiations should take place between the two parties - the EU and the US - to suggest a solution and to demand that Israel and Palestine would accept it, or...


Goldblum Reasons that Undermining Israel is the Highest Form of Zionism
Amiram Goldblum
November 29 at 1:43pm
KAF TET BENOVEMBER, 29 NOVEMBER, the most important date for the creation and existence of Israel, when the world nations voted in favor of its construction. Now it is time to complete that decision and recognize also the existence of Palestine side-by-side with Israel, and to have International involvement in Jerusalem to prevent Israelis and Palestinians from clashing over temple Mount. Calls by Israelis to the EU and the US to recognize Palestine is the ultimate patriotic action for the future existence and well being of Israel


Goldblum Using his Facebook Page to Undermine Israeli Existence and Promote European Recognition of the Nonexistent "Palestinian State"
Amiram Goldblum
November 19 at 12:34am
Thank you Spain ! Another parliament voted for recgonizing the Palestinian state ! Spain is important also because it will soon be in the UN security council ! French Assemblee Nationale will vote on November 28 ! Israeli citizens, wherever you are , sign our call of support to the parliaments that initiated a vote of recgonition , At
[Google translation into English]


Goldblum Calling for Boycott and Sanctions of Israeli MKs
Amiram Goldblum
November 9 at 12:59am
This is a call to democracies in Europe and America: you MUST BOYCOTT and SANCTION those members of the KNESSET who propose APARTHEID laws !! You do the same to prominent Russians for much less than APARTHEID ! Do not be HYPOCRITES !. Do not allow those MKs whose names appear in the Jerusalem Post piece below to put their feet in any of your countries ! If you are REAL FRIENDS of Israel, this is the only way to reverse the moral disintegration of Zionism by the Israeli right wing: Here are a few of those to boycott and sanction: MK Yariv Levin is the head of that apartheid snake. The others are the chair of the justice committee (!!!) MK David Rotem, coalition chairman MK Ze'ev Elkin, Chair of the extreme national-religious party MK Ayelet Shaked and the representative the oldest apartheid center of Hebron - MK Orit Struck, as well as a few others who altogether destroy the moral fiber of Israel. Sanction them, boycott them, block their moves into the free world !


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