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Hebrew University

Hebrew University - Students Charged with Operating al-Qaeda Cell on Campus,7340,L-3569927,00.html

6 Israeli Arabs charged with operating al-Qaeda cell

(Video) Hebrew University students indicted of trying to build terror infrastructure in Jerusalem. One of suspects allegedly collected information in attempt to shoot down helicopter carrying senior official during US President Bush's visit to Israel

Efrat Weiss

Published:  07.18.08

VIDEO - Cleared for publication: The Shin Bet and the police have arrested six Israeli Arabs, four of them residents of east Jerusalem, on suspicion of planning to operate an al-Qaeda cell in Israel.

Among the suspects are students at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

The six suspects were identified as: Ibrahim Nashef, 22, of Tayibe, a physics and computer sciences student at the Hebrew University; Muhammas Najem, 24, of Nazareth, a chemistry student at the Hebrew University; Yusef Sumarin, 21, of the Jerusalem village of Beit Hanina; Anas Shawiki, 21, of the Jerusalem town of Jabel Mukaber; Kamal Abu Kwaider, 22, of Jerusalem's Old City; and Ahmed Shawiki, 21, of the Jerusalem town of Shuafat.

All the suspects were charged with membership in a terror organization. Some of them will be tried for aiding the enemy at a time of war, possessing propaganda material in favor of a terror organization, soliciting and attempting to solicit others to join a terror organization.

According to the indictments filed against them Friday, the six used to meet at the al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem. They surfed al-Qaeda websites containing radical Islam content, where they also found instructions for the production of explosive devices.

Taking an interest in Bush's chopper

One of the detainees lived in the Hebrew University dorms which overlook the university's landing ground. According to the suspicions, he watched the landing ground in January 2008, during US President George W. Bush's visit to Israel.

He also allegedly looked for instructions for shooting down a landing helicopter on the internet, and took pictures of the landing choppers using his cellular phone.

The six were arrested in a joint police and Shin Bet operation between the months of June and July.

About two weeks ago, two residents of the southern Israeli town of Rahat were indicted Wednesday for allegedly being al-Qaeda operatives.

Taher and Omar Abu-Sakut, who are registered members of the Islamic Movement, were arrested following a joint Shin Bet, police and Border Guard operation that took place in June.

Raanan Ben-Zur contributed to this report


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